I have found that part of being a Dad is learning to accept the fact that you will sacrifice some things…

Just a few examples…

  • walking around the house naked
  • having dirty magazines/movies in the house
  • sleeping in to nurse your hang over
  • drinking enough to get a hang over
  • steaming up the car windows in the back seat of the car (unless you are extremely flexible…and/or short…and can maneuver around the car seats, which I am neither)

… you know… all the things that most young, child-less guys do.  😀

Today, however I had to sacrifice something that I won’t be able to do again.  I missed out on something that I will never be able to see again.  The first glimpse of this…

Ultrasound Picture At 21 Weeks

Ultrasound Picture At 21 Weeks

I had to go out of town for work and couldn’t make the appointment.  🙁

We are planning on doing another 3D Ultrasound, and I will not miss that one.  I will take off the whole week if that’s what it takes to guarantee me being there.  😀

The doctor said there is a 95% chance we are having a girl.  Time to start thinking of names, desensitizing myself to pink and purple, buying a shotgun, and memorizing the chorus to this song…. 🙂

[youtube jjO9kX4npVY]


  1. Dennis P says:

    I wish we had gotten a 3D ultrasound. We never did, and I heard they are really cool. You are right on about the shotgun to protect your girl though. I have a daughter and she’s four. I’ve already let all the boys in her pre-k class know that I’m not afraid to go back to prison! LOL, I’ve never really been to prison, but they don’t need to know that. My question for you is, if you’re married and already have a child, how did you find time to make another one?

  2. Momma says:

    Finding the time to make another one wasn’t the problem…getting it to stick was! Regardless of whether or not you have children, your spouse should always come first and that requires making time for one another. See, we were taught in pre-marital counseling that at the end of the day your spouse will always be there; it’s the kids who grow up and move away. You have to keep your relationship just as strong in the middle as you did in the beginning. It’s an effort some days and others it just happens. Trust me, we don’t have a good bedtime routine that we can count on giving us hours of alone time in the evening; what we do have is an awesome extended family that allows for date nights! These help a lot….and usually they are overnight visits with a grandma to give us time to ourselves. It is amazing what a Saturday night with no kids feels like…just me and Jared hanging out. Sometimes we do nothing sometimes we go out to dinner and sometimes I just miss Ace when he’s gone. But it’s our time together and we make it count!

    We also have a rule: no one sleeps in our bed but us! Okay so yes when Ace is sick we’ve cuddled him but once he’s asleep it’s back to his room. This has defined our space…and with kids space is a good thing sometimes!

  3. Tanya says:

    Hehe.. That first point was one of the earliest life-style-changing observations my husband made before our lil one came along.. 🙂

  4. Dadigo says:

    I didn’t go to one dr.s appt with my wife and of course that is when the dr. told her something may be wrong. Everything turned out alright but I definitely learned my lesson. GO TO EVERY APPT! We never did the 3D thing either but it looks pretty cool!