SuperBaby or SuperDad?

SupermanAce has been getting more and more mobile in the past couple weeks. A little over a month ago I was so excited to see him get up on all fours. Now he is exploring the house and pulling himself up into a standing position while holding on to some object…usually his Excersaucer or the dog, Buddy.

He has a tendency to fall and bump his head, so I let him stand on the couch. He stands at the back of the couch holding onto the back cushion. I sit on the floor to keep him from falling off the couch if he happens to fall straight backwards. Usually he just sits down or falls sideways.

Here lately he has been doing really well. He will stand there for 10 minutes with no problems. When he wants down he will fall to his knees and then to his belly.

I realized today that I have not got a picture of him standing like this yet. But I did not realize that he had one more super stunt in store for me that I had not seen!

As I backed up to get a good angle for the picture he (in slow motion) leaps backwards…slowly falls until his bottom hits the couch cushion…bounces up in the air…his feet fly high over is head as he exits the couch’s airspace and starts falling to the floor. I (in slow motion still) drop the camera…dive across the floor with my arms extended…I see him falling…I see my hands getting closer…he has almost hit the floor now…and amazingly my hands slide underneath him and stop his fall…Whew!

I seriously caught him about a half an inch from the floor! One hand caught his face and the other his midsection.

As I gathered my breath (and my sanity) I was awaiting his scream from the fear of falling so violently or from hitting my hands with so much force.

To my amazement, as I rolled him over, he had this shit eating grin on his face! If he could talk he would have said, “That was fun Dad…Let’s do it again!!!”

I don’t know what was more “Super”…my diving catch or his daredevil stunt!