Babysitter Phone Tag?

Not any more! There is a new service on the web called WillUSit that automates this process for you.


Many parents have a list of babysitters they can trust. When you have plans for Saturday night do you go down this list and call every person on your list to find an available sitter?

WillUSit makes this job less time consuming.

Here’s a quick excerpt from their website:

Calling a long list of sitters and leaving messages, waiting for call backs, finding more sitters to call, etc. For those times when you really need a sitter you can expand your search to include you friends list of sitters. You can search for sitters based on several profile criteria including rate, age, experience, location, etc.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You create an account on
  2. You add all of your sitters’ names and contact info.
  3. When you need a sitter you do a search and a list of sitters meeting your requirements is shown.
  4. You select which sitters you would like WillUSit to contact and press “GO”
  5. WillUSit will call (or email or text message) every sitter with the time and date they will be needed. WillUSit goes down your list until a sitter is found and then connects the both of you via phone (or email) to make arrangements.

I think this could be a very valuable resource for someone with multiple baby sitters that they trust to watch their children, but not a bunch of spare time to call each and every sitter to be told “No” by the first ten they call.

My description does not do it justice. Please go to and watch the flash animation on the home page to see exactly how it works.

Sign up and test it out for FREE!

Cute As or Cuter?

Grandma and Grandpa S took Ace, Momma, and I to a Blue Jackets hockey game last night. It was Ace’s first time to any large event. He seemed to have a good time.

Momma was walking around the stadium with Ace in arms going to see the live animal display… (I have no idea why they had live animals at a hockey game???)… when a drunken lady came up and said…

“Your boy should be on the cover of a baby magazine! He is cute as shit!”

Now maybe I am little biased here because he is my son, but I don’t think he is just cute AS shit…he wins the cuteness competition hands down. Take a look and tell me if I am wrong…

poopPoop (actually clay) picture By misocrazy

You decide… 😀

Riding In Style!

My wish list keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  😀

Back when Momma and I were picking out diaper bags and strollers I insisted that they not be too “girly” looking.  Admit it.  Most diaper bags and strollers are designed for moms.  I wanted something that was gender neutral.  No lace.  No fru-fru.  No bright colors.  I mean I would have to be seen in public using these things too.

Obviously I am not the only one who thinks this.  Why?  Because KidKustoms has come out with some awesome strollers specifically with Dad’s in mind.  Dads with style that is…  Check out “The Roddler”!


How sweet is this beaty!  They are totally customizable with options for built in LCD screens and IPod/IPhone docks.  You pick your colors.  You pick your fender style!  Look at the white wall tires!

This thing is definitely on my Wish List, however I think it will probably be there for a while…  The Roddler may be for Dads with style, but in reality it is for Dads with style…and money.  These awesome rides start at a whopping $2500 according to their website.

Oh well.  It’s OK to dream, right?  I mean, I have an imagination.  I’ll just pretend my hunker-junker…


…is one stream lined, baby strolling machine, as I dodge the bumps and cracks in my suburban neighborhood sidewalks. Vroom Vroom Baby!  😀

Get Out Of The Street!

As I was driving down the street on my way home from work I see Ace sitting in the middle of the front yard in his pajamas.  “What the hell?”, I say to myself.  Did he sneak out the front door when Momma was checking the mail?

Nope.  I know better.  Momma would never let that happen.  Momma was in the front yard to talking to the neighbor lady.  The neighbors daughter was playing with Ace in the front yard.

It was pretty cool!  Ace was loving it!  He found a two foot long stick and was whacking everything in sight with it.  We have one of those political signs in our front yard and Ace would run and tackle it.  He was having so much fun not being restricted by the walls of our house. 😀

The neighbors go home and it’s Momma, Ace, and me in the front yard.  Now he seems to be obsessed with the street!  I sit him down in the yard up by the house and he runs for the street…every time!

What is so enticing about the street?  I mean, it is just a big slab of boring pavement with cars zooming up and down…

Even at one year old I need to tell him to get out of the street.  I didn’t think that day would come for at least a few more years.

PB & J Overdose

Here’s a quick video for your entertainment needs…


Also, I wanted to give a quick thanks to for listing in their directory! You’ve probably already heard about it from one of the other dad bloggers, (I’m behind the ball as usual) but just in case you haven’t…check out their cool new Dads section.