Daa eee!

So as you all know, I shaved my head…and I have kept it shaved…and like it.  It is actually much easier to maintain and much more comfortable than having a head full of hair.  Anyways…

I was surprised that Ace didn’t really seem to notice though.  He did not look at me funny.  He did not want to touch the cue ball.  He acted like he didn’t even notice.  Maybe he is just like any other guy and doesn’t pay attention to details like when someone cuts or colors their hair.  I’ve been known to not notice Momma’s hair cuts before…maybe Ace just gets it honest??

Not a big deal.  Actually I’m glad he didn’t seem to notice.   I was afraid it would freak him out and he wouldn’t know who I was and run away from the bald guy!  😐

 However, we recently found out that he did notice.  He was watching TV with his Grandpa S. the other day when a Mr. Clean commercial came on.  Ace pointed at the TV and said “Daa eee” (Daddy in Ace lingo). 

"Daa eee!"

Maybe it was our other similarities (other than the shiny melon) that made Ace think that Mr. Clean was “Daa eee”…bulging muscles, tan skin, white eye-brows, and good looks?  😆  It’s a good theory…

A couple days later Momma and Grandma S. took Ace to the mall.  They were strolling along and Ace pointed at an older man with a shaved head and said “Daa eee!”  This guy was nothing like me or Mr Clean.  No bulging muscles, he was as pale as as a ghost, and definitely not a looker.  😆

Well, we can throw my previous theory out the window….

So now pretty much any man with a shaved head is “Daa eee!” 

Man, I hate competition… 😆