No More Being Behind Bars

A few weeks ago we bought Ace his very first “Big Boy Bed”.

Since then we have been trying to get used to being woken up by a two year old who has woken up, destroyed the whole entire upstairs, soiled his diaper, and then decides it’s time to tell Mom and Dad it’s time to get up.

He still doesn’t talk all that well, so he resorts to physical attempts at waking us up.  Which would you prefer?

  1. Having a toddler waller himself up into your bed and plop down on the blankets between you and your significant other successfully strangling the breath out of the both of you until you can wake up enough to figure out what the hell is going on and sit up…
  2. Being woken up by a 30 lb toddler stepping on your nads first thing in the morning.  (Now that is a wake up call.)
  3. Being hit in the face by a toy truck as it gets thrown on your bed…because it’s play time didn’t you know?  😀
  4. Having a 30 lb toddler sit on your face…dirty diaper and all.

There have been a few night where Ace has woken up in the middle of the night because he has fell out of bed, had a bad dream, or for whatever reason he is crying.  We’ll give him a cup, put him in our bed and he’ll fall back a sleep for a few hours until the sun comes up.

Last night Ace came into our room at 3 AM wanting a drink.  I got him a drink and put him in our bed.  I fell back a sleep and when I woke up in the morning Ace was not in our bed.

Oh shit…I rolled Momma over to make sure she was not lying on him, then I imagined him falling down the stars last night, being abducted by aliens, packing a bag and heading to Vegas…where the hell was he?

I looked on the floor, in the hallway, in his play room, and finally found him curled up sound asleep with his blanket on his own bed.

I guess he is tool cool to sleep in Mom and Dad’s bed now since he is a “Big Boy”.  What next, I gotta drop him off down the street from the park, so that the other kids do not see me?


  1. Gamma gamma says:

    You are too funny, the poor boy probably couldn’t sleep for all the noise from you snoring and Momma talking in her sleep. He’s no dummy it’s got to be better in his room even if he falls on the floor once or twice:)

    • Jared says:

      You got that right…he is no dummy. Maybe I could sleep better if I could sleep in a different bed than myself…. 😀

  2. Rob O. says:

    Our little guy is just a bit over 3 now and we’re bracing ourselves for the transition out of the crib and into a “real” bed. He’s very quickly outgrowing the length of the crib and is technically very capable of (altho he hasn’t) climbing out.

    My biggest fear though is that he simply won’t stay in there when it’s bedtime. He’s down for the count once he goes to sleep, but he very often spends 30 minutes or so singing, talking, & otherwise playing before he nods off. So I worry that he’ll be up & about during those first few minutes and that’ll just delay bedtime more & more.

    We’ve been consider a nifty loft-style bed at Ikea called Kura that seems like something that would suit my son perfectly ‘cuz he’s about 2/3 monkey anyway and loves to climb. But is this a good bed to transition to from a crib?
    .-= Rob O.´s last blog ..Living On the Edge =-.

    • Jared says:

      If you get that bed, make sure to put it on the lowest level. Ace fell out of bed every night for the first week or so. I would hate to hear about Liam falling out of that bed at the highest level…
      .-= Jared´s last blog ..Daddy Is A Dum Dum =-.

      • Rob O. says:

        In the end, we decided to go with a standard twin-sized bed instead of the loft bed.

        And even with that, he rolled off a couple of times in the first night, so I ran out and bought a couple of those swimming pool foam noodle toys and we slipped one under each side of the mattress pad & sheet to form a soft bumper. Seems to be working well so far…
        .-= Rob O.´s last blog ..Food For Thought =-.

  3. Jessica says:

    This story had me LOL….ways your toddler wakes you up in the morning. I’ve had many of those very same wake up calls from my son. He’s 5 now and only barely sleeping well on his own through the night without crawling into our bed. Thank goodness! I just found out that some folks put a baby gate in their child’s doorway so they can yell for you in the morning but not go wandering around the house…i’ve never tried it but just so ya know.