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PickTown Lights

Ace is really getting into Christmas this year. He is all about Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, … you name it.  😉

So, one night after dinner we decided to drive a few miles away and see the PickTown Lights.

Freaking amazing!  This dude has linked together 23 houses over a wireless link and has created an enormous Christmas light show!!

All 23 houses are synchronized to the same song which is broadcast over the radio waves.  You just dial your car radio in to the specific station and drive through.  Amazing!!!

Ace thoroughly enjoyed himself, but if you can keep it a secret…I think I enjoyed it more.  🙂

I went right home and began planning some kind of Christmas display for our house next year…

I was able to get video of one of the songs in the show.  If you are in central Ohio, I highly recommend going to check this out some night after work with the family…

Trick Or Treat

I have been out of town for work for almost 2 weeks now and had to miss Trick Or Treat this year.  Really a bummer because I really like to walk Ace around town getting candy and looking at all the cool costumes that people come up with…

Ace kept me in the loop though.  He sent me a picture message showing me what he looked like in his costume, and I wanted to post it here for everyone to see…

Happy halloween!

By the way, I hate this f’ing costume and I don’t want to trick or treat either!

Ace the giraffe

Teeth Scary? Nah!

So, we’ve had Ruby for about a month now.  This has to be the most hyper dog ever born.  Very loving and loyal, but Ruby, feel free to tone it down a bit.  🙂

She thinks that we are all dogs and that we enjoy to be chewed on, jumped on, and tackled.  Fifty pound puppies are a handful!

Ace and Ruby get along OK…when they are in separate rooms.  But if Ace is playing by himself…here comes Ruby.  And if Ruby is lying down chewing her bone….here comes Ace.

No one has gotten hurt.  There have been a few yelps, and a few tears, but for the most part they enjoy each other.

However, it is quite scary to see how they play…

All Is Clear On The Home Front…

Some of you might have noticed that DadThing was labeled an Attack Site…again… a few hours last night.

I quickly backed up the site and wiped it clean….reloaded a fresh new install or WordPress…using my old theme…and now Google says my site is no longer an attack site…thank goodness!

The last time this happened I went through everything…and deleted a ton of extraneous stuff from the site that had compiled over the past few years…and a few weeks later, the site is “bad” again.  WTH?

My only inclination of what could possibly be wreaking so much terror on the site was the Google AdSense ads that were scattered across the site.  They were the only thing that was not hosted on the DadThing server!  So, they are gone…forever.  😀

I have also done my research on web site security and applied a few more techniques to prevent this type of thing from happening again in the future.

So all is clear….again…  😀

I’ve been working a new site design and will hopeful release it in the near future.  I am also opening up a “Reviews” section of the blog where I will be reviewing many interesting Dad/Guy/Kid/Family related items.  The future is looking very exciting here at DadThing!  😀

Back to your regularly scheduled DadThing fun… 😀

EDIT:  Went back to the blacklist.  I did really find the problem this time. I had to dig through over 10,000 fies on the server, but finally found the culprit!  The site has been submitted for review.  This theme is only temporary until I get the new on done… 😀