Stylin’ The Do

Well, Ace is one year old. He has a full years worth of hair growth. It’s long in some places and short in others. It hangs over his ears and he has the makings of one cool-ass rat tail. 😀

So, we decided to have it cut for the first time. Here is a before shot…

Before Shot #3

So how should we get it cut? What would he like? Should we buzz it off so he looks like me? (which is impossible because he already has more hair than I do) Should we get him a tight fade? How about a flat top? Or should we let it grow into a rock-star like hair-do?

I went to and made some virtual hair styles for the little guy…take a look at what I mangled up…

(Ignore the “FOR GOLD MEMBERSHIP” text. You gotta pay $20 or something to get rid of that crap, so you all will have to live with it, aight?)

Here is the pic I started with…


and here are a couple of the looks that I created for the little guy?

2008-03-13_152415 2008-03-13_152507

How about a little longer?


And how about some shades and facial hair?

2008-03-13_152756 2008-03-13_152901

Which one is your favorite?

After some in depth considerations we decided to go with this look…nice and simple.

Admiring his new hair-do.

We took Ace to a place called Cookie Cutters. This place was awesome. There was a small play area for kids to play in before getting their hair cut right next to where the parents sit.

The chairs that the kids sit in are even cool. Ace sat in a tractor. There were also chairs that looked like horses, trucks, airplanes, and boats! At each chair there was a TV. The kids can pick from a library of their favorite cartoons, or for the older kinds they can play their favorite Play Station game while getting a trim.

I think I might go there to get my hair cut next time (yes they cut Dad’s hair too) to get some uninterrupted Grand Theft Auto playing time. 😀

Anyways, Ace loved the tractor. He immediately grabbed the steering wheel and was “Hoggin’ up the road in his P-P-P-P-Plower” (For all you country music fans out there.)

All was good until the clippers got close to his ears. Then you would have thought that something jumped up and grabbed him by his danglies!

Momma had to hold him for a while while the stylist kept on cutting. I grabbed a bottle of bubbles and blew bubbles at a higher rate than a professional bubble blowing machine…to no avail.

Then Ace reached for me, so I held him while the hair cut lady kept on cuttin’. Drawing his attention to the TV stopped the screaming for a few minutes, but it didn’t last long enough.

Finally, the torture was over and he came out with a brand spankin’ new hair cut. After cleaning up a few tears with a Kleenex and wiping a years worth of Ace hair off of my coat’s shoulder…we were done.

Of course Ace got a fancy certificate and a locket of his hair for keepsake purposes. Hopefully next time there will be a little less screaming and a bit more laughing! We might have to mess around with my hair clippers at home for some practice before our next visit. 😀

Is Your Refrigerator or Nose Running?

quiet-respect-please-signTonight has been fun to say the least. Momma is sick, and Ace is sick.

Ace has not been feeling good all day. He didn’t eat any solid food, which is strange. Sometimes it seems as though that kid has a bottomless stomach! 😉

About 8:30 Momma and Ace both got to feeling really bad. Momma went to bed and I tried to get Ace settled down for the night.

About 2 hours worth of crying (and one dose of Tylenol) later I finally got him to go to sleep. Usually the Tylenol does the trick, but not this time. I tried all the usual tricks…singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, a bottle, diaper change, lying him on his belly, lying him on his back, lying him on his side, patting his butt, bouncing him, cuddling him, … nothing seemed to work.

Then I remembered a trick from back when Ace was real little. Get him NAKED! Well, not quite naked…I left his diaper on. In five minutes he was out!

The whole 2 hour crying experience wouldn’t have been that bad if it wasn’t for the stupid ass that kept calling the house phone to just hang up.

Mr “Private Number” called the house 7 times in two hours. Every time I picked up the phone they would immediately hang up. If I let it ring they would keep calling back until I picked up…and then immediately hang up again.

I can’t get too upset because I have been guilty of pulling phone pranks back in my younger years, but if you are going to prank call my house have a good joke or something…entertain me, please!

Maybe something along these lines…

Pranker: Is your refrigerator running?
Prankee: Yes.
Pranker: Well you better go catch it before it gets away!

If you are going to prank call my house when I am trying to get a sick little boy to go to sleep…at least have big enough balls to say something…anything. I will gladly say something back… 😀

Picture By: Brett L.

Why Is My Baby Crying?

There are so many reasons that a baby cries.  A baby cries because they can not talk.  It is their way of expressing their needs and emotions.

One of the cool things that I have picked up on are Ace’s different cries.  He cries a certain way when he is hungry.  Another way when he is tired.  There are also a lot of physical signs that help diagnose the reason for them crying such as rubbing their eyes, yawning, turning their head, arching their back, etc.

Take a look at a post from Mom Exchange called How To Calm Your Crying Baby.  The author does a really good job expaining all of the little signs to look for when trying to figure out why your baby is crying.

 Try to pay attention and remember what your baby was doing before they started crying.  Babies usually gives hints and clues that something is wrong before crying.  If you know these warning signs that your baby gives off you can prevent the crying by fixing what is wrong before it gets too bad.

Does It Hurt Or Are You Just Scared?

One of my biggest pet peeves is parents or grandparents that freak out because a kid fell down and bumped their head.  Do they really think that running 100 miles per hour across the room yelling, “Oh my God! Are you OK?” is going to help?  I think not.

My son is crawling now.  He is learning how to move his arms and legs in sequence to move across the room very successfully.  However, he has not mastered the art yet.  He always pushes himself farther than his capabilities.  He will try to pull himself up onto things.  He will try to put his weight on one hand while reaching up for the dog’s collar with the other hand.  Sometimes he gets off balance and topples over.  Most of the time he bumps his head pretty hard!  But he rarely cries when I am the one that saves him from his fall and I think I know the answer why…  I don’t get excited.  I don’t run across the room.  I walk up to him and hold out my hand.  He grabs onto my finger and he rolls himself back onto his belly to go at it again.  I know it hurts because you can see it in his face, but he doesn’t scream.

I’ve seen other friends/family who take a huge gasp of air and run across the room asking him if he is OK…and he cries!  I think he is more scared of the large person moving at a high rate of speed towards his little face!  Maybe he is scared that there is something really wrong with him?

Last year, before my son was born, I was operating a table saw.  I was building a fence in our back yard andwas cutting a piece of wood.  I did not notice that there was a staple in the end of the board.  When the blade hit the staple it ripped off a chunk of wood along with the staple and hit me right between the eyes!  It hurt!  I buckled down and stayed calm.  I knew I was OK, but it hurt! Bad!  I was fine until I reached up to rub the area between my eyes.  I pulled my hand back and it was covered in blood.  I got scared!  I pictured a huge gash down my forehead!  I ran in to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.  By this time I had blood running down my forehead and dripping off of my nose!

I washed the area off to find this little teeny-weeny cut.  I got all excited for nothing! 

Maybe, just maybe, when you go running toward you kid after they fall and bump their head they are picturing the worst…just like I did when I saw so much blood.

So my advice is to stay calm.  Don’t get your kid excited by getting excited yourself.  Getting excited does nothing, but make your kid scared!  Staying calm reassures them they are OK.