Now Ya See Me, Now Ya See Me With Only One Eye

Ace is rough.  He does not play nice…sometimes.  He does not think twice about smacking the shit out of you, or kicking you in the nads when you are holding him, or pulling your hair (if you have any), or….poking your eye out!

You heard me right…poking your eye out!

Momma and Ace were playing on the floor and Momma took a fingernail to the eyeball.  She said it hurt like hell, but we both kinda hoped that it would be better in the morning.

Actually it got worse.  I came home from work at lunch to find Momma with an eye that was nearly swollen shut and bloodshot like she had been in one hell of a bar fight the night before.

I drove her and the eye poking two year old to the eye doctor where Momma was given some eye drops and told to keep her eyes closed as much as possible.

She spent the rest of the day resting lying on the couch with gauze taped to her orbit.

But while it is easy to get upset with Ace when he gets rough like this, you just can’t stay that way very long.

I mean, how can you feel anything negative at a face like this?

Cute Face

A Weekend Of Backflips

Today we were at the ballpark watching one of our friends daughters play softball.  Ace and I went to the playground.  😀

Of course, Ace is not quite big enough for the playground.  He can’t climb up to get on the slide, and he is not tall enough to jump on the swing set.  So, Daddy gets to play too.

Ace was swinging…Dad was pushing…Ace’s hands keep getting lower and lower on the chain.  He was eventually holding on to just the rings on the swing’s seat and not actually the chain.

He was getting wobbly and I was afraid we would end up in the emergency room.  So, I stopped the swing…raised his hands back up on the chain…made sure he had a good grip…and gave a slight push.

What’s Ace do?  He lets go!

It couldn’t be at the lowest point of the swinging arc.  No no no!  It had to be at the very tippity top.  Right where the swing stops moving forward and start coming back down.

So what happens?  Gravity.  That’s what happened!

Ace fell a few feet and landed on his back in the gravel under the swing set.  Of course I’m the only Dad at the playground, so all I heard were a bunch of Moms gasping for air…like that was going to stop him from hitting the ground so hard.  😀

It knocked the wind outta the little guy, but we walked back over to where Momma was and a sucker made everything hunky dory!  😀

And if you thought that was bad…

We were in the backyard playing.  Actually, I was working and Ace was playing.  I see Ace climb up the ladder on the swingset to go down the slide. He has only mastered this feat in the past few weeks and is extremely proud of himself for being able to slide by himself.

When I see him get to the top I usually give him a big smile and a “Yey!”  Positive reinforcement, right?

So I give him a big smile.  He smiles back.

Then I see is his eyes get big…

I see him falling backwards… (of course all of this is in slow motion) 😀

His feet are above his head…

He’s coming full circle…a full backflip…

Only about a foot from the ground now…

…and SMACK!  His face hits the ladder.

My eyes shut as I see his face bounce off of the piece of steel.

I open my eyes, try to remain calm, and briskly walk his way…

I can hear Ace crying…

Damn this is a long 20 foot walk…

Screw being calm…I’m running…

I find Ace lying face first in the grass…

I pictured black eyes, blood, a broken nose, and a trip to the ER.

I picked him up…roled him over…his face looked OK (for a screaming, slobbering 2 year old)…his arms appeared to be attached and in one piece…by God we may have come out of this one unscathed…but we go inside for a Momma inspection just in case.  😀

Luckily all he had was a nice sized Goose Egg right between the eyes!  No trip to the ER, no black eyes the next day, no blood, no broken bones…just a bit of swelling, a bit of crying, and a Dad whom you would have thought just saw his kid fall off of the Empire State Building .  😀

And people wonder where the gray in my beard comes from…  😀

What Happens At Grandma’s House…

Looks like Ace has moved up in the world.  No longer does he need to wait for me to pull out the ole’ junky John Deere to cruise around the yard.  He just goes to his Grandma H’s house and rides his very own…

Ace's John Deere

And he looks like a pro…

Ace Cruising On His John Deere Mower

If only he could figure out how to push the pedal to make it go.  Bending over pushing the pedal with your hand while making laps around the yard will reek havoc on your back…so we found an old walking cane. 

Not for me to be able to walk afterwords, but to be able to reach the pedal while standing somewhat upright.  😀

When we got tired of mowing, we moved on to ole’ faithful…playing with rocks.

These Are Some Big Rocks

What is so amazing about rocks?  Anyone?  I wish I knew.

And when rocks are not fun anymore…making a mess is.  Especially when that mess includes an old sandbox full of rain water that the dog has been bathing in and drinking out of for the past week…water, dirt, dog hair, dog spit, grass clippings, and one wet Ace…


So what happens at Grandma’s house doesn’t necessarily stay at Grandma’s house…when Dad has a camera.  😀

Free Enfamil and Enfamil Coupons

Free Enfamil

We got a few of these free Enfamil samples in the mail, and since Ace does not drink formula anymore, I figured I would offer them here for free.

I have one sample can of Enfamil Lipil and one sample can of Enfamil Next Step Lipil.  They both have never been opened and expire in 2010.

I also have three coupons that expire June 30, 2009.  I am offering these for free as well:

  • $5 Off Enfamil Next Step
  • $4 Off Enfamil Next Step
  • $5 Off Enfamil Lipil

Leave a comment stating which items you could use, and I will mail them out as soon as possible.

Enjoying The Sunshine

So, yeah…it’s been a while.   I lost my password to the site…or something. 😀

No really, we have just been super busy gettin’ ready for summer, and most recently enjoyin’ the summer like weather here in Ohio.

Since it has been a while since you all have seen a pic of Ace, I figured I would upload a few pics of him outside enjoying the sunshine…

Bike Riding Is Fun

Bike Riding Is Fun

Getting So Big!

Getting So Big!

Yet, Still My Little Guy...

Yet, Still My Little Guy...

PS:  Ace is all healed up from his surgery, and back to having more energy than Dad.  😀   I took a before picture of his outie…  If I can get him to hold still for two seconds, I’ll get a pic of his new and improved belly button and post a before and after.  😀 

Stay tuned…I’m going to get my old blogging shoes out of the closet and dust them off.  😀

Lions, Tigers, and Bears!

The rain stayed away and we were able to go to the zoo! Thank goodness the weatherman is wrong 99.9% of the time!

Instead of boring you with my rambling on and on about the fun times we had, I’ll illustrate our fun time with a boat load of pictures…

Ace Riding In His Wagon On His Way Into The Columbus Zoo
Ace cruising in his wagon on the way into the Zoo.

Elephants At The Columbus Zoo
The elephants showing their best sides. 😀

Momma and Ace Riding On The Train
Momma and Ace enjoying a train ride!

A Cool Dragon Statue
Not real sure what this is, but it looked cool! 😆

Ace Giving Momma Some Lovin on the Carousel
Ace giving his Momma some lovin’

Ace Wondering Around The Playground
Ace at the playground…”What to play on next?”

Mexican Wolf at the Columbus Zoo
A Mexican Wolf

Ace Drinking His Bottle
The zoo sure does work up a big thirst!

A Crocodile at the Columbus Zoo
Crocodiles are just soooo cooool!

Dad and Ace At The Petting Zoo
Dad and Ace petting a mini goat, “Don’t pull on his ears!”

Ace With A Big Smile and a Bottle
What’s in that bottle?

Bison and some Horned Animal at the Columbus Zoo
A Bison and some kind of horned animals

Momma and Ace At The Petting Zoo
Momma chasing Ace through the petting zoo

A Bobcat Sleeping At The Columbus Zoo
This Bobcat is catching some rays.

Ace Showing Off His Tongue
That tongue again!

Flamingos at the Columbus Zoo
Pink flamingos!

Ace Posing For The Camera
Cheesin’ it up for the camera!

A Monkey at the Columbus Zoo
The zoo must not be as fun for the monkeys…

Ace Sleeping on Dad’s Shoulder
All tuckered out.. 😀

Ace Sleeping In His Wagon
The ride back to the car… Zzzzzzz


There will be more pictures coming soon! Sunday we are going to COSI and the camera is going to get another workout! Don’t miss it!