George Strait Brings Back Memories

This weekend was slam packed full of fun. We went down to Charleston, WV to see Sara Johns, Little Big Town, and George Strait in concert!

Not sure how many of you that read this site are country music fans, but have you heard George Strait’s new single? It is called “I Saw God Today”. Have a quick listen to the song…

I remember this feeling like it was yesterday. I remember when Ace was first born I just stood there in total amazement. I didn’t say a word. The nurses had to tell me it was OK to come over and touch Ace, say hi, and take his picture.

After everything settled down and I went outside for a breath of fresh air, I was like WOW!

The world seemed to be a better place…

Walk Like A Man Video!

Ace has loved to stand up since he was about 2 months old. He would rather be standing in my lap than sitting. His legs have always been very very strong!

At a young age he started standing while holding onto furniture. Shortly after that he began to walk around the furniture while holding on.

A few months ago he began to let go and stand without holding on. He would maybe take one or two very wobbly steps before falling down.

The past few weeks he has made some BIG progress. Two steps turned to three. Three steps to four, and four to five. He sometimes walks with his arms straight out and he doesn’t bend his knees. He looks like Frankenstein! We call him Baby Frank when he walks like this. 😀

I am so proud of the little guy! He acts like it is no big deal…

As promised in the previous post…a video of Ace taking a few wobbly steps! Enjoy…

Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath!

I while back I mentioned that I destroyed our bathroom. Well, the bathroom is kinda scary and cold now so we have been giving Ace a bath in the sink.

Check out this video that demonstrates why I seriously need to finish the bathroom!


Where’s Daddy At?

Ace is learning that he has a voice and likes to exercise his right to speak! While he has yet to say a “real” word, his favorite way to express his joy for Daddy is shown in the following video…


Is This What I Have To Look Forward To?

Check out this hilarious video of a Dad singing a song about bedtime for his kids. Is this really what I have to look forward to?