It’s Lock Down Time!

Ace and I were outside enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having lately.  He was playing in his sandbox, on his swing-set, kickin’ his ball…ya know all the fun outside stuff a kid does.

I, on the other hand was cleaning up the crap that had somehow managed to blow from everyone else’s yard into ours over the past few Winter months.  I then started to pull some of the weeds that had taken over our flower beds.

This whole time Ace was happy playing in the very back of the yard which is completely fenced in.  Soon he ventured up toward the house and was playing on the deck.  I was working near the deck and could see Ace in plain site.

I turned around to gather up some crap out of the yard.  When I turned back around, less than 30 seconds later…Ace was not in sight.

I stood up and could not see the little booger head anywhere…

Ya see he has had this fetish for the driveway lately…the only un-fenced section of the yard.  He wants to exit the back yard and venture into the wilderness of the driveway and front yard.

I got up and ran to the driveway hoping to see Ace toddling not to far from me, but he was not in sight.  “Shit!  Where did he go!”  I ran out front…looked left….looked right…nothing.

I ran back to the back yard and made sure I did not somehow miss him if he was hiding behind the pool, or hiding behind the slide of the swingset.  Nothing…the kid was GONE!

My vocabulary at the moment had been reduced to…”Shit! F#&%! Shit! F#$@!”

I ran back out front again to have another look.  I went around to the other side of the house…looked up and down the street…nothing.  My chest felt heavy, yet my heart was racing.

“Momma is going to kill me!”  (My vocabulary suddenly gained 6 words.)

I ran out back to look one more time…and there he is…coming out of the damn shed all happy and giddy.  Looking up at the birds in the trees out back…just happy to be outside.

It’s no wonder I’m losing my hair and turning Grey at a rapid rate!  😀

Guess what I did the very next weekend…

There will be no escaping on Daddy's watch!

There will be no escaping on Daddy's watch!

I built a gate!  There will be no escaping on Daddy’s watch!  😀


  1. smartfather says:

    Oh man I’ve been there and I know exactly how you felt. It’s a such a gut wrenching feeling. I’m glad to hear he was OK. Sometimes a leash doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.:) I kid.

  2. goonerjamie says:

    Lost my 2 year old at the zoo last month, 6 minutes of sheer torture, still have not told his mum.

  3. honeybell says:

    How long did it take for your heart to start beating again?

    I am incredibly impressed by your gate building skills! I don’t think I could scale it!

  4. Momo Fali says:

    You built that?! I’m way impressed. We’re still missing a section of fence from the wind storm in September. What time will you be here?

  5. I stumble onto this site by chance and I can only envy you. We have limited land in Singapore and none-of us can build a gate like that. A house sitting with such gate would be out of most of our reach.

    I had 3 boys, and I can fully understand how you feel. They have been lost before and the same language sprout from my mouth 😛

    • Jared says:

      Hi Sangapore Florist! Thanks for visiting and commenting! And to think that my yard is small…I grew up in the country where my yard in the city would be tiny. Guess I should not comlain too much… 😀

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