Say Uncle!

Uncle.  A simple word.  Yet complex.

So what exactly is an uncle?  Here are a few qualifying criteria of an uncle…

  • Your mother’s brother
  • Your father’s brother
  • Your mother’s sister’s husband
  • Your father’s sister’s husband
  • Don’t make me break out all of the step, half, in-law, common-law combinations…we’d be here all night.

The point is that while we as adults easily understand what an Uncle is, it seems that the whole Uncle concept is confusing for two year olds…or at leat my two year old.

Ace has three uncles…Uncle Brandon, Uncle Mike (or sometimes referred to as Uncle Munch), and Uncle Charlie.

We have some family friends, that while not officially an Uncle, are around enough to have earned the glorified Uncle status.  These people would be…Uncle Jason,  Uncle Soichi, Uncle Shawn, and Uncle Bryan (with a Y not an I, like Bee-Ryan).

With all of these Uncles, it’s hard to believe that Ace has no real aunts…  (So if any of you single ladies out there are looking for a single Uncle…I got the hook up.  C’mon now for Ace’s sake…the poor boy is in Aunt-icipation)  😀

So, why was I surprised…  

Why was I surprised when he pointed at me said, “Uncle Daddy!”?