JustDaddys.com Referral Winner

A little over a month ago I wrote abouot how JustDaddys.Net was having a referral contest…

And guess what?  I won!

And like I promised, I would pass the prize on to one of the people that I referred.  It looks like I referred five people:

  1. PG
  2. Joeprah
  3. Frugal Dad
  4. kwv
  5. kevinthoule

And thanks to the wonderful RANDOM.ORG I was able to pick the winner without any bias.

And the winner is….


(Screenshot of the random number generator results…)

To those of you that have not yet signed up at JustDaddys.Net, you really should.  The member list is growing and discussions are really starting to flow.  Did you know that the site was mentioned on ABC News?  Really…check it out and sign up for free! (There’s that damned F word again)  😆

Dead In The Spotlight

No, I’m not dead.  I’ve just been ultra busy lately.  Priorities suck!  If only I could blog all day, every day…I would be a happy man.  😀

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Jeremy over at Discovering Dad.  He does an awesome series every Saturday highlighting some really cool Dad’s.  This past Saturday was my turn in the spotlight…

Check it out!

Stark Raving Madness

Busy Dad and Mr Lady have recently started up an “advice” ( a word that they use loosely ) blog where readers submit questions and get answers from a few different perspectives.

Some answers are serious and sincere.  Some answers are funny and make you chuckle.  You never know what you are going to get with these two minds at work… 😀

They recently answered my question:

Why do kids always need to go to the restroom (or totally blow up a diaper) at the most inconvenient times and places…like at a restaurant  in the middle of dinner, or even when you are driving on the highway just after you passed the last exit for the next 30 miles?

See the answer I got here.



Just a quick blurb here about a cool new site I found called JustDaddys.Net

It’s a forum for Dads that covers every topic you could ever imagine about being a Dad! It is a very new site, but the Dads I have met on the site so far are very cool guys! I have a feeling this site is going to be a hit with the Dad Blogger community! So don’t miss out…

Register for the forums. Shoot me a PM once you are registered (my user name is DadThing), and then PM the admin, Jason (AKA DaddyKV), and tell him that I sent ya!

There is a contest on JustDaddys.Net and if I get the most people to sign up and become active members of the JustDaddys.Net community then I could win a $30 gift card.

If I do win, I will turn around and give that $30 gift card to one of registered members who discovered JustDaddys.Net here at DadThing.com!

So, what’s that mean for you? Sign up…make some chitter chatter with some of the other Dads there…and you could win a $30 gift card! (If you follow the rules) 😆

April 2008 – A Month In Review

April was a  busy month! 

With the weather getting nice we could finally take Ace outside to play.  He digs the outdoors, probably more than me!  Of course, as Ace learns to do new things, I learn new things as well…like performing the Poop-endectomy!

While traveling down to Louisiana for work, one of my favorite drinks was infested with fowl!  Luckily I survived to tell of the experience, and also remembered to thank Katy at AdventuresInParenting for the wonderful award she so generously gave me!

Momma walked in the March For Babies!  Her goal was to raise $125 and she did it!  Special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa S, Amber, Angela, Kim, and Greg for the donations!

Uncle Brandon came up one weekend and we worked all day long putting in new plumbing, a bathtub, and hanging drywall!  The bathroom is on it’s way to being finished (finally)…and Ace is grateful that he no longer has to take a shower with me. 😀

I posted three awesome pictures for Wordless Wednesday!

And last, but not least, my niece Olivia told me where my arm hair comes from. 😀

Top Referrers:

I would also like to showcase the top 5 bloggers who link to DadThing.com and send some mad traffic.

  1. Frugal Dad – An awesome blog written by a Dad that is helping us all get control of our finances.  With the help from Frugal Dad you will be able to eliminate your debt, abolish credit cards, and actually save for your child’s future!  And all of this advice is coming from a real life Dad…just like you and me!
  2. Busy Dad Blog– Hang on and join BusyDad and his son Fury for a ride you’ll never forget!  This dynamic duo never ceases to amaze me with their adventures!
  3. Sarcastic Mom – This mom is one of my favorite reads, because she has it all!  From funny, to serious…from poetic, to down right rude…this mom is exactly as advertised…Sarcastic! (And an awesome photographer 😉 )
  4. Dorky Dad – Parenting with a dorky twist!  How can you not read a blog filled with flow charts, pie charts, and cool diagrams illustrating the humorous aspects of being a parent!
  5. Mommy Daddy Blog– Up until recently their blog has been about getting ready to be a parent…that is until April 26th when they gave birth to their son Jayden.  Go check out the cute baby pictures when you get a chance!

Who Makes This Possible:

If no one ever commented on my posts I would have quit this blog a long time ago!  So without further ado, I wanted to give out special thanks to everyone that commented on DadThing.com during the month of April…sorted by number of comments

Thanks again to everyone who reads, comments, and links to DadThing.com!  It wouldn’t be possible without all of you!  I have a feeling May is going to be a fun month! 😀