Why Buy Toys?

I mean seriously.  Ace has a whole room full of toys.  Hell, you risk life and limb just to venture into the booby trapped maze of Fisher Price land mines!

With all the toys that Ace has, it never seems to amaze me the things that he plays with…

Favorite toy #1 is the toilet plunger!  How much more sanitary of a toy could he find?  If we leave the bathroom door open, it is a given that I will eventually trip over a tool designed to push a chunk of poo the size of a drain pipe!

Favorite toy #2 is the toilet brush…  If you find the poop pusher in the kitchen, you are likely to find the Porcelain God’s  loofah somewhere nearby.  Let’s just see how many places we can spread the fecal matter, shall we?

Favorite Toy #3 is the attachment for the vacuum.  But you know what’s funny..?  If I actually attach it to the vacuum and turn it on so that he will actually be doing some cleaning…he wants nothing to do with it.  😀

Favorite Toy #4 is the trash can lid.  If you take it off of the trash can, put it in the middle of the tile kitchen floor, stand on it until it is flat, and then jump off… it snaps back into shape with a loud POP.  Damned Rubbermaid…

And finally, Favorite Toys #5, 6, 7, 8, and 9…anything that is stacked in a neat pile, put away in a cabinet, on the counters, hanging from the Christmas tree, or otherwise purposely hidden from a two year olds view and/or reach…

What are your kids’ favorite “toys”?

Battery Overload

BatteriesIf we put all the batteries, in all of Ace’s toys together we could probably power a small town for a short period of time! 😀

Do they even make toys any more that do not make noise, flash lights, or dance?  What happened to playing with blocks?  How about Lincoln Logs?

Can a stuffed animal be just a stuffed animal?  Does it have to have a mouth that moves?  Does it have to do back flips or cartwheels?

Remember Tonka trucks?  I had a bunch or trucks and tractors when I was little.   Remember making the engine sounds with your mouth?  That is a skill that I feel will be lost in time.  Most toy trucks make their own noise…hell they even move on their own.

One good thing about having such realistic toys…if your kid has his own fire station like Ace does…

Ace's Firestation...and Ming Ming

Ace's Fire Station...and Ming Ming

…if our house ever catches on fire these 21st century toy fire trucks will probably turn themselves on, drive to the source of the flames, and extinguish the fire.  With Ming Ming’s help, “This is sewious!”, they will use team work.  And why is that a good thing?  Because “What’s going to work?  Team work!”  They will surround the fire, talk to each other over their mini CBs, and save the day!

That is if the batteries do not die…

The Newest Family Member

I should have made this announcement earlier, but wasn’t real sure if the newest family member was just a phase…or the real thing.  But it looks like Teddy is here to stay…

Teddy is the newest addition to our family.

Teddy is the newest addition to our family.

Ace made Teddy at Build-A-Bear, and I’m betting Ace would consider Teddy to be his best friend.  Ace goes no where without his newest companion!

Ace likes Teddy to be nekkid.  If you have ever been to Build-A-Bear you would know that once you build your bear, you have all sorts of options for clothing…underwear, pants, shoes, shirts, hats, and all sorts of other accessories.

When Momma tried putting clothes on Teddy at the Build-A-Bear store Ace went nuts!  So Teddy is nekkid.  Also, once when Ace had a bad diaper rash and refused to put a diaper back on after Momma took one off, she put a diaper on Teddy to try and convince Ace that even his best friend wears a diaper.  Ace wasn’t having it and cried until Momma took it off.  Teddy is not to be wearing a diaper!!! 😀

Teddy also gets most of Ace’s kisses.  Ace will give Teddy a big hug and kiss him on the nose.   It’s a crowd pleaser almost everywhere we go.  I’ll have to post a video.  It is just too cute.  😀

Teddy has only been around a few months, but Ace has put him through the ringer a time or two.  He has been dragged on almost every dirty surface known to man.  His nose is always saturated with saliva, and he has been puked on numerous times…including last night.

Teddy doesn’t complain.  He doesn’t cry.  He’s just happy to be sitting in Ace’s lap in the carseat or in Ace’s arms at night to go to sleep.

Welcome to our family Teddy!  It looks like you are going to be around for awhile!  😀

5 Things That Will Make You Go, Hmmm?

  1. Cheese puffs are good.  Cheese puffs are so good that Ace will eat them until there are none left.  So many, in fact, that his fingers are permanently discolored, and his digestive system shuts down.  I’m talking orange polka-dotted-poop here folks…
  2. The dog has bad breath…really bad breath.  Almost smells as bad as his silent but deadlies.  And he loooves to lick your face.  😐 So, we got him the dog food that is supposed to clean his teeth when he eats it.  It works.  Kinda.  However, Ace likes dog food.  He eats it.  All the time.  Do we still need to brush Ace’s teeth?  I mean, I wouldn’t want to over do it…ya know!
  3. Baby dolls are for girls.  Ace is a boy.  He likes baby dolls.  Not in the carry them around, feed them, burp them fashion.  More like the poke thier eyes out and lick their face while holding them down on the floor fashion.  Should I be concerned?
  4. We have digital cable.  The kind you can pause and rewind.  Ace likes to play with the remote.  A LOT!  Ace puts it on Slooooowww Moootiooon all the time.  Is he telling us that he thinks we are slow?  We can’t keep up? Is it really that obvious?
  5. Shiny, streak free windows are good…to lick, according to Ace.  Is this glass licking fetish an early sign of “kid in the back of the short bus licking the window” syndrome?  God, I hope not.

In Other News:

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T Minus 7 Days

Wow, how time flies! In 7 days Ace will be one year old! Can you believe it? I sure can’t!

I plan on writing a post to publish on his birthday that recaps his first year of life. Keep your eyes peeled for that one… 😀

In the meantime we Momma will be planning out all the details for his first birthday party. I think there are 30-40 people coming… This party requires much more planning than I am capable of. I’m just guessing, but I think ordering pizza and picking up a 12 pack from the drive-thru on the way would not fly on this special day. 😀

If things go well and I actually remember to bring my camera (which I usually forget) I should have some cool pics from the party for everyone to see.

We’ve already bought Ace’s birthday present. What do you buy a kid that has everything under the sun except for a wagon? You buy him a wagon, a race car, and a toy piggy bank of course. 😀


Everyone coming to the party asks what to get him. We’ve been telling everyone to by him clothes or give him money to help cover his portion of the bills for his savings account.

However, if any one I know through the blogosphere would like to get him something for his birthday you can get him a set of these…


or one of these…


Out of all the toys he has, he would much rather eat dog food, splash in the dog’s water bowl, or play in the toilet. Go figure… 😀