If I Die From McDonald’s Rootbeer…

McDonalds CupI left the house at 4AM this morning to catch a 6AM flight to Baton Rouge, LA for work.  I arrived in Baton Rouge about 9:30.

I was hungry.  I skipped breakfast, so I stopped at McDonald’s and got a breakfast meal…somewhere around 9:45 AM.  I usually get orange juice with my McDonald’s breakfast, but since I had a two hour drive ahead of me I got a root-beer.  The root-beer is bigger and would last longer.

Anyways, I was driving down the highway enjoying my breakfast and root-beer on the way to the place I was working.  Over the course of the two hour drive I finished the root-beer.  It was flat and tasted a bit funny, but I was thirsty so I drank it anyways!

I finished my job and hit the road at about 2:00 PM.  I was thirsty again, so I stopped at a gas station to get a drink.  When I picked up the McDonald’s cup out of the cup holder, I shook it to see if it was empty.  To my surprise I heard…


Why was the cup thumping when I shook it?  It had been sitting in the 80 degree car for over four hours.  All the ice should have been melted, right?

I opened the lid of the cup to see what the hell was going on.  What I saw made my stomach wrench!

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories about finding fingertips, mice, and other strange objects in fast food.  What I saw was not as bad as a fingertip or dead mouse, but it still grossed me out!

I saw a soggy chicken nugget!

Somehow a chicken nugget found it’s way into my root-beer…and I drank the whole thing without noticing…

The chicken nugget was just lying there at the bottom of my cup.  All of the breading had become soggy and broke off.  Pieces of the breading were covering the inside of the cup.  I probably sucked up most of the breading through my straw when I was drinking it though…

The thought of a chicken nugget being in my drink doesn’t gross me out.  Added protein, right? 😀

What grosses me out is that it was 9:45 in the morning.  They were still serving breakfast… Chicken nuggets shouldn’t have even been out and about yet.  So where did this chicken nugget come from? 

Did someone find it on the floor from the previous night and put it in my cup?  Ya know, after the mice, flies, and bugs got through nibbling and shitting on it?

Was it an uncooked chicken nugget that someone put in my drink?  Can you say salmonella..!

So, if I die from drinking McDonald’s root-beer I want all of the Mom and Dad bloggers out there to unite and form a group.  The group will be named P.A.C.I.F.I.E.R.

Chicken Nuggets
Icy Drinks,

Take McDonald’s to court.  Sue them.  Give some money to Momma and Ace to make sure they will be taken care of for the rest of their lives, and donate the rest to charity.

Can I count on all of ya to follow through with this?

I’ve got other things to think about right now…like keeping my dinner down. 😐

McDonald’s cup photo by SoloXis

Working Dad

As most of you know, I am a working Dad.  Sometimes I work more than I would like, but it is necessary to support my family.  Here lately working has consumed most of my life.  I think I worked over 70 hours last week, rode on 6 different airplanes, stayed in two different hotels, and stepped foot in Ohio, Colorado, Georgia, and Alabama.

Right now I am sitting in the airport waiting to go on my way back down to Alabama.  I usually do not work weekends, but I volunteered to work the next two weekends. (Who can pass up double and triple time?!)  I do get Christmas day off though, which is good.

So if you don’t see many posts from me over the next few weeks you can bet that I am either rolling in the money that I am making or passed out from exhaustion.

Instead of boring all of you with my ramblings about work, I’ll point you to some of the cool sites and posts that I have discovered this week.

The Stay At Home Dad
The Working Dad over at the Hossman Family Blog recently quits his job to be a Stay At Home Dad, and shares his thoughts and considerations leading up to the decision.

This is a new magazine that states, “We are the only men’s magazine geared toward fathers; a magazine for guys who work hard, play hard, and father hard!“.  Check ’em out!

This Dad was featured on TheFatherLife.com in the Dad Blog Spotlight.  After reading the excerpt from his post about getting a vasectomy…I knew this guy was getting a spot in my feed reader.  🙂

SupDad is a social community for parents. “a place for dads…and moms to talk about what’s important…the kids!”  I just started a profile, but after having a look around it looks like a pretty cool place!  If you happen to join add me as a friend!

Money Matters

A while back I wrote a post explaining how Momma was going to be quiting her job and staying home with Ace during the day. Momma has not worked for a few weeks now, Ace is not going to day care anymore, and we have figured out one very important thing…we can’t afford it!

We could do it if we really wanted to, but things would be tight…really tight! It all comes down to making sure that one simple formula is true…

Income > Expenses

I’m a mathematical kind of guy, ya know, the kind of guy that draws up a spreadsheet to calculate everything. After a few spreadsheet calculations I discovered that if we stuck to an extremely strict budget, had absolutely no surprise expenses, and never did anything fun, we would have like $20 left every month. Not going to work…

So Momma has to go back to work part time. Her income will cover some expenses and all fun activities. My income will cover the bills.

She put in a few applications at some of the local clothing stores nearby where we live. She got a job in no time, and will be working evenings. This is what she wanted and it will work perfectly for us. The money she will be making comes no where close to what she was making before, but since she will be home during the day, Ace does not have to go to daycare and I will be there with him in the evenings while Momma is working.

Our plan is for Momma to work part time until baby number two is born. Hopefully we can get a few bills paid off and get into a better financial situation so that Momma can truly be a stay at home Mom in the near future… Wish us luck!

Two Incomes To One – Making The Change

Well, Momma put in her two week notice at work the other day.  We have both worked since we met almost 10 years ago.  With the birth of our son Ace, Momma has decided to convert to a Stay-At-Home-Mom.

It makes sense.  She wants to be there during the day for Ace instead of taking him to daycare.  Plus daycare costs us an arm and a leg.  It costs us $220 for four days per week.  That is $880 dollars per month.

While Momma makes quite a bit more than this every month it is kind of silly for her to go to work for, essentially, $880 less per month.

This is going to call for some major spending habit changes.  No more eating out.  More cooking at home.  Less going to the movies.  And I’m going to have to consolidate some debt to get our payments down to an affordable level.

Momma is thinking about taking on a part time job in the evening a couple days a week,  after I get home from work. The money she earns will probably be our “fun money”.

It is going to be tight.  Going from two incomes to one is a drastic change.  I’ve figured it up and it will be possible as long as we stick to our budget…which in the past we have not been good at doing.

I’m hoping that since we are doing this for Ace, that we will stick to our budget and everything will work out OK.

It’s funny how having a baby changes your outlook on life.  It’s not about making money and having nice things anymore.  It’s about being a happy family and raising a happy little boy.

Has anyone else out there went from two incomes to one to be a stay-at-home-parent?  If so do you have any tips for me and other readers that are considering making the change?