January 2009: A Month In Review

Whew….2009 is 1/12 th over already, didn’t it just begin?

January was a good month for me.  We got a lot done and had some real fun with friends and family, most of which I did not have time to put on DadThing.

But the things that did make it on DadThing were pretty spectacular in my opinion…

We had our pictures taken before Christmas and I was able to post some of the digitals online for you all to see.  Which one was your favorite?  I really liked the ones where Ace was feeding the coy… 😀

And since we are talking about fish, we finally got Ace’s fish tank up and running.  I have been practing the Bert and Ernie fish call and am waiting for spring to really try it out on some fish in the wild.   The fish in our tank gotta do what I say…I feed them sometimes.  😀

And The Ball Pit Experiment…so it has been about 15 days.  45 more to go.  What do you think we’ll find in there?  To be honest, I haven’t even peeked.  Will we be in shock from what we find, or relieved when we find nothing?  😀

And I shared my thoughts about how I might have to sleep for now on.  Thanks to everyone for their support!

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    Again, thanks to everyone who participated here at DadThing.com!

    September 2008 – A Month In Review

    September 2008.

    The beginning of the month marked the start of another baby making journey, and a milestone in our healing process.   After having a miscarriage in August we were cleared for take off.  Hopefully this time we will stay airborne.

    September 1st also marked the one year birthday of DadThing.com.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been writing here for a whole year, but even harder to believe how many friends I have made online. 😀  Thank you all!

    I had a slip of sanity and shaved my head…which resulted in the worst case of razor bumps on record!  Don’t worry…they healed and I am now bump free. ;D

    Ace and his cousin Olivia got to experience their first Fly-In and Demolition Derby!  And I learned that it is important to find a seat before the event starts when you have two small children! Otherwise they will require you to hold them on your shoulders or in your arms for the entirety of the event.  (or until you give up and go home) 😀

    Momma had a birthday.  I remember when I turned 28.  She told me how old I was.  Now that she is 28 I told her how old she was, but it didn’t work.  She replied, “I’ll never be old.  You will always be the old one.”  Life is not fair.  😆

    Ace got to have a heapin’ helpin’ of apples….has conquered the bottle addiction…and has claimed Mr Clean as his “Daa eee!”

    Of course I can not forget about the Wordless Wednesday pictures of Olivia by the airplane propeller and Ace at food level.  😀

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    1. TipDad – TipDad provides very useful tips about being a Dad.  Check out his article about Eating Out With Kids to help make it a fun experience for all parties involved.
    2. 21st Century Dad – Where Dad can do everything Mom can do, except for breastfeeding. 😀
    3. BabyParenting @ About.com – Huge resource about Babies and Toddlers. You have to read Stephanie’s blog for some good baby and toddler information!
    4. FrugalDad – Hmmm.  This site looks an awful lot like TipDad.com Could it be the same Dad is full of useful tips, frugal, and sends bookoo traffic to DadThing?  Wouldn’t that be cool!
    5. Building Camelot – Tyler shares his stories about being a good Dad and husband!  If you haven’t seen it already, you gotta check out his 101 Awesome Sites For Men, Husbands, and Fathers

    Who Makes This Possible:

    Again, I must thank everyone who comments on my posts.  I know I haven’t been as good at replying to your comments lately, but I still read and enjoy every single one!   Below is the list of people who commented on DadThing listed in descending order based upon the number of comments left this month.

    Again, thank you to everyone who has participated at DadThing!  If you haven’t already, be sure to Subscribe!  You wouldn’t want to miss out on what is coming in the month of October, would you? ;D

    May 2008 – A Month In Review

    May has come and gone! It was one busy month for Ace, Momma, and I!

    I started the month by looking back and reminiscing about my younger years and early memories.

    Then I got all excited about a free lawn mower that I found on Craigslist…but the mower had no mowing deck. So, Ace and I used it to do laps around the yard!

    Momma went to the doctor and found out she has a thyroid problem which is keeping her from ovulating, which in turn keeps us from having baby #2. She vents some of her feelings about our situation in a few posts.

    We plan for our big vacation to Iowa, and realize that the cost of gas might just make us cry the whole way there!

    About mid-month Ace comes down with another ear infection, but this time I take him to the doctor instead of Momma. What the doctor found wrong with Ace was an earful!

    We also buy season passes to the Zoo and COSI! I documented our extremely enjoyable trips to both places with some sweet pictures!

    Top Referrers:

    Link love has to be the best form of flattery for any blogger! Again I have listed the top 5 bloggers that send traffic my way (ignoring search engines and other non-blog sites). Thanks to everyone that links to DadThing!

    1. Frugal Dad – Frugal Dad is the top referrer yet again! Go on over to FrugalDad.com and learn about ways to stretch that dollar!
    2. Building Camelot – Building Camelot jumps to number two this month! Tyler shares his thoughts on becoming a better father and husband at Building Camelot. Be sure to sign up for his contest before June 7th…you could win $50 bucks!
    3. BusyDadBlog – One of my favorite Dad bloggers! A definite must read!
    4. Blogtations – This is a very cool blog that lists some of the best quotes from the blogosphere! They featured one of my quotes in May…
    5. Mommy Daddy Blog – A couple of new parents to a 1 month old, but they blog like they have been doing it for years! (I actually got the idea to do an in depth monthly review from their site)

    Who Makes This Possible:

    Getting to hear other people’s reactions and similar stories about my adventures as a Dad is what fuels the fire of DadThing! So without further ado, I want to give out special thanks to everyone that commented on DadThing.com during the month of May…sorted by number of comments…


    I am sure that June will be even more fun filled than May was!  The weather is getting warmer, Ace is playing outside more, and this all leads to some great blogging material!

    April 2008 – A Month In Review

    April was a  busy month! 

    With the weather getting nice we could finally take Ace outside to play.  He digs the outdoors, probably more than me!  Of course, as Ace learns to do new things, I learn new things as well…like performing the Poop-endectomy!

    While traveling down to Louisiana for work, one of my favorite drinks was infested with fowl!  Luckily I survived to tell of the experience, and also remembered to thank Katy at AdventuresInParenting for the wonderful award she so generously gave me!

    Momma walked in the March For Babies!  Her goal was to raise $125 and she did it!  Special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa S, Amber, Angela, Kim, and Greg for the donations!

    Uncle Brandon came up one weekend and we worked all day long putting in new plumbing, a bathtub, and hanging drywall!  The bathroom is on it’s way to being finished (finally)…and Ace is grateful that he no longer has to take a shower with me. 😀

    I posted three awesome pictures for Wordless Wednesday!

    And last, but not least, my niece Olivia told me where my arm hair comes from. 😀

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    I would also like to showcase the top 5 bloggers who link to DadThing.com and send some mad traffic.

    1. Frugal Dad – An awesome blog written by a Dad that is helping us all get control of our finances.  With the help from Frugal Dad you will be able to eliminate your debt, abolish credit cards, and actually save for your child’s future!  And all of this advice is coming from a real life Dad…just like you and me!
    2. Busy Dad Blog– Hang on and join BusyDad and his son Fury for a ride you’ll never forget!  This dynamic duo never ceases to amaze me with their adventures!
    3. Sarcastic Mom – This mom is one of my favorite reads, because she has it all!  From funny, to serious…from poetic, to down right rude…this mom is exactly as advertised…Sarcastic! (And an awesome photographer 😉 )
    4. Dorky Dad – Parenting with a dorky twist!  How can you not read a blog filled with flow charts, pie charts, and cool diagrams illustrating the humorous aspects of being a parent!
    5. Mommy Daddy Blog– Up until recently their blog has been about getting ready to be a parent…that is until April 26th when they gave birth to their son Jayden.  Go check out the cute baby pictures when you get a chance!

    Who Makes This Possible:

    If no one ever commented on my posts I would have quit this blog a long time ago!  So without further ado, I wanted to give out special thanks to everyone that commented on DadThing.com during the month of April…sorted by number of comments

    Thanks again to everyone who reads, comments, and links to DadThing.com!  It wouldn’t be possible without all of you!  I have a feeling May is going to be a fun month! 😀