Daa eee!

So as you all know, I shaved my head…and I have kept it shaved…and like it.  It is actually much easier to maintain and much more comfortable than having a head full of hair.  Anyways…

I was surprised that Ace didn’t really seem to notice though.  He did not look at me funny.  He did not want to touch the cue ball.  He acted like he didn’t even notice.  Maybe he is just like any other guy and doesn’t pay attention to details like when someone cuts or colors their hair.  I’ve been known to not notice Momma’s hair cuts before…maybe Ace just gets it honest??

Not a big deal.  Actually I’m glad he didn’t seem to notice.   I was afraid it would freak him out and he wouldn’t know who I was and run away from the bald guy!  😐

 However, we recently found out that he did notice.  He was watching TV with his Grandpa S. the other day when a Mr. Clean commercial came on.  Ace pointed at the TV and said “Daa eee” (Daddy in Ace lingo). 

"Daa eee!"

Maybe it was our other similarities (other than the shiny melon) that made Ace think that Mr. Clean was “Daa eee”…bulging muscles, tan skin, white eye-brows, and good looks?  😆  It’s a good theory…

A couple days later Momma and Grandma S. took Ace to the mall.  They were strolling along and Ace pointed at an older man with a shaved head and said “Daa eee!”  This guy was nothing like me or Mr Clean.  No bulging muscles, he was as pale as as a ghost, and definitely not a looker.  😆

Well, we can throw my previous theory out the window….

So now pretty much any man with a shaved head is “Daa eee!” 

Man, I hate competition… 😆

The More Hair I Lose, The More Head I Get

I’ve posted here a few times about my hair…or lack thereof!  

I finally bit the bullet and shaved it all off.  I’m talking totally gone…shaved with a razor.

Here was my before pic: 

Shaved Head - Before - Front View

Shaved Head - Before - Front View


Shaved Head - Before - Side View

Shaved Head - Before - Side View


and here is the after: 

Shaved Head - After - Front View

Shaved Head - After - Front View


Shaved Head - After - Side View

Shaved Head - After - Side View


What do you think?  Keep shaving it?  Or let it grow back?  Let me know what you think in the comments below…

Stylin’ The Do

Well, Ace is one year old. He has a full years worth of hair growth. It’s long in some places and short in others. It hangs over his ears and he has the makings of one cool-ass rat tail. 😀

So, we decided to have it cut for the first time. Here is a before shot…

Before Shot #3

So how should we get it cut? What would he like? Should we buzz it off so he looks like me? (which is impossible because he already has more hair than I do) Should we get him a tight fade? How about a flat top? Or should we let it grow into a rock-star like hair-do?

I went to http://ecarddesignanimation.com and made some virtual hair styles for the little guy…take a look at what I mangled up…

(Ignore the “FOR GOLD MEMBERSHIP” text. You gotta pay $20 or something to get rid of that crap, so you all will have to live with it, aight?)

Here is the pic I started with…


and here are a couple of the looks that I created for the little guy?

2008-03-13_152415 2008-03-13_152507

How about a little longer?


And how about some shades and facial hair?

2008-03-13_152756 2008-03-13_152901

Which one is your favorite?

After some in depth considerations we decided to go with this look…nice and simple.

Admiring his new hair-do.

We took Ace to a place called Cookie Cutters. This place was awesome. There was a small play area for kids to play in before getting their hair cut right next to where the parents sit.

The chairs that the kids sit in are even cool. Ace sat in a tractor. There were also chairs that looked like horses, trucks, airplanes, and boats! At each chair there was a TV. The kids can pick from a library of their favorite cartoons, or for the older kinds they can play their favorite Play Station game while getting a trim.

I think I might go there to get my hair cut next time (yes they cut Dad’s hair too) to get some uninterrupted Grand Theft Auto playing time. 😀

Anyways, Ace loved the tractor. He immediately grabbed the steering wheel and was “Hoggin’ up the road in his P-P-P-P-Plower” (For all you country music fans out there.)

All was good until the clippers got close to his ears. Then you would have thought that something jumped up and grabbed him by his danglies!

Momma had to hold him for a while while the stylist kept on cutting. I grabbed a bottle of bubbles and blew bubbles at a higher rate than a professional bubble blowing machine…to no avail.

Then Ace reached for me, so I held him while the hair cut lady kept on cuttin’. Drawing his attention to the TV stopped the screaming for a few minutes, but it didn’t last long enough.

Finally, the torture was over and he came out with a brand spankin’ new hair cut. After cleaning up a few tears with a Kleenex and wiping a years worth of Ace hair off of my coat’s shoulder…we were done.

Of course Ace got a fancy certificate and a locket of his hair for keepsake purposes. Hopefully next time there will be a little less screaming and a bit more laughing! We might have to mess around with my hair clippers at home for some practice before our next visit. 😀

Krusty Hair? No Way!

If hair was a commodity I would be a millionaire…unless it had to be on my head. 🙂

Jared With No Hair


I’ve had this little voice in my head for quite some time now urging me to buzz all of my hair off. A few days ago I worked up the courage and did it.

I think part of the reason I gave myself a haircut is because my hair is virtually non-existent on the crown of my head, and is quickly thinning on the top. No matter how I cut or combed my hair I felt it was looking completely ridiculous. It’s hell getting old!

All of this has happened in the past five years or so. If my hair keeps falling out at the current rate I will look like this in 3 or 4 years…

Krusty The Clown

So the only solution that I could come up with, other than hair plugs or a comb over, is the clippers.