Top 50 Dad Blogs – DadThing Is One Of Them!

I started DadThing back in Sept 2007.  Ace was 6 months old then.  A little over a year has gone by and I am amazed every day at some of the stories and experiences I read from other Mom and Dad bloggers.  From the serious, to the funny, to the “What the hell was that supposed to be about?” posts.

That’s the beauty of blogging.  There are no rules.  You never know what to expect when you see a post waiting for you in your feed reader.

I have recently learned that OnTeensToday.comvoted one of the 50 Best Dad Blogs! Something, I did not expect… 😀

Best Dad Blog

If you have not heard of On Teens Today, I highly suggest that you check it out!

On Teens Today is a blog created by Vanessa Van Petten, an author, entrepreneur and life trainer for teens who has dedicated her life to helping parents and teenagers mend their relationships.

On Teens Today is very unique!  It is a parenting blog written from the kids perspective.  I know we, as parents, were all kids at one time, but that was a loooong time ago.  😀  The world has changed.  Things are different.  And our children experience things that we never had to deal with.

On Teens Today tells the story from the kids view.  There are 8 teen writers that discuss everything from divorce, to drugs, to the holidays, to sex.  They tell it like it is.

On Teens Today, in my opinion, is a fresh idea and something that every parent should read.  These kids spill their guts about how they see life.  I know I have always wanted to know what Ace thinks of the world around him…and I’m sure if an 18 month old could write a blog post that On Teens Today would value his opinion.  😀

So quit reading what this old fogey has to say and check out On Teens Today for a younger point of view.