Going Under The Knife

Not me, not Momma, but Ace.  You heard me right…my little boy will be going in for surgery in a few weeks.

Now calm down, it is nothing life threatening, but it is still scary for me.  Just the though of him being given some anesthetic and being knocked out with hoses and stuff shoved down his throat make my stomach feel funny.

The thought of some doctor, cutting him open with a scalpel sends shivers down my spine.  I can just picture him lying there on a table, with all of the wires from the monitors, the beeping from the heart monitor,  and him just lying there lifeless.  The little boy that is never lifeless…even when he sleeps. 😀

Again, calm down…I am probably over reacting…

Ace has an umbilical hernia…AKA an outie.  😀   Basically the hole in his belly where his umbilical cord was…never closed, and his insides push out when he strains.

A good picture of it is from a post I wrote last summer where Ace was playing in the waves…

Big Waves

Big Waves

Ace’s doctor said it should have healed by the time he was 18 months.  He is almost two now and it is not getting better, so we were thrust upon making a decision…surgery, or leaving it alone.  We chose surgery.  One reason is cosmetic, and the other is to prevent any complications with it in the future.

Now, it is only going to be a small incision with 10 internal stitches, but it still concerns me.  But hopefully it will be all worth it and everyone will come out healthy with only some slight bruising  …including me and Momma.  😀