I’m Still Alive, But Just In Case…

Well, I didn’t die from the chicken nugget infested root-beer I drank yesterday, but I think it will be a while before I eat McDonalds again. ūüėÄ

And just in case the chicken nugget infested root-beer has a delayed reaction, I wanted to make sure that I give special thanks to Katy at AdventuresInParenting.org for awarding me with the “You Make My Day” award!¬†

You Make My Day Award

Other Updates:

I’m now on Twitter at http://twitter.com/dadthing¬†and I have added my twitter feed in the sidebar of the home page.¬† Follow me?

5 Things That Will Make You Go, Hmmm?

  1. Cheese puffs are good.¬† Cheese puffs are so good that Ace will eat them until there are none left.¬† So many, in fact, that his fingers are permanently discolored, and his digestive system shuts down.¬† I’m talking orange polka-dotted-poop here folks…
  2. The dog has bad breath…really bad breath.¬† Almost smells as bad as his silent but deadlies.¬† And he loooves to lick your face.¬† ūüėź So, we got him the dog food that is supposed to clean his teeth when he eats it.¬† It works.¬† Kinda.¬† However, Ace likes dog food.¬† He eats it.¬† All the time.¬† Do we still need to brush Ace’s teeth?¬† I mean, I wouldn’t want to over do it…ya know!
  3. Baby dolls are for girls.  Ace is a boy.  He likes baby dolls.  Not in the carry them around, feed them, burp them fashion.  More like the poke thier eyes out and lick their face while holding them down on the floor fashion.  Should I be concerned?
  4. We have digital cable.¬† The kind you can pause and rewind.¬† Ace likes to play with the remote.¬† A LOT!¬† Ace puts it on Slooooowww Moootiooon¬†all the time.¬† Is he telling us that he thinks we are slow?¬† We can’t keep up? Is it really that obvious?
  5. Shiny, streak free windows are good…to lick, according to Ace.¬† Is this glass licking fetish an early sign of “kid in the back of the short bus licking the window” syndrome?¬† God, I hope not.

In Other News:

Special thanks goes out to Jon D for awarding DadThing.com a Graco Monthly Nod (Notice the Graco button in the sidebar).  Check out the Graco Baby Blog for some good reading!

Hitting The Mark

Special thanks goes out to BusyDad at BusyDadBlog.com¬†for his kind words and for giving me the “Blogging That Hits The Mark” award!


Way back when,¬†I found the Busy Dad Blog¬†and have been a huge fan ever since.¬† He’s a working Dad like me.¬† And honestly I look forward to doing some of the wild and crazy¬†things with my son that he does with his son.¬† It has got to be a blast!

If you’ve never been over to the Busy Dad Blog, here are a couple¬†of my favorite posts from the recent past for you to get started with:

Thanks again BusyDad!