Battery Overload

BatteriesIf we put all the batteries, in all of Ace’s toys together we could probably power a small town for a short period of time! 😀

Do they even make toys any more that do not make noise, flash lights, or dance?  What happened to playing with blocks?  How about Lincoln Logs?

Can a stuffed animal be just a stuffed animal?  Does it have to have a mouth that moves?  Does it have to do back flips or cartwheels?

Remember Tonka trucks?  I had a bunch or trucks and tractors when I was little.   Remember making the engine sounds with your mouth?  That is a skill that I feel will be lost in time.  Most toy trucks make their own noise…hell they even move on their own.

One good thing about having such realistic toys…if your kid has his own fire station like Ace does…

Ace's Firestation...and Ming Ming

Ace's Fire Station...and Ming Ming

…if our house ever catches on fire these 21st century toy fire trucks will probably turn themselves on, drive to the source of the flames, and extinguish the fire.  With Ming Ming’s help, “This is sewious!”, they will use team work.  And why is that a good thing?  Because “What’s going to work?  Team work!”  They will surround the fire, talk to each other over their mini CBs, and save the day!

That is if the batteries do not die…