Grandpa’s Glory – Part II

Back in October, I wrote a post about Ace’s Grandpa, my Dad.  Ace and his Grandpa didn’t get a long too good at first.  Grandpa would say “Hi!” and Ace would scream like a banshee!

It was tough on Grandpa, but things have been getting better…

Ace, Momma, and I spent all weekend at Grandpa’s just hanging out and swimming in the pool!  We had a blast and got some nice tan lines as a result. 😀

As you probably know, Ace loves to ride on the mower, and when Grandpa started his up Ace wasn’t going to quit until he was taken for a ride.  It wasn’t hard for Ace to convince his Grandpa for a quick ride on the mower, but a quick ride turned into 20-30 minutes of lapping the yard.  😀

Grandpa and Ace Riding On The Mower

And after a long day in the sun, nothing is better than a nap in the recliner…

Grandpa and Ace Napping In The Recliner

It makes me think back to when my Grandpa took me for rides on his mower.  Something I will never forget!  I’m going to have to dig up some pictures of me riding on my Grandpa’s mower and napping in his recliner…and post them here of course.  😀

Sometimes it’s scary how much Ace and I are alike… 😀

Cute As or Cuter?

Grandma and Grandpa S took Ace, Momma, and I to a Blue Jackets hockey game last night. It was Ace’s first time to any large event. He seemed to have a good time.

Momma was walking around the stadium with Ace in arms going to see the live animal display… (I have no idea why they had live animals at a hockey game???)… when a drunken lady came up and said…

“Your boy should be on the cover of a baby magazine! He is cute as shit!”

Now maybe I am little biased here because he is my son, but I don’t think he is just cute AS shit…he wins the cuteness competition hands down. Take a look and tell me if I am wrong…

poopPoop (actually clay) picture By misocrazy

You decide… 😀