Say Uncle!

Uncle.  A simple word.  Yet complex.

So what exactly is an uncle?  Here are a few qualifying criteria of an uncle…

  • Your mother’s brother
  • Your father’s brother
  • Your mother’s sister’s husband
  • Your father’s sister’s husband
  • Don’t make me break out all of the step, half, in-law, common-law combinations…we’d be here all night.

The point is that while we as adults easily understand what an Uncle is, it seems that the whole Uncle concept is confusing for two year olds…or at leat my two year old.

Ace has three uncles…Uncle Brandon, Uncle Mike (or sometimes referred to as Uncle Munch), and Uncle Charlie.

We have some family friends, that while not officially an Uncle, are around enough to have earned the glorified Uncle status.  These people would be…Uncle Jason,  Uncle Soichi, Uncle Shawn, and Uncle Bryan (with a Y not an I, like Bee-Ryan).

With all of these Uncles, it’s hard to believe that Ace has no real aunts…  (So if any of you single ladies out there are looking for a single Uncle…I got the hook up.  C’mon now for Ace’s sake…the poor boy is in Aunt-icipation)  😀

So, why was I surprised…  

Why was I surprised when he pointed at me said, “Uncle Daddy!”?

Rocks and Shit

We spent the weekend in my home town at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  Riding the 4-Wheeler, lying by the pool, going swimming, and doing a little bit of partying on Saturday night.

Ace, however spent the weekend sharpening his speech skills and getting lessons from some of the best out there… 😀

Aunt Amber and Aunt Amy taught him some silly Frog song and he spent the weekend running around saying “mmmmm-eckkkkk  mmmmm-eckkkkk  mmmmm-eckkkkk-eckkkkk “.  Don’t ask me… 😀

Aunt Amy also thought it would be just darling for him to start his flirt training.  She successfully got him to say “Hey Gurrrl!”  to a few of his potential future mates.  You better watch out girls!  😀

Grandpa pulled in the driveway in his old truck, but Ace could not see him.  Ace looked to the sky and said “Hewicoptur!”.  I think he is indirectly telling you it is time for a new muffler Gramps.  😀

And last but not least, Ace was walking barefoot across the patio when someone noticed he was not putting weight on the heel of his foot.  Everyone thought he may have stepped on something sharp.  So, I picked up his foot and brushed off a bunch of dirt and rocks.  I announced to the peanut gallery that it was just some “Rocks and Shit”.  And of course, Ace proceeded to copy my excellent English lingo and announce by himself that it was just a bunch of “Rocks and Shit!”, “Rocks and Shit!”, “Rocks and Shit!”

Can’t Bose make some curse word canceling headphones?  I mean hell they make the noise canceling ones!  😀

Whitey Tighteys!

So, it has finally started to happen.  Ace has been slowly starting to talk.  First it was a few simple words like “Hi” and “Bye”.  Then, he learned some animals: dog, cat, cow, sheep, bird.

But, tonight we were watching my favorite educational television show…Cops.  They sure do find America’s finest to show.  Other countries watching Cops probably think we are a bunch of toothless, wife beater wearing crack heads.  But that is OK…it is good entertainment…for adults.

So anyways, they show this old man who was fighting with his wife.  His wife called the cops and when the cops arrived the man was just wearing his underwear…whitey tighteys.

They call them whitey tighteys for a reason…they are supposed to be kinda tight.  But this guy had them a size too big and about ready to fall off.

It was funny, and Ace’s Uncle Mike (also known as Munch in Ace lingo) shouted out in laughter…”Whitey Tighteys!”

And here comes Ace marching through the room clapping and chanting…””Whitey Tighteys! “Whitey Tighteys!”  😀  It was hilarious!

I’m sure it is just a start to what Uncle Munch is going to teach Ace…and I have it coming.  Still to this day  Uncle Munch’s daughter, Olivia still broadcasts to the world (public places included) that she farted.  😀

Where on Earth would she learn to do something like that? 😀

COSI – An Electrifying Experience!

Hello everyone!  I’m writing this from the hotel room in Iowa!  Why can’t life be one big vacation? 😀

Last weekend Momma and I took Ace to the Center Of Science and Industry, commonly known as COSI.

This place is sweet! (especially for a big dork like me).  Ace is kinda little for most of the things there, but he still enjoyed himself.  It was a very electrifying experience!

An Electrifying Experience

Ace is all about figuring out how things work; from spinning the wheels on his toy trucks to opening and closing the dishwasher door.  COSI is full of things that move.  His actions create a reaction.  All of the exhibits are totally interactive and I’m sure he will enjoy it even more as he gets older.

But for now he enjoys being able to see and touch everything…

Ace at COSI - Playing in the Floating Ball Exhibit

The top floor of COSI is specifically for the younger kids.  Ace had a blast up there.  He was able to drive the ambulance!  Pushing buttons by the steering wheel made the lights flash!

Ace at COSI Driving The Ambulance

We always knew that he liked playing in the water in the bath tub, but never knew how much he really enjoyed water.  He probably spent the majority of his time playing in the water with Momma!

Ace at COSI - Playing In The Water With Momma

COSI was a blast for Ace, Momma, and I.  We bought a season pass here as well, so don’t be surprised if you get hear about more fun experiences from COSI!

As I mentioned earlier we are currently in Iowa for vacation.  The hotel we are staying at has an indoor and outdoor water park and Ace was able to go swimming for the first time in his life!  Stay tuned for more pics and awesome Ace adventures! 😀