Babysitter Phone Tag?

Not any more! There is a new service on the web called WillUSit that automates this process for you.


Many parents have a list of babysitters they can trust. When you have plans for Saturday night do you go down this list and call every person on your list to find an available sitter?

WillUSit makes this job less time consuming.

Here’s a quick excerpt from their website:

Calling a long list of sitters and leaving messages, waiting for call backs, finding more sitters to call, etc. For those times when you really need a sitter you can expand your search to include you friends list of sitters. You can search for sitters based on several profile criteria including rate, age, experience, location, etc.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You create an account on
  2. You add all of your sitters’ names and contact info.
  3. When you need a sitter you do a search and a list of sitters meeting your requirements is shown.
  4. You select which sitters you would like WillUSit to contact and press “GO”
  5. WillUSit will call (or email or text message) every sitter with the time and date they will be needed. WillUSit goes down your list until a sitter is found and then connects the both of you via phone (or email) to make arrangements.

I think this could be a very valuable resource for someone with multiple baby sitters that they trust to watch their children, but not a bunch of spare time to call each and every sitter to be told “No” by the first ten they call.

My description does not do it justice. Please go to and watch the flash animation on the home page to see exactly how it works.

Sign up and test it out for FREE!

It’s about time! (Momma Monday)

So it’s been awhile since my last post, and now that life is back to normal, here I am!  The holidays were so stressful, so I’m thankful that is over and now we can move on.  But the new semester has started at school and that is challenging my abilities with time management. 

 I have class on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s and occasionally, as Jared has said, he travels for work, so I need to get Ace to grandma and grandpa’s before 5:30 and get to class by 6!  This in itself has presented a new challenge!  Sometimes the grandparents are home by then and sometimes they are not, so I have enlisted my single, childless, 25-year old brother.  Scary! 

Ace loves his Uncle Charlie, and Uncle Charlie loves his nephew Ace, but Uncle Charlie can’t change a diaper.  How the heck do you babysit when you can’t change a diaper? 

It’s really quite interesting……..Helen has lived next door to my parents since we moved there in 1993, and she watches my niece for my older brother.  She’s great, kind of like an extended family member, she definitely helps out when we need her!  So Uncle Charlie and Ace will have a bottle and then play for a while, and when it’s time for a clean diaper……’s time to head next door to Helen’s house! 

But a trustworthy babysitter is worth whatever it takes to make Ace happy and keep his diapers clean!  I know he is being played with, and being fed, and most importantly he is being loved by his Uncle.

Money Matters

A while back I wrote a post explaining how Momma was going to be quiting her job and staying home with Ace during the day. Momma has not worked for a few weeks now, Ace is not going to day care anymore, and we have figured out one very important thing…we can’t afford it!

We could do it if we really wanted to, but things would be tight…really tight! It all comes down to making sure that one simple formula is true…

Income > Expenses

I’m a mathematical kind of guy, ya know, the kind of guy that draws up a spreadsheet to calculate everything. After a few spreadsheet calculations I discovered that if we stuck to an extremely strict budget, had absolutely no surprise expenses, and never did anything fun, we would have like $20 left every month. Not going to work…

So Momma has to go back to work part time. Her income will cover some expenses and all fun activities. My income will cover the bills.

She put in a few applications at some of the local clothing stores nearby where we live. She got a job in no time, and will be working evenings. This is what she wanted and it will work perfectly for us. The money she will be making comes no where close to what she was making before, but since she will be home during the day, Ace does not have to go to daycare and I will be there with him in the evenings while Momma is working.

Our plan is for Momma to work part time until baby number two is born. Hopefully we can get a few bills paid off and get into a better financial situation so that Momma can truly be a stay at home Mom in the near future… Wish us luck!

Two Incomes To One – Making The Change

Well, Momma put in her two week notice at work the other day.  We have both worked since we met almost 10 years ago.  With the birth of our son Ace, Momma has decided to convert to a Stay-At-Home-Mom.

It makes sense.  She wants to be there during the day for Ace instead of taking him to daycare.  Plus daycare costs us an arm and a leg.  It costs us $220 for four days per week.  That is $880 dollars per month.

While Momma makes quite a bit more than this every month it is kind of silly for her to go to work for, essentially, $880 less per month.

This is going to call for some major spending habit changes.  No more eating out.  More cooking at home.  Less going to the movies.  And I’m going to have to consolidate some debt to get our payments down to an affordable level.

Momma is thinking about taking on a part time job in the evening a couple days a week,  after I get home from work. The money she earns will probably be our “fun money”.

It is going to be tight.  Going from two incomes to one is a drastic change.  I’ve figured it up and it will be possible as long as we stick to our budget…which in the past we have not been good at doing.

I’m hoping that since we are doing this for Ace, that we will stick to our budget and everything will work out OK.

It’s funny how having a baby changes your outlook on life.  It’s not about making money and having nice things anymore.  It’s about being a happy family and raising a happy little boy.

Has anyone else out there went from two incomes to one to be a stay-at-home-parent?  If so do you have any tips for me and other readers that are considering making the change?

Daycare Update – It’s Hard Letting Go

Well, after being afraid of taking Ace to daycare (see previous two posts about this here and here), I have finally loosened up a little bit. He went to daycare three days this week. The first day was a bit rough because he went to the doctor in the morning and got his shots, so he was not the happiest baby in town.

The last two days this week at daycare were better. It seems as though he is doing OK sleeping on his back. He doesn’t sleep nearly as much as if he was at home, but he is probably busy playing! They have tons of toys and things for him to get into and explore.

The girls that watch Ace at the daycare are really nice. They are always very helpful when I go to pick Ace up after work. Every day I always ask them if Ace was good. Every day they say yes. However, comparing Ace to some of the crybabies that are in there… if Ace threw the most horrible fit I have ever seen, they would probably think it was mild.

So, it is really hard to tell how he is doing. He doesn’t eat or sleep much there. The daycare said this is normal for the first few weeks until he gets adjusted to the environment and the new schedule.

I’ve been trying to look for behavioral changes at home and can’t see anything major. I don’t want him to pick up the habit if crying over every little thing like some of the other kids there. He is always so happy and I want him to stay that way! We worked hard at keeping him a happy boy!

I guess only time will tell. I will have to accept the fact that I am not going to be able to control every aspect of his life, especially as he gets a little older. I just hope that I can teach him to know what is right and wrong and to make good decisions for himself. I think that he will model his way of thinking and his behavior around my wife and I’s thinking and behavior. I think this is a good starting point for the long journey ahead. We have given him a good strong base to stand on for the past six months. It’s time to let loose…just a teeny-weeny bit…