Happy Blogiversary!

I was so busy recovering from vacation, that I totally forgot to celebrate my blogiversary!  That’s right, DadThing is now two years old!

In celebration, I will list some of my favorite posts from the past two years:

And I will also list the blogs that have sent the most traffic my way.  You have to check them all out…they are the best of the best!


30dayAnd if you are not tired of clicking liks yet, please click on over to Dad Of Divas and sign up for his 30 Days To Better Parenting series!

Like A Tank

Back in October 2007 I bought a new truck…a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4×4. 

It was big and roomy.  It could haul the whole family and a load of firewood at the same time.  It was as good on the highway as it was in the mud.  It could gently pull in the driveway to keep from waking Ace, or it could let ‘er rip and pull a stump out of Grandpa’s yard.

Most importantly, it was safe.  One of the main reasons we decided on this truck was to protect Ace in the case of an accident.  I’m not the only dad that thinks this way either.  Check out BusyDad’s Dada Truck.

Unfortunately I was involved in an accident not too long ago (Thank goodness Ace was not riding with me).  I am not going to go into details about how it happened, because everything is not settled yet, but I will say that there was an accident.  There was damage to the front end of the other car, which happened to be a Honda Civic,  and the rear end of my truck.

I did not get a picture of the other vehicle, but I found a picture online that looks very similar to the Civic that I was involved in an accident with.

Wrecked Honda Civic

WOW!  Right?  The damage was extensive!  I would guess that it was totalled.

So what did the Dodge look like?

Dodge Ram Rear End Damage

That is an actual picture of my truck.  Would you guess that it was in the same accident as the Civic?  Me neither.

While I am sad that my truck was damaged in this accident, I am happy that it performed so well. 

People laugh at me all the time about how much gas I go through, about how big my truck is, about how uncomfortable it must be to drive it long distances…but it’s all worth it to me.  I walked away unscathed.   Anyone else who could have been inside would have too.  What else can you ask for?

Happy 2nd Birthday Ace!

Two years ago today Ace made his first appearance in this world.  It’s amazing how fast time flies…can it really be two years already?

Momma is sad that her little baby…is not so much of a baby anymore.  I am excited that my little boy is becoming…well, a little boy.  😀

So, what has happened in Ace’s 2nd year?  A whole lot…

Ace has figured out that the world extends much farther than the walls of our home.  The boy loves to be outside, at the park, riding on the mowerswimming in the pool, swinging on the swingset, or at the zoo

He no longer fits in the kitchen sink for bath time, so we had to actually finish installing the bath tub in our upstairs bathroom.  He has some foam letters that float in the bath tub, and at only two years old, he can tell you what every single letter is…both upper and lower case.   (He’s a genius)  😀

Ace spent his summer going new places and doing new things.  Remember going to COSI, doing the chicken dance on the field at Cooper Stadium, going to Iowa for vacation, and swimming at the beach?  We had a blast last summer…

Not everything last year was cheerful and happy though.  We had to put down our family dog, Buddy.  And after trying for 11 months, we got pregnant, and then mis-carried.  Ace was young enough that he wasn’t really affected though, which is a good thing.   

Last fall Ace drank his last bottle, went to his first fly-in and demo derby, went to Circle-S-Farms, and dressed up like a Vampire for trick-or-treat.

Winter time brought on Wildlights at the Zoo, an amazing Christmas, a new fish tank, and locking Momma out of the house.  😀

So what will next year bring?  So far we have a two week vacation planned at the end of summer, which I’m sure will provide some good blog fodder.  Other than that I’m sure there will be some more mower riding, swimming, playing, and hopefully….some potty training!  😀

Ace’s birthday party is planned for this weekend, and I know of at least one present he is getting that will get some exposure time here on DadThing.  Stay tuned to hear all about his newest big boy toy!  😀

Top 50 Dad Blogs – DadThing Is One Of Them!

I started DadThing back in Sept 2007.  Ace was 6 months old then.  A little over a year has gone by and I am amazed every day at some of the stories and experiences I read from other Mom and Dad bloggers.  From the serious, to the funny, to the “What the hell was that supposed to be about?” posts.

That’s the beauty of blogging.  There are no rules.  You never know what to expect when you see a post waiting for you in your feed reader.

I have recently learned that OnTeensToday.comvoted DadThing.com one of the 50 Best Dad Blogs! Something, I did not expect… 😀

Best Dad Blog

If you have not heard of On Teens Today, I highly suggest that you check it out!

On Teens Today is a blog created by Vanessa Van Petten, an author, entrepreneur and life trainer for teens who has dedicated her life to helping parents and teenagers mend their relationships.

On Teens Today is very unique!  It is a parenting blog written from the kids perspective.  I know we, as parents, were all kids at one time, but that was a loooong time ago.  😀  The world has changed.  Things are different.  And our children experience things that we never had to deal with.

On Teens Today tells the story from the kids view.  There are 8 teen writers that discuss everything from divorce, to drugs, to the holidays, to sex.  They tell it like it is.

On Teens Today, in my opinion, is a fresh idea and something that every parent should read.  These kids spill their guts about how they see life.  I know I have always wanted to know what Ace thinks of the world around him…and I’m sure if an 18 month old could write a blog post that On Teens Today would value his opinion.  😀

So quit reading what this old fogey has to say and check out On Teens Today for a younger point of view. 

September 2008 – A Month In Review

September 2008.

The beginning of the month marked the start of another baby making journey, and a milestone in our healing process.   After having a miscarriage in August we were cleared for take off.  Hopefully this time we will stay airborne.

September 1st also marked the one year birthday of DadThing.com.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been writing here for a whole year, but even harder to believe how many friends I have made online. 😀  Thank you all!

I had a slip of sanity and shaved my head…which resulted in the worst case of razor bumps on record!  Don’t worry…they healed and I am now bump free. ;D

Ace and his cousin Olivia got to experience their first Fly-In and Demolition Derby!  And I learned that it is important to find a seat before the event starts when you have two small children! Otherwise they will require you to hold them on your shoulders or in your arms for the entirety of the event.  (or until you give up and go home) 😀

Momma had a birthday.  I remember when I turned 28.  She told me how old I was.  Now that she is 28 I told her how old she was, but it didn’t work.  She replied, “I’ll never be old.  You will always be the old one.”  Life is not fair.  😆

Ace got to have a heapin’ helpin’ of apples….has conquered the bottle addiction…and has claimed Mr Clean as his “Daa eee!”

Of course I can not forget about the Wordless Wednesday pictures of Olivia by the airplane propeller and Ace at food level.  😀

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