Welcome To The Club, Beoch!

So….I am officially no longer a twenty something.  While I am sad about some aspects (young and dumb is no longer an excuse), I am happy about others (older is wiser).

I’ve heard people say that 30 was the hardest birthday for them, but it really did not affect me that much.  Yeah, I thought about it for a bit.  And then I remember thinking that 30 was O-L-D.  Man was I wrong…. 😀

I still feel pretty young, and I guess that is what is important.  Someone once said, “You are only as old as you feel.”  In that case…I’m 25.  Not 21, because I can’t handle the all nighters and the day after the party, but 25 because…I don’t feel 30.  😀  (That made absolutely no sense whatsoever, did it?)

So because Momma is the coolest wife and Mom in the world, she threw her brother and I a Halloween/Birthday party.  Three birds with one stone…

Her brother’s birthday was on the 25th, mine on the 26th, and then of course Halloween.  So we had a costume party with beer, birthday cakes, and ah-hem….adult entertainment.

So what better way to leave your twenties than with a party.  Food, friends, drinks, and nakie dancers.  😀  Kind of a kiss goodbye to the past decade that has hopefully treated you well.  We partied it up last Saturday night.  After the party we went to the club and danced and drank until the lights came on.  We had a blast!

Sunday morning was far from a party.  I spent most of the day in bed recovering with a hang-over from hell.  It was like a slap in the face from my newly discovered thirties…  “Welcome to the club, beoch! (SLAP!!)”

Just thought I would leave you witha  quick pic of me and Momma in our costumes…Dog The Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth.  😀

(Special thanks goes out to Momma for planning such a wonderful party, Grandma S for helping Momma get everything together, Grandpa H and Grandma O for supplying the food, our neighbor Billie for watching Ace, Ace’s uncles Brandon, Mike, and Charlie for providing drinking and dancer money, all of our friends that drove from afar (especially Angie who came all the way from SC), and our friends Amber and Amy for taking so many good pictures!  God knows I was too intoxicated to operate a camera… 😀  )

Dog The Bounty Hunter and Beth

Dog The Bounty Hunter and Beth

Uncle JoJo, What Is That?

I am jealous of most of the other Mom and Dad bloggers. Why? Their kids talk. Their kids say the funniest things…which makes for some great blogging material.

Since Ace does not talk yet, I rely on pictures, videos, and the cuteness factor!

However, I was hangin’ out with my three year old niece, Olivia, the other day when she said something to me that rang the “I gotta write a post about this” bell. Let’s call it good practice for when Ace starts talking…

Olivia On Sit and SpinOlivia: Uncle JoJo, what is this on your arm? (Petting my arm)

Me: What? Where?

Olivia: Right here… (gently tugging on my arm hair)

Me: That’s hair!

Olivia: Where did it come from?

Me: (Trying to think of an answer a 3 year old would understand, I resorted to…) I don’t know.

Olivia: I know where it came from!

Me: Really? Where?

Olivia: The top of your head!

Nothing makes you feel like a crippled old man like having a three year old let you know that you are going bald!

At least she patted me on the top of my old bald head to make me feel better afterwards. 😀

Looking Forward

Looking Forward Back when I was a just a little guy, I remember looking forward to playing outside, going swimming, ice cream, and getting up in the morning to start a whole brand new day!

As I got a bit older and started school, I remember looking forward to going to school, recess, show-and-tell, and playing after school.

About the time I was in junior high, I remember looking forward to the weekend, summer vacation, snow days, and hanging out with friends.

In high school I looked forward to the weekend party, skiing, a bit of underage drinking, and whatever little bit of mischievous mayhem we could find.

College brought on looking forward to the weekend (and week night) party, legal drinking, girls, girls, girls, and more girls.

After graduating college and getting married I looked forward to doing well in my field of work, getting promoted, hanging out with our friends, a bit less drinking, and only one girl.

Now that I am a Dad, I find myself looking forward to something i have never…ever…looked forward too…

Ace Sleeping

Nap Time


or even better…

Olivia Sleeping


I’m Not 19 Anymore…

I got invited to a reunion party Saturday night.  I used to party at this place when I was in High School and they always threw the best parties.  They invited everyone who ever came to any of their parties to this one all out, no holds barred, reunion party.  How could I refuse?

Momma and I haven’t really been out and had a wild and crazy night since Ace has been born.  We asked Grandma to keep Ace overnight and she accepted the offer. 

You see, where I grew up everyone knows how to throw a party.  It is seriously like something you would see on TV.  Music, drinking, dancing, and drama…the four necessities of a good party.  This party definitely had all four.  There were cars parked up and down both driveways and up and down both sides of the road.  The music was deafening.  The garage was lit up with party lights and everyone was dancing with drink in hand, of course.  There were three or four coolers stacked with over 600 Jello shots for everyone to enjoy.  I wont even attempt to tell you about the drama.  That would take me all night.

In high school and college I could keep up with the best drinkers, but I don’t really drink much anymore.  I’ll go out once every three or four months and get a decent buzz, and it doesn’t take a whole lot.  I started out mellow drinking my Bud Light.  Then the “party waitresses” started carrying around trays of Jello shots.  I wasn’t planning on getting three sheets to the wind, but parties and alcohol seem to have a strange effect on ones judgement. 😀

Let’s just say I was having one hell of a time until the tray of Jello shots came around the 25th time. (I really don’t know how many times it came around, but I’m pretty sure it was close to 25.  I was so drunk by then I couldn’t have counted if I tried).

To make a long story short I found nice comfy patch of grass next to the house that I decided to call my bed for the night…until my wife came looking for me and found me inebriated in the yard.  After a few minutes of coaxing from my wife and some friends I clumsily bounced off of everything on my way inside to a bed.

I woke up the next morning feeling like I had been run over by death driving a steam roller.  Let’s just say that even right now, Monday night, my stomach still is not back to 100%.

What the hell was I thinking?  I knew better.  I’m supposed to be responsible now, right?  I mean, I am a Dad.

I did learn one thing…  I’m not 19 anymore, and I won’t ever do that again.  I’ve said that many times before and yet I still found myself cuddled up with the dandelions. 😉  I really hope I don’t end up like this ever again.  I will still go out and have a few beers on occasion, but no more Jello shots for me!  Damn….my stomach still hurts!