Lions, Tigers, and Bears!

The rain stayed away and we were able to go to the zoo! Thank goodness the weatherman is wrong 99.9% of the time!

Instead of boring you with my rambling on and on about the fun times we had, I’ll illustrate our fun time with a boat load of pictures…

Ace Riding In His Wagon On His Way Into The Columbus Zoo
Ace cruising in his wagon on the way into the Zoo.

Elephants At The Columbus Zoo
The elephants showing their best sides. 😀

Momma and Ace Riding On The Train
Momma and Ace enjoying a train ride!

A Cool Dragon Statue
Not real sure what this is, but it looked cool! 😆

Ace Giving Momma Some Lovin on the Carousel
Ace giving his Momma some lovin’

Ace Wondering Around The Playground
Ace at the playground…”What to play on next?”

Mexican Wolf at the Columbus Zoo
A Mexican Wolf

Ace Drinking His Bottle
The zoo sure does work up a big thirst!

A Crocodile at the Columbus Zoo
Crocodiles are just soooo cooool!

Dad and Ace At The Petting Zoo
Dad and Ace petting a mini goat, “Don’t pull on his ears!”

Ace With A Big Smile and a Bottle
What’s in that bottle?

Bison and some Horned Animal at the Columbus Zoo
A Bison and some kind of horned animals

Momma and Ace At The Petting Zoo
Momma chasing Ace through the petting zoo

A Bobcat Sleeping At The Columbus Zoo
This Bobcat is catching some rays.

Ace Showing Off His Tongue
That tongue again!

Flamingos at the Columbus Zoo
Pink flamingos!

Ace Posing For The Camera
Cheesin’ it up for the camera!

A Monkey at the Columbus Zoo
The zoo must not be as fun for the monkeys…

Ace Sleeping on Dad’s Shoulder
All tuckered out.. 😀

Ace Sleeping In His Wagon
The ride back to the car… Zzzzzzz


There will be more pictures coming soon! Sunday we are going to COSI and the camera is going to get another workout! Don’t miss it!


  1. Great series.

    The final one is just fantastic.

  2. JenW says:

    Looks like he had a great time. He’s so adorable and that last photo of him crashed out in the wagon is priceless!

  3. Dad of Divas says:

    I love the pictures! What Zoo is this? I love taking my kids to Zoos and my eldest loves learning new things about the animals that are there! Thanks for sharing!

    Look forward to reading more!

  4. Anna says:

    Loved the pictures! I think the ride back to the car is my favorite. You really wore that little guy out.

  5. RubiaLala says:

    I love the face plant in the wagon at the end.

  6. Ed (zoesdad) says:

    Thanks man, now I don’t have to download my pictures I just took in almost the exact same spots on our trip to the zoo today. I already know what they’ll look like.

  7. Momma says:

    Saturday was such an awesome day, I can’t wait to go back!!! I love spending the day with my boys!

  8. Kim says:

    What a great bunch of pictures and that last picture really captures how much fun he had!!

  9. Oh my! I agree the ride to the car is the best!

  10. JLow says:

    That last picture is the b… Hey! Everyone else has said it!


  11. BusyDad says:

    Man! That is absolutely the BEST picture I have ever seen to illustrate the term “Zonked The F Out.”

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