Where To Start?

It has been a long while since I have posted on this blog! So much has happened since my last post that I have no idea where to start…

How about I start on the morning of Feb 26th. Our family looked something like this…

…and at the end of the day it looked something like this…

Notice a difference?  The addition of a little person, you say?

Her name is Valerie.  Ace’s little sister.  Our new daughter.

I may be partial because 50% of her being came from me, but I think she is the 2nd cutest girl in the world…behind Momma of course.  🙂  Take a look!

Valerie In A HatThen a few weeks after Valerie was born Ace turned 4.  Can you believe it?  4 Years old!!

Ace's 4th BirthdayWe did a lot of fun things over the summer, but the biggest thing for Ace was starting school!  To get him ready for Pre-School he started in a pre-pre-school summer program.  He was so excited the first day…

Ace's First Day Of SchoolAnd then in August we took a much needed family vacation to Tennessee where we did all kinds of fun stuff including horse back riding, a helicopter tour, riding go-karts, going to the Dixie Stampede, hiking in the forest, and swimming in the pool…and in the river.

Sabrina and Valerie at Laurel Falls

Jared and Ace In The Swimming Pool

…and that brings us up to date!

Now I can make regular posts on here and bring my little place on the internet back to life.  🙂

New Look and New Reviews Section!

I finally got the new theme for DadThing done, and am happy with it!   In fact, I’m seriously considering starting a web design business.  In addition to DadThing I have also also designed the following sites:

All of these were designed from scratch…no FrontPage or DreamWeaver or any of that crap…just plain ole’ HTML and CSS typed in Notepad.  😀

Let me know what you think about the new DadThing design in the comments section!

Oh, yeah…I have also started a new Reviews Section at DadThing.  In the Reviews Section I plan to review items that can either be used by a Dad, or their children and family.

I’ve already got quite a few interesting products to review on the way, and and will continue to pursue other cool guy products.

If you have a product that you would like me to review, please email me at jared(at)dadthign(dot)com

All Is Clear On The Home Front…

Some of you might have noticed that DadThing was labeled an Attack Site…again… a few hours last night.

I quickly backed up the site and wiped it clean….reloaded a fresh new install or WordPress…using my old theme…and now Google says my site is no longer an attack site…thank goodness!

The last time this happened I went through everything…and deleted a ton of extraneous stuff from the site that had compiled over the past few years…and a few weeks later, the site is “bad” again.  WTH?

My only inclination of what could possibly be wreaking so much terror on the site was the Google AdSense ads that were scattered across the site.  They were the only thing that was not hosted on the DadThing server!  So, they are gone…forever.  😀

I have also done my research on web site security and applied a few more techniques to prevent this type of thing from happening again in the future.

So all is clear….again…  😀

I’ve been working a new site design and will hopeful release it in the near future.  I am also opening up a “Reviews” section of the blog where I will be reviewing many interesting Dad/Guy/Kid/Family related items.  The future is looking very exciting here at DadThing!  😀

Back to your regularly scheduled DadThing fun… 😀

EDIT:  Went back to the blacklist.  I did really find the problem this time. I had to dig through over 10,000 fies on the server, but finally found the culprit!  The site has been submitted for review.  This theme is only temporary until I get the new on done… 😀

DadThing Is Healthy Again!

So, yesterday Google reported DadThing as an attack site.   Yeah, real viscious isn’t it! 😀

This is probably the third time in the past year that DadThing has been hacked.  I’m getting pretty good at fixing it now.  The first two times it was obvious.  If you would view the HTML you would see an encrypted JavaScript being ran in the background.  I had to remove this code from about 100 files throughout the WordPress core.   But this last time I’m not real sure what Google considered malware.

I removed all of the little widgets and chicklets to random sites that promise to send you traffic…cause they weren’t working any ways!  I removed an ad that I added the day before, and I removed a bunch of questionable links left by commenters.

I submitted my site to Google for review around lunch time and 12 hours later DadThing is reported as a friendly site again.  (Click for proof)  Hip Hip Hooray!

So, now back to the regularly scheduled (or not so regularly scheduled) content…  😀

DadThing Hacked!

Hello loyal readers!

It looks as though DadThing.com was hacked and is now being reported as an “Attack Site”!

I have went through all of the code on the site and removed any suspicious code, widgets, and links.  DadThing has been submitted for review to remove the label of Attack Site.

I will post again, when the coast is clear!

Thanks again for your patience!