RSS Overdose

My RSS Feed Reader has grown to a monstrous size.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with every single post from every blog that I like.

So I have recruited some help…

Ace On Laptop


  1. jen says:

    Hell need an office desk and chair

  2. maybe I sign that I’m not quite ready to be a parent, but I SO wanna grab the laptop and check it for drool n’stuff and make sure it’s alright!

  3. Stephen says:

    I feel the same way! Except I don’t want the little one drooling in the laptop or slamming it shut. 🙂

  4. Dan says:

    Does he accept outsourcing from clients other than family?

  5. Jared says:

    Jen: Your right… the floor is probably not an ergonomic friendly place. 🙂

    XBox: You get used to the drool. Drool is nothing compared to pee, poop, throw up, etc. Hope I didn’t scare ya! 😀

    Stephen: His favorite button to push is F1. The kid is addicted to getting help! 😀

    Dan: He does, but he is very very pricey! He insists on having his own room and me waiting on him hand and foot! 😀

  6. Jeremy says:

    Starting him out early – does he blog too?:)

  7. tanya25m says:

    Such a sweetheart! Reminds me of my daughter.. she started fiddling around with my computer at around the same age.

  8. nah… they wouldn’t do any of that stuff near MY stuff, would they?

    Jared, would they ?…

  9. Man, I’m having trouble coming up with my post for tomorrow. Can I borrow him? 😉

  10. Jared says:

    Jeremy: He has writtten one blog post. 😀

    Tanya: Yup. It’s hard for me to do anything with the laptop. He immediately runs over and starts pressing buttons.

    XBox: Your stuff? You have stuff after you have kids? Shoot, I’m doing something wrong then… 🙂

    SarcasticMom: Any time!

  11. Joe says:

    Great technique. I will have to try and utilize this, but most of my comments will turn out like:

    dsakjfiu sdlkjf8e98989kkkkkkkkkkkk

    I am not sure how folks will take that, but hey, its a comment right? I just finally finished updating my feed reader, holy crap its a long list.

  12. ris says:

    aww he’s so cute! i have a similar photo og my little girl taking over my laptop too 🙂 i think these kids really are taking after their parents.

    btw, bloghopping via entrecard! 🙂

  13. BuzzeeDad says:

    hmmm from looking at his expression, I think he ventured off your RSS reader…

  14. Johnny says:

    He sure is working the tongue as much as he is working the keyboard.. LOL

  15. Jared says:

    Joe: Now you know why my comments never make any sense! 😀

    ris: Thanks for visiting! It’s getting to the point now that I can’t use the computer unless Ace is asleep. He won’t leave it alone… 😀

    BuzzeeDad: Ah Ha! That’s where those obscene websites in my History came from…oh, wait. Nevermind… 😀

    Johnny: Yup he is a tongue master! I’m surprised it hasn;t dried up and fell off for as much as he has it hanging out of his mouth. 😀

  16. ris says:

    haha.. that’s precisely why my blog title is Nappy Time! 🙂

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