Hillbilly Lullaby

My wife tells me all the time that I am a hillbilly/redneck. I don’t think that I am…well, ok there are some things that I do that are pretty “redneck-ish”. Compared to her and her family/friends I am a big time redneck, but compared to the people where I come from I am not. I have a college education and I don’t hang deer in our front tree to bleed out…

I do a lot of things that embarrass my wife because I don’t do them the “normal” way, she says.

Redneck Offense #1: I have an old Chevy Blazer that I bought for a dollar. That’s right $1USD. It is a beauty! 🙂 It runs, but is not yet road worthy. It is a project that I have been working on and it sits in the driveway…

Redneck Offense #2: I recycle aluminum cans. I have asked Ace’s grandparents to save their cans too. Every time we go to visit Ace’s grandparents we come home with a couple trash bags full of empty cans, so I have a lot of cans that need crushed. And they tend to pile up until I get time to crush them.

Redneck Offense #3: Taking each can, one-by-one, and crushing it with my foot would occupy nearly all of my spare time. So in order to do things quickly I take a shortcut… I pour all of the cans all over the driveway then drive the Blazer (Nicknamed “The Crusher”) back and forth over them until they are all crushed.

Maybe it is the man in me that enjoys crushing things with the tires of a truck. Maybe it is the redneck. Either way I feel like I am driving BigFoot…and I enjoy it. 😉

Is the redneck syndrome contagious? I think it may be.

When my son was very young (I’m talking 1-2 months old) I had a hard time getting him to sleep. His mom and grandma would sing to him to get him to calm down and take a nap.

Once when I was home alone with Ace he was in the need of someone who would sing to him. Now, I am not a singer! I am as tone deaf as person with no ears, but I needed to give it a shot.

What song would I sing? I didn’t know all the words to “Rock-A-Bye-Baby” or any of the normal lullabies. I was drawing a blank… So I sang the first thing that came to mind…

“Well the first thing ya know, old Jed’s a millionaire,
The kin folk said, “Jed move away from there!”
They said, “California is the place ya oughtta be!”
So they loaded up their truck and moved to Beverly…
Hills that is…swimming pools… movie stars…”

Much to my amazement Ace fell into a soft slumber!

So was it the sound of my voice that calmed him, or did the song selection calm his inner underdeveloped redneck gene?