What Happens At Grandma’s House…

Looks like Ace has moved up in the world.  No longer does he need to wait for me to pull out the ole’ junky John Deere to cruise around the yard.  He just goes to his Grandma H’s house and rides his very own…

Ace's John Deere

And he looks like a pro…

Ace Cruising On His John Deere Mower

If only he could figure out how to push the pedal to make it go.  Bending over pushing the pedal with your hand while making laps around the yard will reek havoc on your back…so we found an old walking cane. 

Not for me to be able to walk afterwords, but to be able to reach the pedal while standing somewhat upright.  😀

When we got tired of mowing, we moved on to ole’ faithful…playing with rocks.

These Are Some Big Rocks

What is so amazing about rocks?  Anyone?  I wish I knew.

And when rocks are not fun anymore…making a mess is.  Especially when that mess includes an old sandbox full of rain water that the dog has been bathing in and drinking out of for the past week…water, dirt, dog hair, dog spit, grass clippings, and one wet Ace…


So what happens at Grandma’s house doesn’t necessarily stay at Grandma’s house…when Dad has a camera.  😀

Free Enfamil and Enfamil Coupons

Free Enfamil

We got a few of these free Enfamil samples in the mail, and since Ace does not drink formula anymore, I figured I would offer them here for free.

I have one sample can of Enfamil Lipil and one sample can of Enfamil Next Step Lipil.  They both have never been opened and expire in 2010.

I also have three coupons that expire June 30, 2009.  I am offering these for free as well:

  • $5 Off Enfamil Next Step
  • $4 Off Enfamil Next Step
  • $5 Off Enfamil Lipil

Leave a comment stating which items you could use, and I will mail them out as soon as possible.

My Little Swinger

Not that kinda swinger, you sicko!  😀

Everyone knows that I frequent Craigslist and find free stuff, like mowers…  I’ve been called “The King Of FREE Stuff!” by some friends.  Not sure that is a good thing, but I have found some good deals.  😀

Recently I came across another killer deal (AKA FREE)…a swingset!

Free Swingset From FreeCycle

I found this gem on FreeCycle. (Thanks Sara for being so generous and giving away such a wonderful swing set!)

Momma and I went over to Sara’s house and had to tear the swing set apart far enough that it would fit into the back of my truck.  It had not been used in years.  It was covered with dirt and moss…but that did not discourage us.  We brought the swing set home anyways…

Momma and Grandma S cleaned this swing set up with a little bleach and some elbow grease to like-new condition.  😀

After a few hours of cleaning and reassembling the swing set it was ready to go.

Ace seems to like free stuff too!  Here’s proof…  😀

White Trash Is Contagious!

Remember the post I wrote a while back titled, Momma’s Going To Kill Me!?

I confessed to having a small addiction to free things that have wheels and a motor. Momma commented on the post and was joking about how we may need a permit and a taller fence due to all of the junk piling up behind our shed…and she suggested that I may be white trash (As if it isn’t obvious). Remember that?

Well, look what I captured on the digital camera the other day…

Momma and Ace On The John Deere

Sorry Momma! Looks like I must be rubbing off on ya a little bit. 😀

(I can’t lie…if anyone has rubbed of on anyone, it has been her rubbing off on me. I was full fledged white trash before…now I just have some white trash tendencies.)

Ace loves riding the mower around the yard (almost as much as I do), and I do not blame Momma one bit for temporarily white trashin’ it up and cruising around the yard with her little man! 😀

As you probably remember, I found this mower for free on Craigslist! I knew it didn’t run, but when I went to pick it up I found out it did not have a mowing deck either. So, I planned on it being a “lawn tractor”…not a “lawn mower”. Many of you even suggested turning it into a racing tractor (which I seriously considered) 😆

Well, that has all changed thanks to some awesome folks Momma and I had the pleasure to meet last weekend!

After the first post about the old John Deere 56 tractor I got an email. The email was from a guy named Jerry in the Pittsburgh area who reads DadThing. Jerry said that he had a mower deck for this mower that I could have for free! Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-FREE!

Sweet Jesus! There’s that “F” word again! I just can’t help myself! 😀

Last weekend Momma and I drove to Pittsburgh, PA (we spared Ace the 6 hours of being in the car since he just got done with a 28 hour car ride) and met a really cool family…Jerry, Lynn, and Tyler.

When we arrived Jerry asked, “Where’s Ace?” Which caught me off guard because we have never met before, but then I realized he reads DadThing. He knew all about our trip to COSI and our trip to Iowa. It was kinda cool for me to meet someone that actually reads the stuff I write!

Jerry didn’t know Momma’s name, so he referred to Momma…well, as Momma! I loved it! 😆

Jerry and Lynn have a cute baby boy named Tyler who, at only 7 months old, already has his very own awesome Camaro! Guess what! Dad Jerry (who is a very involved father as well) has a cool Camaro too and plans on drag racing (and beating) his son some day! 😀

Thanks Jerry, Lynn, and Tyler for the mower deck! Hopefully I’ll post some pictures of it chopping up some grass in the near future.

It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you! And Jerry, make sure to send me a video of that drag race one of these days! I got this funny feeling Tyler is going to whoop your butt! 😆

In no way shape or form am I implying that Jerry, Lynn, or Tyler are white trash by mentioning their names in this extremely well titled post! Unless being white trash really is contagious…then they may have caught it from me and will be mutating to white trash in the very near future 😆

Momma’s Going To Kill Me

So, I’m pretty sure Momma is going to kill me! Why? Because, I have a weakness for FREE stuff. Especially free stuff with wheels and an engine. 😀

In the past year I have acquired an 87 Chevy Blazer, a 77 Honda motorcycle, and 4 old push mowers that I didn’t pay a penny for. The free “junk” is piling up behind our shed at amazing rates! (If I don’t stop bringing home so called “junk”..I may just be found mangled in the “junk pile” behind our shed. 😆 )

Guess what…none of the free “junk” ran when I got them. (and most of them still don’t…but they will).

My most recent score was a 1970’s something model John Deere 56 riding lawn mower…yes…for FREE! I found it on Craigslist and was all excited! I am tired of push mowing our yard. I knew it didn’t run, but I know that almost anything can be fixed. I was really looking forward to kicking back, with no shirt, catching some rays, with a beer in one hand, and the steering wheel in the other as grass clipping flew all over the place. 😀

So I picked it up and brought it home, but guess what…not only did it not run, but it had no mowing deck. That means no blades. That means it is not mowing crap 🙁

Momma asked, “What the hell are you going to do with it if you can’t mow with it?”

Well, a few weekends ago I managed to get it started and actually move under it’s own power. Amazing huh? While most people would have taken this old worthless pile of junk to the dump for a proper burial, I found a good use.

Dad and Ace Riding On The Mower

Quit snickering at my oh so cool camo hat and good jeans!

Now I just look forward to kicking back, with no shirt, catching some rays, with Ace in one hand, and the steering wheel in the other as we zoom around the backyard dodging the land mines and annoying the neighbors with the rumble of a 6 horsepower engine running beneath our seat!

Screw mowing…let’s just ride!

By the way…I just realized that if I do things right, you can click on the picture and actually comment on the picture alone. Expect all pictures on DadThing to be like this for now on. 😀