Bellavita iPhone Wallet


I was recently offered the opportunity to review the Bellavita iPhone Wallet for men. I was excited!!

I love my iPhone and, like most people, don’t know how to function without it! 🙂

But it seems like with the introduction of cell phones, we need one more pocket. I carry my wallet, my keys, my smokes, change, a pocket knife, and my iPhone in my pants pockets!! My wife tells me I need a purse! LOL!!

So when I heard of this iPhone wallet, I immediately was interested because if it worked out I would not have to carry my wallet any more! 🙂

So, it arrived and I immediately realized it did not have near the storage as my full sized wallet…but that is fine. I carry a lot of unneeded junk in my wallet anyways…everything but money. 🙂

The Bellavita wallet has two credit card pockets, an ID pocket, and a larger pocket to stash a few dollars into.

On the phone side of the wallet it has access holes for the silent switch, volume buttons, speakers, charging port, and camera!

It does a really nice job of protecting your phone and looking stylish, but there are a few things I did not like.

The phone moved around inside it’s holder a bit too much. Sometimes the leather would come over the edge of the screen and would prevent me from using buttons on the very edge of the screen. Also, when it moved a couple times, it partly blocked the camera. Maybe I was doing something wrong…

Another thing I did not care for was having my ID, credit cards, and cash ALWAYS attached to my phone.

When I was on calls I flipped the wallet open and now all if my financial stuff was on the outside of the wallet for everyone to see. I was not real comfortable with that.

Also when I had to put my phone on the charger at a friends house and leave it on their kitchen counter, I was constantly checking it to make sure none of my cash had disappeared.

The iPhone wallet is an awesome idea!! But just not for me. I am too paranoid to have my credit cards and cash attached to my phone. I like my wallet to stay in my pocket and only come out when I need it. Not every time i want to check Facebook…


Big Bolts Safe Giveaway Winner Announced!

Using a random number generator, the winner is the 4th person who commented on the post….Mike Lotz!  Congratulations Mike!

Oh yeah, and if you are in the need for some awesome wedding photography, check out Mike’s website… Mike and Kim Photography!

Big Bolts Safe Giveaway – Septmber is National Preparedness Month

Are you prepared for a disaster? Most would say no. What would you do if your house burned down? What if there was a massive flood like in New Orleans? What if your city was bombed with biological warfare and you could not leave your home? What would you do? How would you survive?

That is what National Preparedness Month is all about…being prepared to survive a disaster!

Do we have a plan? No not really. 🙂 We have a stash of canned food and some other non perishable items, but they wouldn’t last long. Maybe a week if we rationed them out.

Some people go to extremes and have bunkers in their backyard with many years worth of food and equipment to grow their food underground, but that is a bit much for most people.

First you need to prepare the essentials:

  • Food – Non perishable items such as canned foods
  • Water – Have a few gallons of water tucked away
  • Warmth – blankets, hats/coats/gloves, and extra clothing

Next you should prepare the things that will help you survive once your needs are met:

  • Flashlight w/ extra batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Medication
  • Personal Hygiene items
  • Extra cash
  • Baby supplies – Diapers/wipes/formula
  • Can opener
  • Multi-purpose tool w/ knife
  • Matches
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors

Are you prepared?

Sentry Safe is working hard to make sure your important belongings are kept safe in the result of a disaster. They have many varieties of safes for many different situations. They sent me two safes to review and give away on DadThing to help promote Disaster Preparedness Month. We will give away one on 8/27 and then another in October.

This months give away is the Sentry Safe Big Bolts Safe…

This safe is meant to keep your stuff secure from fire (can withstand 1700 degrees for 1 hour), water, and prying fingers. It has a combination lock and the door is securely held shut by four massive bolts.

Inside there are adjustable shelves and the door has key hooks and a few pockets for your smaller valuables.

This thing is a tank! The walls are close to 3 inches thick. I thought about seeing what it would take to break into this thing and when I opened the box I realized I do not have the equipment or fire power it would take to crack this thing open! This safe is built tough and it makes me feel good knowing that my most valuable possessions are safely tucked away inside and will survive a disaster if one arises.

So, thanks to Sentry Safe I am on my way to becoming more prepared. At least my valuables will be safe!

The Give Away!

The give away is an easy one. Simply leave a comment down below and list something that you have (or would put) in your Disaster Preparedness Kit that I did not mention above.

I will keep the give away open through August 31st and announce a winner on September 1st. The winner will be drawn at random from a pool of other participants.

So what are you waiting for? Leave your comment below to enter to win a Sentry Safe Big Bolts Safe valued at almost $300!

Disclaimer: Sentry Safe sent me this safe for free to review and give away on However the opinions expressed here are my own.

RedBox Wii Games Review

I was approached by to do a review on RedBox.  For those of you who do not know what RedBox is…it is a small kiosk located outside of many retail stores where you can rent movies…and now Wii and XBox 360 games.  smiley360 gave me 5 free promo codes to rent some Wii games.

It’s actually pretty simple.  You browse the selection on the screen, pick your movies/games, and proceed to checkout where you swipe your credit card.  Movies are $1 per day and games are $2 per day.  Not a bad deal at all!

We went to a local RedBox to rent a Wii game.  The first RedBox kiosk we stopped at only had three Wii games available…and they were all checked out.  XBox 360 had more of a selection, but we do not have an XBox.

So, we went to a second location.  This RedBox had 5 or 6 Wii games available.  The first one on the list was Wipeout 2.  Ace is addicted to that show.  We DVR it and he will watch it at least 50 times before the new one comes out the next week.

We rented Wipeout 1 a while back and it was too complicated.  Even I had a hard time playing it.  But we took Wipeout 2 over to Grandma’s house where Ace and his cousin Olivia could give it a go.  They both picked up on the controls rather quickly and played it for a few hours before the Wii remote batteries died.  🙂  Otherwise I think they would still be playing.

We all played the Wipeout 2 game and everyone got a kick out of it!  It was so much like the TV show with it’s replays of your wipe outs and even has John Anderson, John Henson, and Jill Wagner as hosts with their funny commentary!

We were going to use all five free promo codes, but since it was my first rental I could only rent one game at a time.  Also the selection was limited (I’m hoping because it is such a new thing to rent Wii games).  So I will have to continue to check back and rent the four other games and post reviews here as well. also sent me a free game called Go Vacation.  This game is amazing!  We have played it for hours and only touched the surface of the things you can do.

The whole point of the game is that you are on vacation and can roam around the resorts on your own and do the different activities that you find.  The box for the game says there are over 100 different mini games you can play.

Ace just liked hopping on the four wheelers and jet skis and cruising around the island.  We left the game at Grandma’s house one night and the next day Olivia played it for like four hours!!  We took it back home and she was quite upset that she could not continue to play…so, I think her Dad will end up buying it for her.  🙂

All in all we had a great time.  We got the family together, made homemade pizzas, and played the Wii into the weeee hours of the night.  Much longer than the kids lasted.  I’m pretty sure the adults enjoyed it as much (if not more) than the kids.  🙂

Note: provided me with a free sample game to play as well as five free promo codes to rent games from any RedBox location.  I was not paid to do this review and the opinions expressed are my own.

Riding In Style!

My wish list keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  😀

Back when Momma and I were picking out diaper bags and strollers I insisted that they not be too “girly” looking.  Admit it.  Most diaper bags and strollers are designed for moms.  I wanted something that was gender neutral.  No lace.  No fru-fru.  No bright colors.  I mean I would have to be seen in public using these things too.

Obviously I am not the only one who thinks this.  Why?  Because KidKustoms has come out with some awesome strollers specifically with Dad’s in mind.  Dads with style that is…  Check out “The Roddler”!


How sweet is this beaty!  They are totally customizable with options for built in LCD screens and IPod/IPhone docks.  You pick your colors.  You pick your fender style!  Look at the white wall tires!

This thing is definitely on my Wish List, however I think it will probably be there for a while…  The Roddler may be for Dads with style, but in reality it is for Dads with style…and money.  These awesome rides start at a whopping $2500 according to their website.

Oh well.  It’s OK to dream, right?  I mean, I have an imagination.  I’ll just pretend my hunker-junker…


…is one stream lined, baby strolling machine, as I dodge the bumps and cracks in my suburban neighborhood sidewalks. Vroom Vroom Baby!  😀