Riding In Style!

My wish list keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  😀

Back when Momma and I were picking out diaper bags and strollers I insisted that they not be too “girly” looking.  Admit it.  Most diaper bags and strollers are designed for moms.  I wanted something that was gender neutral.  No lace.  No fru-fru.  No bright colors.  I mean I would have to be seen in public using these things too.

Obviously I am not the only one who thinks this.  Why?  Because KidKustoms has come out with some awesome strollers specifically with Dad’s in mind.  Dads with style that is…  Check out “The Roddler”!


How sweet is this beaty!  They are totally customizable with options for built in LCD screens and IPod/IPhone docks.  You pick your colors.  You pick your fender style!  Look at the white wall tires!

This thing is definitely on my Wish List, however I think it will probably be there for a while…  The Roddler may be for Dads with style, but in reality it is for Dads with style…and money.  These awesome rides start at a whopping $2500 according to their website.

Oh well.  It’s OK to dream, right?  I mean, I have an imagination.  I’ll just pretend my hunker-junker…


…is one stream lined, baby strolling machine, as I dodge the bumps and cracks in my suburban neighborhood sidewalks. Vroom Vroom Baby!  😀

Walk Like A Man Video!

Ace has loved to stand up since he was about 2 months old. He would rather be standing in my lap than sitting. His legs have always been very very strong!

At a young age he started standing while holding onto furniture. Shortly after that he began to walk around the furniture while holding on.

A few months ago he began to let go and stand without holding on. He would maybe take one or two very wobbly steps before falling down.

The past few weeks he has made some BIG progress. Two steps turned to three. Three steps to four, and four to five. He sometimes walks with his arms straight out and he doesn’t bend his knees. He looks like Frankenstein! We call him Baby Frank when he walks like this. 😀

I am so proud of the little guy! He acts like it is no big deal…

As promised in the previous post…a video of Ace taking a few wobbly steps! Enjoy…

Blah Blah Blah

BoredomMan, things have been unusually boring around here.  No excitement.  No drama.  It’s nice!  Just Momma, Ace, and me living our sheltered little lives. 🙂

I guess that is a good thing.  It’s better than being bombarded with bad luck.

Well, there is one exciting thing in the child development forefront…Ace has started to stand on his own! 

After nine months he has gained the strength and balance to successfully stand in place on his own two feet.  Not for a very long period of time (about 10 seconds), but damn is it cool!  He acts like no big deal, but I get so excited and usually scare him to death (which makes him fall down). 😀

I guess he is close to being considered a toddler?  Momma will be sad.  Her little baby is growing up… 🙁

I say, keep it up little man!  In no time at all we will be hiking across the wilderness of our backyard on the hunt for those creepy crawly little bugs that we can capture in a mason jar.

Momma looooves bugs, so we will definitely have to bring them inside to show her how good of hunters we are!