Bouncing Off The Walls

While Ace can be one hyper kid, that is not what this post is about… 😀

We recently took a trip to the awesome World Of Bounce!


World of bounce is fairly new here in the central Ohio area and is so much fun!

Ace, his cousin Olivia, Grandma S, Momma, and I all went for the Family Bounce Night.  Which was quite the deal…  We got to bounce for 3 hours, a large pizza, and drinks for everyone for only $25.

Ace ad Olivia loved it…


They had four different “bounce houses”.  The one pictured above was a bouncy basketball court.  They also had a huge slide that was probably over 20 feet high, and also two other giant bounce houses with slides, ladders, and numerous obstacles to bounce off of.

The coolest part was that the adults were free to bounce too!  Let’s just say that I forgot just how much fun it was to slide!  😀

Here are a few more pics…



Ace was one of the younger and smaller kids there.  Most of the kids were 4 to 10, I would guess.


Of course there were exceptions to the rule.  There were some kids pushing the 12-14 age group and they were being kinda rough seeing how there were much younger kids around.

The funniest part about the whole trip was when we were in the basketball court bounce house.  Ace had a thing for the only yellow ball in there.  He would grab it, throw it, run after it, and grab it again.

Then the older/rougher bunch of kids came in there and they grabbed the yellow ball.  One of the older kids fell down holding the yellow ball and Ace saw the opportunity.  He ran right over and took the ball out of the kids hands.

The older kids looked at each other like “What The…?”.  It was funny because most of the kids would leave when the bigger kids got close to them, but Ace went up and took his ball back.  I loved it!  😀

But anyways, if you come to the central Ohio area and have a few hours to bounce around…check it out!

Crack Is Whack!

This weekend we took Ace and his cousin Olivia to Circle S Farms. You enter through a pathway with corn stalk walls and are greeted by a couple teen age girls who collect your money, and then you proceed to some cool farm-like activities for kids to do.

Circle S Farms - Sign

Circle S Farms - Sign

They had live animals, goats and chickens, for the kids to look at.  They had a playground made of straw bails where kids could climb and slide down.  They had tractors and bug pumpkins to look at and sit on, and also a hay ride that took you out to pick your very own pumpkin!!

Circle S Farms - Goats

Circle S Farms - Goats

Circle S Farms - Chickens

Circle S Farms - Chickens

And then they had the scare crow maze.  It was a maze made from straw bails that was designed, I’m pretty sure, for torturing parents.  The maze was about 3 ft tall and it had a wood slat fence on the top.  So, it was tall enough where kids could run wild inside there, but parents were stuck crawling, duck walking, waddling, or whatever form of propulsion they could come up with while hunched over…

Ace wouldn’t go in the maze, so I took his cousin Olivia inside.  There she goes at a full sprint around the first corner.  I had lost her in the first 20 seconds.

So I keep wallering through this parent torture device.  I was moving as fast as I could trying to find Olivia because I just knew at some point she would get scared and want out, but wouldn’t be able to find her way.  I speedily rounded one corner and was greeted by something that I had least expected to find…

CRACK!  and lots of it!

There was a Mom crawling in front of me wearing low rise jeans…that were riding, well, WAY TOO LOW!  I swore I stopped fast enough for my hands and knees to make a screeching sound in the loose straw!

I stopped inches away from taking a face plant into the recently discovered revene…but far enough away to not smell the flowers. 😀

I was startled, to say the least, and couldn’t help but watch as the landscape I had almost became intimately familiar with bounced it’s way around the next corner.

I put myself back together, gathered my senses, and continued my way through the parent trap to eventually find Olivia waiting for me outside…ready to move on to the next “attraction”.

And now I know why the say, “Crack Is Whack!”

And to help you remove the image of my face inches away from a three quarter exposed bum…I’ll leave you with a few pics from the crack free portion of our day at Circle S Farms

Circle S Farms - Us

Circle S Farms - On The Hay Ride Blinded By The Sun (Ace was the only smart one who wouldn't look directly into the sun to get his picture taken.) 😀

Circle S Farms - Pumpkin

Circle S Farms - Pumpkin

Circle S Farms - Ace

Circle S Farms - Ace

Circle S Farms - Dad & Ace

Circle S Farms - Dad & Ace

Flying High and Crashing Cars

Last weekend was a blast!  Friday, Momma and I went out to celebrate our 6th Anniversary (we’ve been together for 10 years now)!  Then we went to an awesome dinner at Tony’s Italian Restaraunt here in Columbus, and ended the night out by seeing College the movie…pretty freakin’ funny flick!

Saturday we had big plans.  We drove Ace and his cousin, Olivia, to the town where I grew up to check out a Fly-In.  Here we got to see a bunch of cool air planes.  Instead of blabbing on and on about the planes, I’ll just post some pics…




Then we were off to the Demolition Derby!  One of my favorite things to watch!

My brother had been building a car to drive in the derby.  We went down to watch him wreck his car, but he had to back out at the last minute due to some car troubles.  Oh well, we still had a good time!

Have I ever mentioned that Ace likes anything with wheels?  Well, he does…and he loves derby cars!  He ket pointing at the cars and blabbering in giberish…that means he likes what he sees.  😀

The derby was very crowded and we were late to find a seat, so we had to stand and watch.  Of course there were a few rednecks (I fit right in. 😀 ) standing in front of us so the kids could not see.

So, here comes dad/uncle to the rescue!  Go go human pedestal!

At the end of a very long day we all had a very good time.  I’m glad that Ace and Olivia enjoyed the planes and the derby so much.  Now I know I have someone to watch the derby with for years to come.  😀


An Ass Kickin’ Saturday

Today was a good day…one of the better ones I’ve had recently.  What did I do?  Nothing which will make you say “WOW!  Jared is truly amazing!”  Ace and I simply hung out all day long.

Ya see it has been a while since Ace and I have really been able to hang out…guy style.  I’m talking getting up early, running around in nothing but a diaper (underwear for me), getting dirty while playing in the dirt with no shoes on (and not wiping it off), riding the mower (which still doesn’t mow by the way), eating sand out of the sandbox when Dad turns his back for a half a second (it comes out looking like sand too),  going to the park (got even more dirty), and then coming home to relax on the couch and watch some Noggin till Momma gets home.  Good times…good times!

I’ve been working long hours during the week, usually getting home late and only seeing Ace for about an hour before bedtime.  By the time I get home the nightly routine has began…dinner, bath time, PJs, and shortly after…bed time.

Then on the weekends we usually have some place to go and someone to see.

When Momma was working, Ace and I hung out guy style all the time on the weekends, but now that Momma stays home all week she really wants to go somewhere on the weekend, so we are very rarely home on the weekend.

I think I may start offering Momma the chance to get out of the house to be kid and husband free on Saturday, which will give her a chance to go hang out with some of her friends and give Ace and I more of a chance to do our guy things.  😀

Sounds like an even trade to me, you think so?

On top of having an awesome day with Ace I also  discovered a few bloggy friends gave me some cool awards and props!

Brilliante Weblog Award

KylieM from My Digital Life gave me the Brilliante Weblog award.  KylieM is a long time reader here at DadThing.  If you are into scrapbooking, photography, or kid stuff… you should definitely check out one of her blogs.

And then John over at links to a few of my posts.  John is a first time father who shares his experiences about being a father in the 21st century.  Check out his blog for some cool stories and parenting tips from the perspective of a new father.

Kick Ass Blogger Award

And last, but not least VegasDad, from iVegasFamily, awarded me with the kick as blogger award!  Any award with the word “ass” in it has to be cool…well, unless it is preceded by the word “dumb” or “stupid” or “stank”…you get the point!  Go check out Vegas Dad’s blog.  I promise it is not dumb, stupid, or stank…just kickin’  😀

Oh yeah……Momma went to the doctor on Friday and is definitely pregnant.  The suggested due date is April 11th.  We like spring babies around here…or Momma only ovulates around the month of June.  Who knows…  😀

Sun, Sand, and Dirty Diapers

We live in Ohio…not usually thought of when you think about beaches, but beaches do exist here believe it or not…

One of my favorite things to do in the summer when I was a kid was to go out on the boat at Indian Lake with my my Mom, Dad, and brother.  I remember pulling the boat up to the beach, hopping out, and swimming to shore to play in the sand…and the little waves that washed up onto the sand.

Keep in mind I had never seen the ocean, let alone swam in it or anything with decent sized waves.  Even though these waves were less than a foot tall, I would try my hardest to body surf on them…if only for a few feet.

Most of the activities that we do such as the zoo, COSI, vacationing in Iowa, and going to see a ball game, were all Momma’s ideas.  I’m a homebody.  I am perfectly happy playing with Ace in the back yard on the swingset or in the pool, but a few weekends ago I got the bright idea of taking Ace to the beach…so Momma packed a picnic basket and off we went.

We went to a small lake about 45 minutes from our house and found this small beach after driving around for a while.  We had lunch in the shelter house and then got ready for some swimming…

We could not find our pack of Little Swimmers diapers, so we just brought a pair of underwear and a pair of swimming trunks for Ace.

Ace was amazed as he and I walked out onto the sand towards the water…

Dad And Ace Looking From The Beach

Dad And Ace Looking From The Beach

Once the amazement had been washed away it was time to play in the sand…

Playing In The Sand

Playing In The Sand

And what can be more cuter than baby feet buried in the beach sand?

Baby Feet Buried In The Beach Sand

Baby Feet Buried In The Beach Sand

After he got the hang of the sand he was off to bigger and better things…splashing in the waves…

Ace Playing In The Waves

Ace Playing In The Waves

And when a boat would go by, the waves got bigger…and more fun!

Big Waves

Big Waves

And then he crapped his pants…and crapped them good.  The underwear and swimming trunks were put out of commission for the day and we had to revert to a plain old diaper…

I ran out to the car with bare feet to clean him up and put on a diaper.  Ever tried to change a diaper while dancing on the sun beaten pavement to keep your bare feet from spontaneously combusting?  Not as easy as it sounds… 😀

And then the sand…it was everywhere!!  There was sand in the poop, and poop in the sand.  If nothing else positive came out of this experience, his tush got a good exfoliation treatment as I went through a package of wipes trying to clean the mess.  😀

Once everyone had a clean butt I put on my trunks and we headed out to deeper water…

Heading Out To Deeper Water

Heading Out To Deeper Water

Of course, since Ace had on a regular diaper now,  he weighed about 50 lbs (25 lbs of Ace and 25 lbs of water that had absorbed into his diaper). 😀

It was a fun day that brought back memories for me, and hopefully made some memories for Ace.  Just look at his face…it has HAVING FUN written all over it…as he splashes in the sun.  😀

Having Fun Face

Having Fun Face

BTW: We have some big news to reveal in the very near future…stay tuned.  😀