51 Dad Blogs

If you read many parenting related blogs you will know that the majority are written by Moms. I wanted to showcase some of the Dads out there that write blogs about parenting. These are in no specific order. Happy reading…

  1. The Busy Dad Blog
  2. Joeprah
  3. XBox4NappyRash
  4. D Is For Dad
  5. Raising Eli
  6. Dorky Dad
  7. Man And His Baby
  8. Doodaddy
  9. Be A Good Dad
  10. From Here To Paternity
  11. Building Camelot
  12. House Dad Chronicles
  13. Stay At Home Dad
  14. Just For Families
  15. Father Blogger
  16. The View From Here
  17. Mitch McDad’s World
  18. Dad Labs
  19. Rebel Dad
  20. Working Dad
  21. Looney Tune Dad’s Blog
  22. Dad2Twins
  23. Meta-Dad
  24. First Time Dad
  25. On Being A Dad
  26. The Male Perspective
  27. 40 Weeks
  28. Being A Good Father
  29. Modern Day Dad
  30. DevDad
  31. Holy Crap, I’m Pregnant!
  32. Heir Apparent
  33. Hey, Look What I Can Do
  34. Daddy and Daughter Blog
  35. Third Time Dad
  36. Step Dadding
  37. Where’s The Instructions?
  38. Tales Of A Newbie Dad
  39. Because I’m Your Father
  40. Adventure Dad
  41. Poop And Boogies
  42. Dad Talk
  43. My Grimm Reality
  44. Clare’s Dad
  45. Fresh Dad
  46. Patient King
  47. Dear Dr. Moz
  48. Daddee Yah!
  49. Cubicle Dad
  50. Papa Don’t Teach
  51. A Man Among Mommies


  1. BusyDad says:

    Holy moly… I guess I didn’t do my due diligence when I started this thing! I was like “oh! a dad blog! what a novel concept!” Well, more stuff for the reading list! thanks Jared (and thanks for including me!)

  2. terancedubya says:

    Ditto Jared. Thanks for the add onto your list! My nights will now be longer than ever.

  3. Genie King says:

    Wow It’s nice to know that there are so many Dad Blogs out there…mostly all I see are Mom Blogs! :):) Thanks for taking the trouble to find us! 🙂

  4. Chuck says:

    Nice list Jared! Thanks for including us.

  5. Bernard says:

    Definitely appreciate the nod. I guess I have a ton of new blogs to read and add to my bloglist. Dad’s need to stick together.

  6. John says:

    Alright, I’m #10! I’m know these are listed in no particular order, but still.
    Thanks for the recognition; it’s much appreciated.

  7. Toy Zone says:

    Hey I am a Dad and write at my blog – does that count. Great list! Really opened my eyes to the dads out there!

  8. I feel obliged to point out again…(you’re doing this on purpose aren’t you 😉 ) but I’m not actually a dad.

    My bits and pieces are being eroded to nothing in an attempt to become one, but not yet.

    I’m chuffed to have been included though. thanks.

  9. Bernard says:

    Stone Him! Stone Him! (just kidding)

  10. Jared says:

    @Everyone: You are very welcome for the link! I’ve noticed “groups” of dad blogs. It seems that there are a few groups of Dad Blogs that link to each other within the group, but the groups don’t really link to each other. I wrote this post to get these groups to see some of the other Dad blogs out there and interlink into one big community.

    @XBox: While not officially yet a Dad…you have shown interest in being one. Good enough for my standards. 😉

  11. JLow says:

    Looks like I am a little late in realising that you have linked to me! Still learning the blogging tools around & not knowing who is linking to me, yet!

    Thanks for this!

    A Daddee blogging from Malaysia

  12. Bill says:

    Wow, great list. It’s very impressive. It’s great to see so many dads out there getting into this because parental blogging does seem to be a mom-dominated area. The guy’s perspective isn’t always heard quite as clearly, so this is great.

    I write a couple of dad blogs myself, http://blog.almostadad.com and http://www.insidefatherhood.com.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  13. Darren says:

    Thanks for including me.

    There are some here that I haven’t seen before. I guess you’re right that we hang in groups…I didn’t realize that though. It would be great if someone could put together some master list of all the Dad blogs we can find.

  14. Jared says:

    I’m not going to add any more blogs to this post because then it would not be “51 Dad Blogs” anymore, but if you want to do a link exchange please send me an email and I will be happy to link back to you!

  15. Bernard says:

    I will take the list and put it a special dad blog page. The more the better. I think what you have done here is a class act. Dad’s should be proud of their blogs. Great work and thanks for making me #5 😉

  16. Jenny says:

    I should show this to my hubby. Maybe it’ll inspire him to start blogging.

  17. […] while back I wrote a post titled 51 Dad Blogs which simply listed links to 51 different Dad bloggers.  I was new to the Dad Blog scene and was […]

  18. Stefan says:

    Thanks for the compilation. Here’s another: http://dadtoday.blogspot.com

  19. […] 51 Dad Blogs :: 51 Dad Blogs is, well…a list of 51 blogs authored by dads. While this list is not a living list – meaning there are no new additions, you will notice a few of the blogs highlighted here are on the list. If you have a dad blog that is not listed, send an email to Jared to let him know about your blog and be sure to check his out as well as there is some great information. […]

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  22. […] men out there looking to become better fathers and husbands. This list was partially inspired by a post over at DadThing. Jared lists many great dad blogs and I tried not to duplicate too many of his links. However, some […]

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  24. […] (184 at last count) and this is the best directory that I’ve seen. You might also check out DadThing’s list, as well as BuildingCamelot’s […]

  25. BuckDaddy says:

    Great list I will have to check these out

  26. Eric Dickey says:

    I am so glad I came across this site. One of the posts I wrote not too long ago was “Where are all the Dad bloggers?”

    If you’re still accepting, please add me to your list.

  27. I was just telling my wife the world is run by mom bloggers and I’d love to get in with some like minded dudes. If I could get on this list, that’d be great.

  28. Ninja waits in the shadows, needing no recognition but craving it nonetheless.

  29. Her’s number 52 for the list.
    The Straight Dope Dad

    Kind of more philosophical and essay oriented than a blow by blow of my day.I’m a stay at home, self employed dad.

    Thanks for even making the list in the first place.Lists are kind of tedious to make.

  30. Dad says:

    Please check out my blog about cycling obsessed fatherhood. I’ve just started so should be more up there soon!

  31. Steve says:

    Would love to be added to the list. I’m new to this whole fatherhood / expecting dad thing so I could use all the advice and manly camaraderie I can get lol. Anticipating Dad (http://www.anticipatingdad.com) is the site and it’s been a great trip so far.. Love the list I found it on G looking for other D-sites to see who else is nuts like me 🙂


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