Happy 10th (I Mean 9th) Anniversary!

Jared and Momma On The Dolphin CruiseLets step back to August 9th, 1998.  I was a skinny, underfed, over worked, sleep deprived, poor, 19 year old college student going to school during the day and working at night for minimum wage to pay the bills.  Girls were constantly on my mind, but having a girlfriend was not a priority.  Time and money were slim to none and we all know that girls require a decent amount of both to keep happy.  🙂

I would occasionally sit out on the deck of my apartment drinking beer (I had a roommate of age to buy it for me) and smoking cigarettes.  I would notice these two girls, especially the blonde one, who lived across the courtyard. They were the social type bouncing from apartment to apartment with all the neighbors having a good time.

Me, I am socially awkward to put it nice.  For the most part I keep to myself and am fine with that.  I could never go up and introduce myself to these girls, and I knew that.  That would have just been a blubbering mess sure to ruin every chance I might have of becoming friends with them.   So I just sat there on the deck, drinking and smoking, and occasionally glancing their way to check them out while trying to work up the nerve to go over and talk to them.

Then one day while sitting there I happened to be reading a PlayBoy on the deck when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.  I thought it must be the neighbor coming up to their apartment, so I rolled the PlayBoy up so that the neighbor wouldn’t see what I was looking at and then label me as some perv or something.  As I look up it was those two girls.  Oh great!!  Now what do I do!

I just sat there and took another puff off my smoke to try and look calm and collected and to draw their attention away from the nudie magazine.  Maybe they are going to visit one of my neighbors and I will not have to embarrass myself trying to have conversation with them.  Oh man, they are headed my way!  Now what!  What do I say?  My gut twisted from the nervousness.

As they walk up I noticed their smiles and their confidence.  They were on a mission…

The conversation (or lack thereof) went something like this…

Them: “Hi, what’s your name?”
Me:  “Jared”
Them: “What are you doing?”
Me: “Nothing”  (One word answers were all I could muster up.)
Them:  “What are you reading?”

And the blonde one came over and grabbed the rolled up magazine out my hand.

The Blonde One: “Wow, you smell good!  What is that smell?”
Me: “Brut”

The Blonde one opens the magazine…

The Blonde One: “A PlayBoy!”

…and she starts flipping through the pages.

I was waiting for her to be disgusted, for her to throw the magazine in my face, and for them to storm away, but they didn’t!  They just giggled…  WTH?  These girls are pretty cool!

They continued asking me questions, and I continued giving one or two word answers.  😀

Over the next few days we talked and partied a little bit and got to know each other pretty well…me and The Blonde One that is.

Things progressed and eventually I took her out on our first date to somewhere a poor college student could afford…Burger King and the movies.  😀


Step ahead four years later, September 7th, 2002.  I stood on the alter with The Blonde One in front of all our family and friends.

I never will forget how beautiful Momma looked in that dress walking down the aisle.  How I held back the tears, and how her smile glowed..even through the veil.

I never will forget being nervous saying my vows, but how holding her hands in mine gave me more confidence than I had ever had.

I never will forget how the Priest called us by the wrong names….and how we laughed about it later.  😀

I never will forget the reception where everyone was sloppy drunk, there was almost a fight, and people were falling down on the dance floor in their dresses….and how we laughed about it later.

And I sure as hell will never forget the wedding night!!!  😉


Well, it is exactly 10 years later and I am still happily married to my best friend!!!  We have two amazing kids and I would never ask for it to be any different!  If there is one thing that I could always count on over the past 10 years, it is the fact that no matter what random shit life threw at me that day, Momma would ALWAYS be there, waiting for me with her arms wide open.  She’s my rock and I’ll gladly admit that!

Happy 10th Anniversary Momma!

I will forever be grateful that you came over to talk to me that day and saw me for who I am, even through my nervous one word answers.  😀


Would You Give Candy To This Kid?

I found a post about creating your own freaky Halloween pics written by one of my favorite bloggers, Lotus.  So, I decided to try it myself…

What do you think?  Should I try to recreate these looks for Trick Or Treat?  😀

Vampire Ace

Vampire Jared

The Pumpkin Patch

Over the weekend we went to the pumpkin patch to get Ace his pumpkin for Halloween!  Last year we went to Circle S Farms, but this year we decided to go somewhere closer to home…Pigeon Roost Farms.

Over the weekend we had our Indian Summer.  It was a blistering 90+ degrees in October!  Take a sick bald man, a pregnant woman, and a three year old out to the farm and into the sun with about 999 strangers and all of their running and screaming kids, and what do you get?  Three miserable people just trying to find a good pumpkin and get the hell out of there.  😀

It would have been great if Ace was about 5 or 6, but the activities were not geared for kids his age. About the only thing safe for him to do was look at the animals, so that is what we did…

After checking out the animals we did make our way through the soybean field maze…

And by then we were hot, tired, cranky, hungry, and pooped…

We managed to pick out some pumpkins before heading out to the truck and calling it a day….

Next disaster?  Carving these bad boys…  😀

Freeing Up Some Space…

So many times I take pictures and forget I even took them.  I downloaded all of the pictures off of my digital camera and realized that I completely forgot to write about the awesome time we had on a mini vacation in September!

The whole goal of this mini vacation was to get out of Dodge for the weekend, and go down to see the leaves changing along the Ohio river.  There were a few other festivals that we were planing on attending as well.

So, we loaded up the truck, and we moved to Beverly….not really…but we did go to the hills.  Not the Hollywood Hills, but the hills of Kentucky!

We drove down on a Friday night after work and got into the hotel kinda late.  Ace was zonkerred out and Momma and I quickly followed his lead.

Saturday morning we got up early to go to a harvest festival/car show a few towns over.  We get to the little po-dunk town and there was nothing…not one car being showed.  We drove around the 5 whole blocks of this town to realize that their website was wrong.  We finally found a sign advertising the car show… THE NEXT WEEKEND.

So much for the car show.  We had all day and a full tank of gas.  We just started driving and saw a sign for a National Park.  We had not visited a National Park since we lived in Colorado.  Ohio just does not have many extreme wilderness areas…ya know?

We paid for our day pass and drove about 10 miles back into this forest until we found ourselves parked at the end of a hiking trail alongside the Ohio River.  Ace has never been hiking…let’s do it!

Off we go…hiking through the forest.  It was pretty muddy because it rained the night before, and Ace hit every mud puddle along the trail.  I rolled up the bottoms of Ace’s pants to keep them from getting too muddy…and I had to roll up mine as well.  😀  We were having fun!

The cliffs were amazingly high…and steep!

Tall Cliffs Near The Ohio River

Tall Cliffs Near The Ohio River

Ace got to see a lot of things he had never seen before…big cliffs, the Ohio River, people riding horses, and even a few barges hauling stuff down the river (one was hauling port-a-potties…a whole barge full of porta-potties!)  😀

We hiked and hiked…and hiked!  I’m surprised  that Ace’s little stubby legs still worked!  But he did stop a few times to take a rest…

Taking A Rest While Hiking

Taking A Rest While Hiking

We hiked all the way back to the truck where ace decided that there was something wrong with the front tire..

Dad, Here Is The Problem...

Dad, Here Is The Problem...

And after he fixed the problem…not real sure what he did…we headed back out on the road.

We came across a little park that marked a battle site from the Civil War…or something.  ( I never have been a history buff.)  There was a cannon that was used in the battle, and for some reason an old cabin.

Looking Down The Barrell Of A Cannon

Looking Down The Barrell Of A Cannon

Notice the jacket that Momma is wearing?  It’s the one I reviewed…  😀
Which by the way has been moved over to the new DadThing Reviews Blog!

Sitting On The Front Porch Of An 1800's Cabin

Sitting On The Front Porch Of An 1800's Cabin

We quickly bored ourselves with a history lesson and headed back out onto the road.  This time we ended up at the Louisville zoo!

Just so happens they were having a trick or treat night!!  So, we got Ace dressed up in his best Fire Fighter Uniform and went to keep all of the zoo animals safe from any blazing infernos.  😀

Firefighter Halloween Costume

Firefighter Halloween Costume

And wouldn’t you know it…Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow from Oz were there!

We just had to meet them…and get our pictures taken with them…

The Tin Man and Dorothy

The Tin Man and Dorothy

The Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion

The Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion

Dad and aat the Emerald Palace!

Dad and Ace at the Emerald Palace!

Notice the bottoms of my pants?

Yup, some ‘tard forgot to roll them back down after hiking… 😀

I guess Momma is right…I am special sometimes.  😀

On A Whim…

Ever just do something on a whim?  Ever just get in the car and drive not knowing exactly where you will end up.  Momma and I used to do that a lot.  Just drive, grab a hotel for the night, maybe see some local attraction, and then drive home the next day.   Kind of nice to get away from the normal grind ever now and then…

We haven’t done that since Ace was born though.  It’s kinda hard to just hop in the car and go.  You gotta have a diaper bag, diapers, sippy cups, car seats, teddy bears, blankets, toys, extra clothes, and I’m probably forgetting something…I usually do.  😀

So, we kinda improvised…we decided at the last minute that we were going somewhere, but we had to know where we were going.  We can’t risk not being able to find a room, so we had to make a reservation.  We packed all of the stuff that Ace needs…see paragraph #2 (and by the way the thing that I forgot in the list was baby wipes…luckily we did remember them in real life though 🙂 )

So we started planning about 8PM, left at 10PM, and got to the hotel at around Midnight.  We got up in the morning, enjoyed the continental breakfast (Holiday Inn Express has the best breakfast…gotta get the cinnamon rolls), and then we headed to Indian Lake.

We made it to the beach, but it was a bit too cold to go swimming, so we just let Ace play in the shallow waves.

It felt good to step outside the lines of normal daily life again.  It felt good to just go somewhere without thinking too much about how we were going to get there, what we were going to do, when we were going to leave, and how much it was going to cost.

No worries…  Kinda like being two years old again.  No wonder he is always in a good mood.  😀

Beach Bum

Giant Boy

Playing In The Sand

The Karate Kid Pose