Early Memories

We all have what I call our “early memories”. The ones from our early childhood that we will never forget.  What are some of mine?

  • Climbing a fence because a snake chased me up there.  I yelled for my Mom until she came out of the house and chopped the snake up with a shovel!  She saved my life!  She was my hero!
  • My parents owned a junk-yard when I was very little.  I remember watching my Dad working on cars all day every day.  I wanted to do my part, so I would go around to some of the cars and take off the valve stem caps (ya know the little black caps where you put air in your tires).  Then I would have to put them all back on different cars. (A 2-3 yr old’s form of customization) 😀
  • Sitting on my Dad’s lap while he operated the crane at the junk yard.  I faintly remember watching the wrecking ball come crashing down and crushing the cars.  I have always liked demolition… 😀
  • Riding in a race car.  My Dad used to build and drive race cars.  I remember riding around the track during warm up laps with his friend. (Of course he didn’t fly around the track at full speed, but to a 2 or 3 year old it was an unforgettable experience!)
  • Riding in my Dad’s “Stinky Truck”.  My Dad was a big hunter/trapper.  And along with the hunting and trapping came all sorts of stinky things.  Dead animals, blood, guts, urine, feces, and bait.  His “stinky truck”  was rank!  I will never forget the smell of that thing.
  • Seeing my brother fall into the 8 ft end of the pool underneath the solar cover.  Neither of us could swim yet, so I was scared to jump in after him.  I could just see him sitting there at the bottom of the pool not knowing what to do.  My grandma came running up and she couldn’t swim either.  We both just sat there helplessly as my brother slowly floated back to the top and my grandma could pull him out.  Luckily he was OK…just a little cold. 😀

Thinking about things like this make me wonder what Ace’s “early memories” will be?  Will having me catch him inches from the floor be one?   How about the scary car wash?  Maybe his first birthday party?

Who knows if he will remember any of that stuff, but I know I will!  I’ll just keep on doing my best to provide him with fun experiences that hopefully someday will be included in his list of “early memories”. 😀

What were your “early memories”?


  1. kspin says:

    I distinctly remember following my older sisters across the street, not looking and coming within a few inches of a cars front bumper. Scared me to death! I must of been 3? maybe 4? My mom freaked out and now I can’t imagine witnessing something like that. Yikes!

    Great post!

  2. I remember waking up in a soiled bed, my chubby limbs clammy from sweat. I lifted my 3 foot tall body out of bed and looked at my braced covered mouth in the mirror.

    Oh wait, that was this morning…

  3. Chuck says:

    Damn it, laughing at xbox’s comment…. ok, composing self.

    I can remember being 3 or 4 and standing underneath a leaky eaves trough letting the water run over me. It became even more fun when my mom handed me a bar of soap.

    Nice post Jared.

  4. JLow says:

    Chinese New Year, I don’t know which year; not sure if I could even count yet.

    My family was in my grandparents’. My 3 years younger cousin (sister) and I were seated on the floor facing each other, banging the tops of some cookie tin-cans like drums, between our legs, making all sorts of noise.

    We were laughing, having fun. I remember looking at her laughing, her face changed, and went EEEEeeeewwwww looking at my crotch.

    There was a tear in my shorts / crotch. My wrinkly scrotum had greeted her.

  5. I remember my second birthday party. There were paper firemen on my cake, and a fold-out paper firetruck beside it. What I don’t remember is that the streets were flooded that day, and my grandparents had to come to my party in a rowboat. They saw an eel.

    ~Bill, not Jill

  6. Jared says:

    @kspin: Whew! That had to be scary! I saw a kid get hit by a car and it was not pretty. All I remember is his shoes flying through the air in slow motion after they were knocked off of his feet!

    @XBox: Dude, you are a riot! 😀

    @Chuck: Sweet…an outdoor shower! Your Mom sounds pretty cool too! Many of memories from when I was little older had to with the rain…or mud caused by the rain…or breaking out in hives because I went swimming in a cow manure infested body of water (shit pond as us country folk call it) after it had rained. 😀

    @JLow: Haha! Nothing like flashing your goods to your younger cousin! You probably scarred her for life! 😀 Funny stuff!

    @Bill, Not Jill: No way! That is some dedication there! Bringing a row boat to a party? Wow! I for sure thought you were going to say that the paper firemen and firetruck caught on fire from the candles and you had to call the real firemen and firetruck to come put it out…but the row boat and eel story was better. 😀

  7. One of my earliest memories is of one of my older cousins taking something out of my hand. I also have a memory of projectile vomitting grape koolaid. Nice, huh? This is my first time here. Nice blog!

  8. I remember not liking my sister when she arrived.

    My reign as the king was over! Not even 2 years old and ousted from the throne!

  9. MileHiDad says:

    Nice Blog! I am adding you to my Blogroll if that’s OK. 10-4?

    A childhood memory I have is hiking the Mesa Trail just west of Boulder CO with my Dad from start to finish 7 rolling miles. During the trek, looking up and seeing the 3rd (most famous) Flatiron towering above and seeing how huge, steep and smooth it was; then looking down and seeing our house and my backyard. Pretty cool experience as a kid!

  10. Jason says:

    I have absolutely no memories of life before the fourth grade, which is highly unusual. I think it may have resulted from a major surgery. I think I lost some memories. My twin brother remembers everything.

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