Venting……I just had to do it!!!

Okay so like the rest of you I’m hooked on xbox4nappyrash and his struggle to conceive a baby.  Apparently this is pretty common, at least in our house it is!  In case most of you forgot, or didn’t pay attention, we started “not trying” back in September 07.  Well here it is, May 08 and still nothing.  I got a little excited (I know I shouldn’t have) but when the old friend was 12 days late I let myself do it.  And look what happened, she arrived on Friday!!!  I hate it, and keep wishing it gone.

So here’s the deal, I went to the doctor last Tuesday to see what the hell was going or not going on. My doctor (love him!) was keeping his fingers crossed that a blood test would come back positive even  though two hpt’s were both negative.  So the news comes on Friday morning with the friend and no kidding, it’s a negative!  Then some lovely news to go with, my thyroid is jacked up!  My T3 and T4 levels are “way out of whack” according to the nurse and a follow up visit is required.  Not only required but mandatory. 

Let me give you the back story on the old thyroid.  After Ace was born, my thyroid swelled and my T3 and T4 levels went crazy, but this is “common” I’m told, after childbirth.  It’s called plain and simple, inflammation of the thyroid gland.  This is caused by my own immune system basically attacking my thyroid gland.  It is causing my levels to go sky high and then drop, and because of this, I cannot be diagnosed either hypo or hyperthyroid.  So when Ace was about 4 months old I started going to see a really great endocrinologist, one of the best in Columbus.  Here’s how that went:

Visit #1: Draw some blood, feel my throat, tell me things don’t appear to be that bad. (Leaving me with the hope that my PCP is just checking all the bases; my initial complaint was for dizziness and lightheadedness.) Follow up phone call: Ms H, your levels are not right, you must go see this specialist.

Visit #2: Draw some blood, go to the hospital for a scan.  The scan consisted of taking radioactive iodine laying on this bed and taking pictures of my thyroid to check for any abnormal growth.  Follow up phone call: Ms H, your levels are different than last time, but in the opposite direction, oh yeah and your thyroid is very enlarged, does this effect your swallow pattern? (Well now that you mention it, yes it does!)  You see, the average size of a thyroid gland is about as big as a guitar pick, mine on the other hand covers the entire front of my throat from left to right and top to bottom, this is problematic.

Visit #3: Draw some blood, go to the specialist again for an ultrasound of my thyroid gland to check for goiters and tumors.  Follow up phone call: Ms H, no goiters or tumors were found, just a very large gland, but we’ll continue to do blood work to figure out the next step.

Visit#4: Draw blood

Visit #5: Draw blood

Visit #6: Draw blood

Okay so all this happened over a period of 9 weeks, and what were the results, nothing, every-time they check my levels they are different and no where close to creating a pattern.  So the endocrinologist suggests drawing blood every 3 weeks indefinitely until they can decided what to do.  What momma suggested was to stop going to the doctor.  So this puts us at the end of September.  What does this have to do with getting pregnant?  Obviously everything!  My crazy thyroid is causing me to have very irregular cycles and from the home ovulation kits I’ve used, (2 months worth) it’s keeping me from ovulating.  No egg, no baby.  What now!  Well I have another doctor appointment on Monday, during which I will suggest just removing my gland (we’ll see how that goes over) and then I suppose I just sit and wait, what choice do I have!

It’s about time! (Momma Monday)

So it’s been awhile since my last post, and now that life is back to normal, here I am!  The holidays were so stressful, so I’m thankful that is over and now we can move on.  But the new semester has started at school and that is challenging my abilities with time management. 

 I have class on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s and occasionally, as Jared has said, he travels for work, so I need to get Ace to grandma and grandpa’s before 5:30 and get to class by 6!  This in itself has presented a new challenge!  Sometimes the grandparents are home by then and sometimes they are not, so I have enlisted my single, childless, 25-year old brother.  Scary! 

Ace loves his Uncle Charlie, and Uncle Charlie loves his nephew Ace, but Uncle Charlie can’t change a diaper.  How the heck do you babysit when you can’t change a diaper? 

It’s really quite interesting……..Helen has lived next door to my parents since we moved there in 1993, and she watches my niece for my older brother.  She’s great, kind of like an extended family member, she definitely helps out when we need her!  So Uncle Charlie and Ace will have a bottle and then play for a while, and when it’s time for a clean diaper……’s time to head next door to Helen’s house! 

But a trustworthy babysitter is worth whatever it takes to make Ace happy and keep his diapers clean!  I know he is being played with, and being fed, and most importantly he is being loved by his Uncle.

Christmas starts Sunday 12/16 (Momma Monday)

So the season is in full swing, and our family gets to start celebrating Christmas this weekend!  Sunday is the only day that my cousin, who lives about 150 miles away, can make it down for the holiday, so that is the day my mother’s family is choosing to celebrate Christmas.  How can this be…….it’s only the 16th for crying out loud!  But this is just the beginning I realize, holy crap!

Here’s the schedule so far, and let’s hope things don’t get changed:

Sunday, 12/16: Grandpa and Grandma S’s house

Monday, 12/24: Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma T’s house at 6pm in Columbus.  Then we must leave by 7:45 at the latest to be to Grandma and Grandpa O’s house by 9pm that night in Urbana.

Tuesday, 12/25: Breakfast at Great-Grandma W’s house at 9am in West Liberty.  Then back to Columbus for lunch with my immediate family at Grandpa and Grandma S’s house.

Monday, 12/31: Grandpa H and Grandma Cindy in West Liberty for presents at 5 and then a rowdy party that evening!  (Ace will be going back to the grandparents in Urbana for that portion of the evening, Mom and Dad want to party too!)

Okay, so here’s my question; when are we having our family Christmas?  It was never a big deal before, we just spent four days a month driving all over Ohio to celebrate with our family and friends, but now with Ace, it just seems too much.  How do we not go though?  Who’s feelings would we choose to hurt if we decide to skip one house or the other?  I never really thought about this until now, but the plans are made, the gifts are bought, and we are going!

What a nightmare waiting to happen!  Merry Christmas Everyone!

(I will not be posting on the 24th, as you can see from above, we will not be in town and I hope that everyone is busy with their families instead!  Happy Holidays!)

Christmas Pictures (Momma Monday)

Okay, so it’s that time of year already, Christmas pictures! I thought maybe Jared, Ace and I should get a cute picture in from of the fake tree and fireplace and send out like 100 greeting cards, but Jared thought no!!! So instead I took Ace and our niece Olivia to have their pictures taken as a gift for my parents and my brother. Easy right? Not so much!

Olivia just turned three on Thanksgiving day, so I thought she could be my little helper and get Ace to smile for me, again, not so much. Instead Olivia looked mad enough to just walk out of the portrait studio, and while the poor photographer was trying to get her to smile, Ace decided to fill his clean diaper! Oh the smell…..I thought we could play it off, hey we were almost finished, but oh no, then the screaming started! First Ace, then Olivia, what a nightmare!

So out to the car to get the diaper bag, meanwhile it’s about 30 degrees outside and Olivia keeps reminding me that she would like to take that ugly dress off! We get Ace’s dirty diaper changed, and head back to the portrait studio, and now there is quite a line, and the poor photographer working is getting screamed at by like 3 people!!! Olivia did ask one woman to use her indoor voice (nothing like a three year old pointing out the obvious) and then it got a little quieter. So now let’s finish those stinking pictures. We get done, and now it’s time to pick out the ones that I would like to order, okay so obviously the only one where both kids are looking forward will be the one to get, and then a few of each of them by themselves. So I’m sitting there ordering my pictures and Olivia keeps telling me that her butt is hanging out. I have no idea what she is talking about, so I tell her that it’s not because she is wearing a dress, but she just insisted that it was….okay so I agreed and hoped that the conversation would end there.

“Come on Olivia we are leaving.” I say to her, as she is dragging her feet and I’m impatiently waiting for her.

“Mimi (that’s me) I’m trying!” She replies.

Meanwhile, a woman waiting her turn for the photographer points out to me that Olivia is having a small problem walking, apparently her pull-up and tights are down around her feet! Oh my, so I drag her down the aisle to where I’m sure only security could see us and pull up her pants. “Why didn’t you tell Mimi?” I asked her.

And her response, “I told you my butt was hanging out!”

Oh….I can hardly wait until next year!

7 Random Things about Momma

Jared was tagged by momto4kidsny at chocolate-party to do the seven random things meme.

I thought maybe a good way to introduce myself would be to tell everyone seven random things about me, so here goes:

  1.  I have no talent!  (By talent I mean, I can’t sing, dance, play an instrument or anything that requires a lot of coordination!)
  2. The only thing that is correct on my driver’s license  is my name and birthday!  (Address is wrong,  height, weight, eye  and hair color are all  wrong!)
  3. I love to sleep, and Jared hates it!  (My idea of a perfect day: it’s pouring down rain, Jared and Ace went somewhere else to play, and I’m in bed sound asleep!)
  4. I share a cell phone bill with 4 other people, we get 1400 minutes and I usually use about 900 of them!  (Yet we still manage to not have any overage charges)
  5. I would rather have 1 great friend for life, than a million people who come in and out of my life.  That would be you, Jared:P)
  6. I am currently going to school, but I’m not really sure why, I love to stay at home with Ace and I can hardly wait for baby 2,3,and 4 to arrive!  I’m not sure that I would want to go back to work full-time!
  7. I’m addicted to celebrity gossip web-sites!  Maybe I’m a voyeuristic personality type, who knows!

So this is me, care to tell me anything about you?