Can Babies See Ghosts or Angels?

ghost.pngThe apartment we lived in before we moved to our current home was haunted. No doubt about it. It was a duplex and our friends lived on the other side. There were many times that I would be in the apartment and would get a weird feeling like I was being watched, and a few seconds later the temperature would drop and the back of my neck would tingle. This happened many many times.

One night the friends that lived on the other side of the duplex were over in our apartment and we were talking about the weird feelings that we got in the house. We started making fun of the ghost…talking about how it is probably a perverted ghost and how it was probably watching us in the shower and watching us have sex, etc.

My neighbor started making a sexual gesture with her tongue…as if she was licking the ghost…and all of the sudden all four of us opened our eyes wide. I asked everyone else if they felt something strange and they did. Again the temperature dropped and we all got cold chills. It felt like something cold went right through my body.

Anyways we all got scared and stopped talking about the ghost in our building and my friends went back to their side of the duplex for the night.

A few weeks later my neighbor was in her bathroom. She got the weird feeling again and when she tried to exit the bathroom the door would not open. She turned the handle and started pulling, but the door would not open. Next the shampoo bottles flew off of the shelf in the shower and landed in the tub. She got scared, yelled “Stop It!”, and the door opened.

I have always been a believer that there are entities that we can not see that are in our presence at all times. They live with and around us. Some are good and some are bad.

The good spirits look after us or just live with us peacefully. They are happy spirits and they have good intentions. The bad spirits are angry for some reason. They put off an evil aura and sometimes torment the living.

There are many people that believe that young children can see ghosts, angels, and spirits. The theory is that before a child is born, their spirit exists somewhere on the Other Side along with all of the ghosts and angels. When they are born they have the ability to see and interact with these spirits because they are still very close to the Other Side. As they get older they grow away from the Other Side and live fully in the Earth Realm.

People say that when you see a baby sitting on the floor staring at the ceiling, pointing, and laughing that they are interacting with a spirit. I’ve seen Ace do this many times. I thought it was a bit strange, but always pushed it off as him having an imagination.

In our living room we have a shelf with a bunch of pictures of all of our family members. Here lately when we are holding Ace he will stare at one specific picture out of all 20 pictures. He will smile, point, and sometimes laugh. This has happened on many occasions, and he always is drawn to this one specific picture.

This one specific picture is of my wife’s uncle. He died many years ago from cancer. He died when my wife was young. I never had a chance to meet him.

Why would Ace pick the one picture of the person that is not alive anymore? Is my wife’s uncle his guardian angel?

If the theory is true and babies can see ghosts and angels, has Ace seen my wife’s uncle? Is he watching over Ace and protecting him? I sure hope so…