Whitey Tighteys!

So, it has finally started to happen.  Ace has been slowly starting to talk.  First it was a few simple words like “Hi” and “Bye”.  Then, he learned some animals: dog, cat, cow, sheep, bird.

But, tonight we were watching my favorite educational television show…Cops.  They sure do find America’s finest to show.  Other countries watching Cops probably think we are a bunch of toothless, wife beater wearing crack heads.  But that is OK…it is good entertainment…for adults.

So anyways, they show this old man who was fighting with his wife.  His wife called the cops and when the cops arrived the man was just wearing his underwear…whitey tighteys.

They call them whitey tighteys for a reason…they are supposed to be kinda tight.  But this guy had them a size too big and about ready to fall off.

It was funny, and Ace’s Uncle Mike (also known as Munch in Ace lingo) shouted out in laughter…”Whitey Tighteys!”

And here comes Ace marching through the room clapping and chanting…””Whitey Tighteys! “Whitey Tighteys!”  😀  It was hilarious!

I’m sure it is just a start to what Uncle Munch is going to teach Ace…and I have it coming.  Still to this day  Uncle Munch’s daughter, Olivia still broadcasts to the world (public places included) that she farted.  😀

Where on Earth would she learn to do something like that? 😀