Happy Blogiversary!

I was so busy recovering from vacation, that I totally forgot to celebrate my blogiversary!  That’s right, DadThing is now two years old!

In celebration, I will list some of my favorite posts from the past two years:

And I will also list the blogs that have sent the most traffic my way.  You have to check them all out…they are the best of the best!


30dayAnd if you are not tired of clicking liks yet, please click on over to Dad Of Divas and sign up for his 30 Days To Better Parenting series!

January 2009: A Month In Review

Whew….2009 is 1/12 th over already, didn’t it just begin?

January was a good month for me.  We got a lot done and had some real fun with friends and family, most of which I did not have time to put on DadThing.

But the things that did make it on DadThing were pretty spectacular in my opinion…

We had our pictures taken before Christmas and I was able to post some of the digitals online for you all to see.  Which one was your favorite?  I really liked the ones where Ace was feeding the coy… 😀

And since we are talking about fish, we finally got Ace’s fish tank up and running.  I have been practing the Bert and Ernie fish call and am waiting for spring to really try it out on some fish in the wild.   The fish in our tank gotta do what I say…I feed them sometimes.  😀

And The Ball Pit Experiment…so it has been about 15 days.  45 more to go.  What do you think we’ll find in there?  To be honest, I haven’t even peeked.  Will we be in shock from what we find, or relieved when we find nothing?  😀

And I shared my thoughts about how I might have to sleep for now on.  Thanks to everyone for their support!

Top 5 Referrers For January 2009:

1. The Busy Dad Blog – Go see what Fury is up to next!

2. One Burrito At A Time – This blog is open to invited readers only…and I am not one of them, but hey keep sending the peeps my way.  😀

3. Dad-Blogs – A new “Dad’s Group” site by Joe and petej.  Go check it out!

4. Building Camelot – I recently helped him discover how Twitter can help your marriage, go see how. 😀

5. On Teens Today – Parenting advice from a kids perspective.  Go read about what your kids are thinking!

Top Commenters For January 2009:

  • VegasDad (3)
  • Momo Fali (3)
  • Angel (3)
  • Amber (2)
  • New-Dad-Blog (2)
  • Al Bundy (2)
  • OM (1)
  • JustDaddys.Net (1)
  • Adam (1)
  • KylieM (1)
  • Kim (1)
  • Xbox4NappyRash (1)
  • carl boulton (1)
  • Jason (1)
  • babbo (1)
  • Chuck (1)
  • alyssa taylor (1)
  • Joe (1)
  • L.A. Daddy (1)
  • Joseph Hoetzl (1)
  • Pete Aldin (1)
  • Kevin T. Houle (1)
  • Charlie on PA Tpk (1)
  • Ian H. Graham (1)
  • Honeybell (1)

    Again, thanks to everyone who participated here at DadThing.com!

    Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

    Things have been nuts lately…going here, going there, doing this, doing that.  Life has been far from boring…let me tell ya!

    I’ve been so consumed by daily life that I forgot to celebrate DadThing.com’s one year birthday on September 1st!  I’m such a bad webmaster/blogger. 😀

    In celebrating the one year birthday here at DadThing.com I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and share some of the highlights of year number 1…

    Most Visited Posts:

    Most Commented On Posts:

    Wackiest Search Terms:

    • Swinger Blog – Swinging is one of our favrite past times  😀
    • My Spit Stinks – Sounds like a personal issue here buddy!  Maybe try brushing your teeth every now and then!
    • Naked Daddy Blog – If you are coming here looking for naked Dads you would be extremely dissappointed.  While I am frequently naked (at least once a day for a shower)  you will never have to worry about seeing me bare all.  ;D  You are welcome.
    • Sex Or Not – Definitely Sex!
    • Girls With Testicles – Ummm.  Nuff said.
    • Lick Her Belly Pregnant – If you can lick her belly and get her pregnant than you are more of a man than I!
    • Can Spirits See Us Shower – What?  Do you think there is a magical spirit blinding cloak around your shower?  If you belive that spirits can see you out of the shower, they can probably see you in the shower…so that excuse that your just washing real good will not work with them.  😀
    • I Peed On My Cell Phone – How the hell did you do that?  And why the hell are you searching the internet for that?  In case you are looking for a solution to your problem…I have your answer…You are holding the phone up to your wrong head!
    • Smoke Twizzlers – Twizzlers are like crack, but c’mon you can’t smoke them, snort them, or inject them.  They are awesome good, but c’mon now!  Get a hold of yourself!
    • Tampons Trying To Conceive – I have never seen tampons trying to reproduce!  Have you?  If you get some breeding tampons send them my way.  Maybe then I will not have to run to the store at midnight to buy a new box.
    • What Not To Do To Kill Your Un Born Child – If you have to ask…you probably shouldn’t do it…moron!
    • Why Does The Rectum Stink – Hmmm….  Let’s use a little logic here.  If poop stinks.  And poop comes from your rectum.  Then your rectum stinks! Duuh!

    Top 10 Referring Parenting Blogs/Sites:

    The following sites have sent mad traffic to DadThing.com and I am forever grateful!  Read them all…they are all great! (They have to be…they link here.  😀 )

    1. BusyDadBlog
    2. FrugalDad
    3. Joeprah
    4. DorkyDad
    5. BuildingCamelot
    6. SarcasticMom
    7. ManAndHisBaby
    8. D Is For Dad
    9. 21stCenturydad
    10. JustDaddys.Net

    Again I just wanted to thank the readers here at DadThing.com!  Without you this would not possible!  Your comments have made me smile, made me laugh, and carried me through some tough times.

    I plan to bring you more awesome Ace adventures in the year to come!  I hope you all stick around to read about them!

    EDIT: By the way XBox…in regards to your last comment…she gave me the password back.  😀

    It Gets Lonely When You Have No Feed

    Dear DadThing Readers,

    Seeing how most of you come to DadThing via feedreader, you probably thought that I had fallen off of the face of the Earth.  (I surely thought that most of you fell off the face of the Earth and I was one of the only people to survive the DadThing targeted attack.)

    Seems as though when I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (about a month ago) my feeds got whacked and I didn’t notice!  I think they are back online again.  If you get this in your feed reader just post a quick comment and let me know that all is working again and which feed reader you use!

    Damned technology…  😀



    DadThing.com – Upgrade Complete

    I just upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1. If you find any thing that looks different or you get any error messages please let me know.

    I know the “Contact Jared” page is gone. This is an issue I am working out.

    There will be some minor changes seen in the near future to take advantage of the new features of WordPress 2.3.1