How Do You Know You Spend Too Much Time Playing Bejeweled Blitz On Facebook?

Bejweled Blitz

Bejweled Blitz

So how do you know when you spend too much time playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook?

Maybe you check the leader board while on break at work to make sure that no one has beaten your score!

Could it be that you find yourself organizing the cans in your cabinets into groups of three?

Do you dream up ways to sabotage that person’s computer who will always get 200,000 points every single week and you’re lucky to get 100, 000?!

Or maybe…just maybe…a good sign would be your two year old, who only speaks the language of Nick Jr, running around the house saying, “One Minute…Go!”…”Bang Bang Crash”…”A New High Score!”

Maybe…just maybe…that would mean that you play just a little too much.  😀

My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad

mydadisbetter-showDid anyone watch the show My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad last Monday? Are you going to watch it tonight?

While My Dad Is Better Than You Dad is not going to win any awards, I thought it was a fun show!

There are four Dad/Child teams that compete against each other for the chance to win $50,000!

On last weeks show the Dads had to crush up office desks with a sledge hammer into tiny pieces. These pieces had to be small enough to fit through a small hole in a box. At the end of the specified time the Dad with the most weight of crushed up office desk in their box won the competition.

Seriously, what could more more fun? Destruction or demolition is the definition of fun for a guy. Add in a sledge hammer and we are talking about one hell of a good time. 😀

Another competition required for the children to be tethered high in the air. The Dads would hand their child a Velcro dart and swing their child through the air towards a large target. Again the highest scoring team wins this challenge.

Since they have already tested strength and accuracy another challenge was to test the Dad’s intellect in a question and answer round. The questions were fairly simple, though.

At the very end of the competition the top two Dads take turns shooting a projectile out of a gun to bust out windows for points. The kicker is that the Dad not shooting gets to stand in front of these windows with a frying pan and tennis racket to try and block the projectiles from breaking the windows.

The Dad that makes it all the way to the end gets a chance to win $50,000. The dad is asked questions about his child… What is his favorite color? What is his favorite saying? What is his favorite meal cooked by Mom? In order to get these questions right a Dad has to be very close to his child. For each question answered correctly they win $10,000.

All in all I thought My Dad Is Better Than You Dad  was a very entertaining show. Probably because I would love to do something like this. I checked the website to see how to enter to compete on My Dad Is Better Than You Dad, and the kids have to be ages 8 to 12 in order to compete.

Think the show will be around in 7 years so that Ace and I can enter? Probably not… 🙁

Oh well, I’ll keep tuning in each Monday at 9/8c and pretending to be those Dads.

Cheer me on tonight when you watch the show, because I will be competing in every event, right from my living room! 😀

Update: I got an email from an online publicity guy from NBC thanking me for writing about their show, and he did mention that there are video excerpts from the show available on their site.

Here is the sledge hammer desk challenge if you would like to see what the show is all about…