“That’s Different…” – Responses To Our Sons Name


Picking a baby’s name is a tough decision!  When we finally picked a name for our son, Ace, we loved it!   We worked hard trying to figure out the perfect name that we both liked…only to be pummelled with rude responses.

Where do people get the right to criticize the name you pick for your baby?  I couldn’t believe how many looks of disgust we would get when we told what we were going to be naming our baby.

Here are a few examples of responses that we received…

  • “That’s Different…”  followed by a confused look.
  • “Oooooohhhhh…” followed by a look that says “You are going to be crazy parents!”
  • “Ace?  Like A……C…..E…….?” as if they were thinking… “It couldn’t be Ace…that is ridiculous! I better spell it to be sure.”
  • “Are you a pilot in the air-force?”
  • “Do you play a lot of poker?”
  • “What will you name your next son…King?”

I was so tired of hearing responses like this that I was second guessing our decision.  I even discussed with my wife about picking a new name.  Luckily she talked me out of it.

You know what…I don’t care if anyone else likes it.  I like it!  My wife likes it!  That’s all that is important!  Period!

So to everyone out there…don’t let other people influence your decision on a baby’s name.  If they don’t like the name you picked tell them to go have their own baby and give it a name that they approve of because you love the name you picked!

Baby Names… A Permanent Decision!

Picking my sons name was probably the toughest decision I have ever had to make. By choosing your kids name you are defining their identity for the rest of their life.

My wife and I talked about this before we started throwing out ideas. We wanted a name that was unique (but not too outrageous), cool, and a name that would suit him no matter what his age, no matter what his personality was like, and one that would make a good first impression.

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