Cool Clothes!


A friend of the family has recently opened an online clothing store for young boys. Here’s an excerpt from their “About Us” page…

As the mother and grandmother of a little boy, Tyson, we experienced the aggravation of trying to find him stylish, fashionable, handsome, well-fitted outfits at local and department stores. When it came to fashion we felt all little men were being neglected . . . until now!

Tyson’s Closet Children’s Clothing Boutique provides stylish, durable, and fashionable clothing and accessories for infant and toddler boys focusing on formal wear, dress apparel, active wear and shoes & accessories sizes preemie through 12. We provide complete outfits and the accessories that go with them. Our inventory levels allow for shipping within 24 hours of orders being placed during the week, 48 hours on the weekend, and 12 hours for overnight delivery. If we don’t have it, our personal shopper will find it or a suitable substitute!

So, go check out their store at, and keep them in mind when you want some cool clothes for your little man!

Oops… bad!

Tonight was Momma’s first evening at work.  I was in charge of dinner and all of the bedtime activities.  Simple enough eh?  I thought so…

Our neighbor watched Ace for about an hour between the time that Momma left for work and I got home from work.   When I got home from work the babysitter went home and I put Ace in the truck.  We drove around town and ran a few errands.  We got back home and Ace did the normal night time stuff…play on the floor, drink a bottle,  get grumpy, and go to bed.

Momma was scheduled to be home a little after 10 o’clock, so I was trying to keep Ace awake so that Momma could see him before he went to bed.   However, that did not happen.  When Ace wants to sleep there is no stopping it… 😀

So, Momma got home and of course asked me how everything went.  I told her everything I did, but there were some thing I guess I didn’t do quite right…  Now remember that I did not see or talk to Momma after I got home.  I had no idea what she expected me to do other than the usual…

  1. Ace was supposed to have some baby food for dinner and a bottle.  I didn’t give him the baby food.  I don’t remember Momma giving him baby food after I get home from work on a normal basis.  I guess my memory is not that good… 😀
  2. Ace was  supposed to have a bath before bed tonight.  Oops…no bath.  Again a bath at night is not a regular thing.  It does happen every now and then, so I thought that Momma usually gives him baths during the day while I am work.  Wrong again…
  3. Ace was supposed to be in his pajamas when he went to bed.  He was wearing a long-john type onesie.  I figured the whole reason for wearing pajamas was to keep him warm.  Long-johns are warm, right? So I just let him sleep in his onesie.  Why wake him up and make him mad to change his clothes?  I’ve slept in my clothes on more than one occasion and I am still hear to talk about it…

Well, about 30 minutes after Momma gets home Ace wakes up.  This is not normal.  Ace usually goes to bed around 10 o’clock and sleeps till the morning.  I go to the kitchen and make a bottle, and Momma goes upstairs to get Ace.

When she comes back down with Ace he has one arm and shoulder protruding through the neck hole of his onesie and he is PO’d!  He looked right at me, and I could read his mind…”Pajamas! Pajamas would have prevented this…dumbass!”

After changing his diaper, putting on some “real” PJs, and a bottle  it is lights out once again…hopefully until morning. 😀