The Big Birthday Party!

Last year Ace had a big birthday party because it was, well,  his 1st birthday. 😀

This year was not an exception.  His party had quite a good turn out!

Last year there wasn’t really a theme, other then “Blue for Boy”.  This year the theme was “Fire Trucks“! 

Even though the themes of the two parties were not the same there seemed to be some similarities…

Cool Birtday Cakes:

Last Years Cake

Firetruck Birthday Cake
This Years Fire Truck Birtday Cake

Messy Cake Eating:

Last Years Messy Cake Eating

Messy Cake Eating - 2nd Birthday
This Years…Less Messy Cake Eating.  Notice he is actually using the correct end of the silware this year.  😀

Funny Hats:

Grandpa's Funny Hat
Last Year: Grandpa S’s Funny Hat

Momma's Fireman Hat
This Year: Momma’s Funny Fireman Hat

Uncle Charlie's FIreman Hat
This Year: Uncle Charlie’s Funny Fireman Hat

Overall the party was a success.  Thank you Momma for throwing such a good party!

What will next years birthday party bring?  😀

Welcome To The Club, Beoch!

So….I am officially no longer a twenty something.  While I am sad about some aspects (young and dumb is no longer an excuse), I am happy about others (older is wiser).

I’ve heard people say that 30 was the hardest birthday for them, but it really did not affect me that much.  Yeah, I thought about it for a bit.  And then I remember thinking that 30 was O-L-D.  Man was I wrong…. 😀

I still feel pretty young, and I guess that is what is important.  Someone once said, “You are only as old as you feel.”  In that case…I’m 25.  Not 21, because I can’t handle the all nighters and the day after the party, but 25 because…I don’t feel 30.  😀  (That made absolutely no sense whatsoever, did it?)

So because Momma is the coolest wife and Mom in the world, she threw her brother and I a Halloween/Birthday party.  Three birds with one stone…

Her brother’s birthday was on the 25th, mine on the 26th, and then of course Halloween.  So we had a costume party with beer, birthday cakes, and ah-hem….adult entertainment.

So what better way to leave your twenties than with a party.  Food, friends, drinks, and nakie dancers.  😀  Kind of a kiss goodbye to the past decade that has hopefully treated you well.  We partied it up last Saturday night.  After the party we went to the club and danced and drank until the lights came on.  We had a blast!

Sunday morning was far from a party.  I spent most of the day in bed recovering with a hang-over from hell.  It was like a slap in the face from my newly discovered thirties…  “Welcome to the club, beoch! (SLAP!!)”

Just thought I would leave you witha  quick pic of me and Momma in our costumes…Dog The Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth.  😀

(Special thanks goes out to Momma for planning such a wonderful party, Grandma S for helping Momma get everything together, Grandpa H and Grandma O for supplying the food, our neighbor Billie for watching Ace, Ace’s uncles Brandon, Mike, and Charlie for providing drinking and dancer money, all of our friends that drove from afar (especially Angie who came all the way from SC), and our friends Amber and Amy for taking so many good pictures!  God knows I was too intoxicated to operate a camera… 😀  )

Dog The Bounty Hunter and Beth

Dog The Bounty Hunter and Beth

Happy Birthday Momma!

Momma turns 28 today!
( Hope I don’t get in trouble for revealing her age. 😀 )

I’ve been out of town all week for work and expect to get home tonight to celebrate her birthday.  I missed Momma’s Birthday last year.  So, just incase I get stuck out of town again I wanted to tell her Happy Birthday face-to-face…or as close as I can get to face-to-face.  😀

So without further ado…

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday Dear Momma…
Happy Birtday To You!

Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

Things have been nuts lately…going here, going there, doing this, doing that.  Life has been far from boring…let me tell ya!

I’ve been so consumed by daily life that I forgot to celebrate’s one year birthday on September 1st!  I’m such a bad webmaster/blogger. 😀

In celebrating the one year birthday here at I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and share some of the highlights of year number 1…

Most Visited Posts:

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Wackiest Search Terms:

  • Swinger Blog – Swinging is one of our favrite past times  😀
  • My Spit Stinks – Sounds like a personal issue here buddy!  Maybe try brushing your teeth every now and then!
  • Naked Daddy Blog – If you are coming here looking for naked Dads you would be extremely dissappointed.  While I am frequently naked (at least once a day for a shower)  you will never have to worry about seeing me bare all.  ;D  You are welcome.
  • Sex Or Not – Definitely Sex!
  • Girls With Testicles – Ummm.  Nuff said.
  • Lick Her Belly Pregnant – If you can lick her belly and get her pregnant than you are more of a man than I!
  • Can Spirits See Us Shower – What?  Do you think there is a magical spirit blinding cloak around your shower?  If you belive that spirits can see you out of the shower, they can probably see you in the shower…so that excuse that your just washing real good will not work with them.  😀
  • I Peed On My Cell Phone – How the hell did you do that?  And why the hell are you searching the internet for that?  In case you are looking for a solution to your problem…I have your answer…You are holding the phone up to your wrong head!
  • Smoke Twizzlers – Twizzlers are like crack, but c’mon you can’t smoke them, snort them, or inject them.  They are awesome good, but c’mon now!  Get a hold of yourself!
  • Tampons Trying To Conceive – I have never seen tampons trying to reproduce!  Have you?  If you get some breeding tampons send them my way.  Maybe then I will not have to run to the store at midnight to buy a new box.
  • What Not To Do To Kill Your Un Born Child – If you have to ask…you probably shouldn’t do it…moron!
  • Why Does The Rectum Stink – Hmmm….  Let’s use a little logic here.  If poop stinks.  And poop comes from your rectum.  Then your rectum stinks! Duuh!

Top 10 Referring Parenting Blogs/Sites:

The following sites have sent mad traffic to and I am forever grateful!  Read them all…they are all great! (They have to be…they link here.  😀 )

  1. BusyDadBlog
  2. FrugalDad
  3. Joeprah
  4. DorkyDad
  5. BuildingCamelot
  6. SarcasticMom
  7. ManAndHisBaby
  8. D Is For Dad
  9. 21stCenturydad
  10. JustDaddys.Net

Again I just wanted to thank the readers here at!  Without you this would not possible!  Your comments have made me smile, made me laugh, and carried me through some tough times.

I plan to bring you more awesome Ace adventures in the year to come!  I hope you all stick around to read about them!

EDIT: By the way XBox…in regards to your last comment…she gave me the password back.  😀

Ace’s 1st Birthday Party


Ace’s birthday party was a success! Utilizing one of those clown car miracles, we managed to fit everyone into my in-laws house and amazingly no one was trampled or lost in the chaos…

In-laws, out-laws, and everyone in between were in attendance for what seemed to be the biggest event of the year thus far!

Grandpa S Celebrating!

The pre-show started with Momma running around town picking up the cake and last minute necessities, while Grandma finished cleaning and getting the food ready. I was on kid-duty and fulfilled Ace’s every want and need as if he was a rock-star before the big concert.

Most rock-stars live on the edge and so does mine. During pre-show warm up Ace was practicing his “lets see how fast I can walk” routine. As you all know, walking is a new part of his show and thus he is fairly inexperienced. But the trick is a big crowd pleaser so he insists that it be the highlight of the night! Anyways, during a routine practice something went astray. Balance was lost. Feet got crossed. And Ace took a header into one of the door jams scarring up his baby like face before the show.

Scarred Up

He wasn’t concerned because it gave him a more “tough guy” kinda look. A good PR opportunity at that!

The show started with the ritual pass-the-baby game where poor Ace was tossed around like a cooked spud in a game of Hot Potato only to be returned to Momma or myself when a tear was in sight or an odor was sensed propogating from his lower region.

great-grandma-momma-and-aceGreat Grandma, Ace, and Momma

The second part of the show was the gift opening ceremony where every one in attendance paid their respects by giving something of value to the little celebrity. Ace sat on my lap as I opened a multitude of gifts resulting in a very big score of clothes, toys, gift cards, and money. He was happy and ready to move on to the finale!

dad-and-ace-opening-presentsDad and Ace Opening Presents

After all of the crowd surfing and gift opening, Ace was placed into his throne and the crowd gathered around. The lights were turned down and Momma brought in the flaming candle as the crowd rejoiced by singing Happy Birthday! The candle was blown out and Ace enjoyed his Panda Bear crush cake! (skillfully crafted by his Grandma GG).

birthday-crush-cake-beforeCrush Cake Before

birthday-crush-cake-afterCrush Cake Afterwards

the-crusherThe Crusher!

Everyone in attendance celebrated by eating a piece of the cake and some ice cream before making their way to the door.

awesome-birthday-cakeAwesome Birthday Cake By Hilliard Cake Creations

awesome-birthday-cake-2Awesome Birthday Cake By Hilliard Cake Creations

The big event went fairly smoothly with no major incedents or injuries. Special thanks goes out to everyone that attended, everyone who was kind enough to bring a gift, Momma for the great event planning, Grandma and Grandpa S for hosting the party, GG for making the crush cake, and Hilliard Cake Creations for the awesome looking and tasting birthday cake!