Get Out Of The Street!

As I was driving down the street on my way home from work I see Ace sitting in the middle of the front yard in his pajamas.  “What the hell?”, I say to myself.  Did he sneak out the front door when Momma was checking the mail?

Nope.  I know better.  Momma would never let that happen.  Momma was in the front yard to talking to the neighbor lady.  The neighbors daughter was playing with Ace in the front yard.

It was pretty cool!  Ace was loving it!  He found a two foot long stick and was whacking everything in sight with it.  We have one of those political signs in our front yard and Ace would run and tackle it.  He was having so much fun not being restricted by the walls of our house. 😀

The neighbors go home and it’s Momma, Ace, and me in the front yard.  Now he seems to be obsessed with the street!  I sit him down in the yard up by the house and he runs for the street…every time!

What is so enticing about the street?  I mean, it is just a big slab of boring pavement with cars zooming up and down…

Even at one year old I need to tell him to get out of the street.  I didn’t think that day would come for at least a few more years.


  1. Honeybell says:

    That’s so sweet. Welcome to your new phrase! You’ll be repeating it until Ace is old enough to drive.

  2. Chuck says:

    The street is the path to the unknown, man! Welcome to the next phase of the adventurous spirit.

  3. Ashley says:

    Oh boy. I’m sure glad we live on a tiny side street. lol

  4. Jeremy Neal says:

    Oh man, wait until he knows what it means not to go into the street, and he walks right up to the edge and puts his toe on it and yells, “No, no!” We have a sidewalk in front of our house, and my son Ty walks up-and-down pointing at the street saying, “Danejous. No, no.” The problem is that when I reward him by saying, “That’s right, we play in the grass.” Somehow, he thinks I said, “Go ahead and run in the street now.” Some things you can’t win for trying. -Jeremy @ Discovering Dad

  5. Jon D says:

    It’s a new frontier, albeit a paved one. What an adventure.

  6. Jared says:

    Honeybell: I’ll probably still be repeating it then. 😀

    Chuck: Oh great. More adventure…just what I needed. 😀

    Ashley: Yeah me too. I couldn’t imagine if it was a traffic heavy road. The kid would be leashed to the tree. 😀

    XBox: Too fast! Too fast!

    Jeremy: Haha! Do they make shock collars and invisible fences for kids? Just kidding. 😀

    Jon: Why can’t he be adventerous in the back yard where there are not cars driving? I suppose grass and trees are not as exciting as roaring engines and spinning tires. 😀 Oh well. The fun begins…

  7. At 3 is when that whole stay out of the street thing started to take hold. He still forgets here and there, but he no longer makes a break for the street.

    Doing a little blog hopping while bouncing the baby.

  8. aren’t we all drawn to what we know is not good for us?

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