Target Practice

We were on the way home from Grandma’s house and Momma pulled into the grocery parking lot.

I asked “Why are we going to the grocery at 10 o’clock at night?” Momma said, “I need you to buy me something.” I asked, “Let me guess…tampons?”

Usually when she asks me to buy her something and doesn’t specify what it is…she needs tampons, but not this time.

“Nope.” she says.

I knew there was only one other thing that it could be. I said, “Pregnancy test?” in a soft, yet surprised voice. She nods her head, “Yes.”

So there I go walking to the pregnancy test/condom section of the neighborhood grocery store. I grab the first pink box that catches my eye and proceed to checkout.

Once home, Momma does her thing with the stick and the pee, and three minutes later….one line…negative.

Now it is not official yet, but we have been playing with the idea of trying to get pregnant again. We’ve been enjoying the practice. If we were shooting bows and arrows we would have been pulling back the string and just before letting go…purposely shooting the arrow into the sky…if ya know what I mean. 🙂 A few times we slipped and didn’t aim quite high enough though. So “the scare”…was warranted. 😉

We’ll see. Maybe in the near future I will have an official announcement about trying to conceive.