Two Incomes To One – Making The Change

Well, Momma put in her two week notice at work the other day.  We have both worked since we met almost 10 years ago.  With the birth of our son Ace, Momma has decided to convert to a Stay-At-Home-Mom.

It makes sense.  She wants to be there during the day for Ace instead of taking him to daycare.  Plus daycare costs us an arm and a leg.  It costs us $220 for four days per week.  That is $880 dollars per month.

While Momma makes quite a bit more than this every month it is kind of silly for her to go to work for, essentially, $880 less per month.

This is going to call for some major spending habit changes.  No more eating out.  More cooking at home.  Less going to the movies.  And I’m going to have to consolidate some debt to get our payments down to an affordable level.

Momma is thinking about taking on a part time job in the evening a couple days a week,  after I get home from work. The money she earns will probably be our “fun money”.

It is going to be tight.  Going from two incomes to one is a drastic change.  I’ve figured it up and it will be possible as long as we stick to our budget…which in the past we have not been good at doing.

I’m hoping that since we are doing this for Ace, that we will stick to our budget and everything will work out OK.

It’s funny how having a baby changes your outlook on life.  It’s not about making money and having nice things anymore.  It’s about being a happy family and raising a happy little boy.

Has anyone else out there went from two incomes to one to be a stay-at-home-parent?  If so do you have any tips for me and other readers that are considering making the change?


  1. Tot's Mom says:

    Been there, done that. From a career woman to a full-time mom. In the beginning, it is difficult ‘coz of the adjustment phase. But hang in there. After a while, I’m sure Momma wouldn’t even want to go back to work. That was my experience. Now, my son is 2, and I’m still torn between going back to work and taking care of him ‘coz I do need to struggle with my emotions should I have to dump him in childcare. So, for the moment a full-time mom I remain.

  2. Jared says:

    I’m sure she won’t want to go back to work either. Being a stay at home Mom has got to feel more rewarding than working for someone else. But then again I’ve talked with Moms that say they look forward to just having a conversation with an adult because the only people they talk to during the day is their kids. Thanks for the motivation. I’m sure we’ll need it. 😉

  3. Good Luck with it.

    This is one of the areas I’m not looking forward to dealing with, how we would possibly tackle the childcare/working issue.

    Rope Granny in I say !

  4. Craig D. says:

    I agree – it’s idiotic for one parent to work simply so that they can afford to pay for child-care so they can work, to afford child care. (Not meant as a slam for the bazillions of folks who have no other choice!)

    We have worked out our schedules so that our daughter has at least one parent around at all times. I work 10 hour shifts M-TH and my wife works Fridays, alternate weekends and evenings.

    We’re poor. We’re exhuasted. We’re parents!

  5. Jared says:

    LOL, we’ve tried that. We’ve begged and pleaded grandma to quit her job and watch him. We even offered to pay her, but we can’t pay her what she makes at her job. Oh well. It was worth a try…

  6. Jared says:

    I feel you. I think my wife is going to pick up a part time job a couple nights per week and maybe on Saturday. This should be just enough to take most of the stress off. I’m sure we’ll still be broke. Seems no matter how much money we make, we always find a way to spend it! 😀

  7. George says:

    Man, that’s tough. I don’t we can do it on one income. Luckily my mom isn’t too old and is retired. She’ll be our daycare for free.

  8. Linda says:

    I am 54 years old with a 23 and 26 year old son. When they were pre-school, I arranged my work schedule for two Saturdays a month and two weeknights a month. I also worked at home and had childcare a few mornings a week.

    My entire goal was: No regrets! And I have none. My family is very close, the kids are doing well, and I was there.

    Congrats on your decision. Consider keeping track closely of *everything* you spend for four weeks to see what you really spend. Then you’ll have a better idea of what you can cut.

  9. Jared says:

    George: Grandmas are lifesavers. I know Ace’s Grandmas love to watch him whenever they can, but I try not to over do it. I don’t want to wear out our welcome.

    Linda: Thanks for the advice! My wife isn’t real sure what she wants to do yet. She may babysit our niece, she may work part time at night and on Saturday, she might go back to full time work. She’s not real sure. I just want her to be happy with whatever she decides. 🙂

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