Grandpa’s Glory – Part II

Back in October, I wrote a post about Ace’s Grandpa, my Dad.  Ace and his Grandpa didn’t get a long too good at first.  Grandpa would say “Hi!” and Ace would scream like a banshee!

It was tough on Grandpa, but things have been getting better…

Ace, Momma, and I spent all weekend at Grandpa’s just hanging out and swimming in the pool!  We had a blast and got some nice tan lines as a result. 😀

As you probably know, Ace loves to ride on the mower, and when Grandpa started his up Ace wasn’t going to quit until he was taken for a ride.  It wasn’t hard for Ace to convince his Grandpa for a quick ride on the mower, but a quick ride turned into 20-30 minutes of lapping the yard.  😀

Grandpa and Ace Riding On The Mower

And after a long day in the sun, nothing is better than a nap in the recliner…

Grandpa and Ace Napping In The Recliner

It makes me think back to when my Grandpa took me for rides on his mower.  Something I will never forget!  I’m going to have to dig up some pictures of me riding on my Grandpa’s mower and napping in his recliner…and post them here of course.  😀

Sometimes it’s scary how much Ace and I are alike… 😀


  1. BusyDad says:

    That last picture is priceless. Get that one framed man! (btw your blog is not banned in China, evidently. Greetings from the far east! I hope my blog will be ok while I’m gone…)

  2. Honeybell says:

    I love that last pic too . . . just too sweet!

  3. aw man, the last picture just melts my wee ticker.

  4. Kim says:

    That last picture.. seriously. How freaking adorable.

  5. JLow says:

    Nothing like a bribe to get kiddies to like the older folks!

    My dad does the same with 3yr old Caitlin! I can’t say I approve it all the time though!

    By the way, you have been tagged!

  6. I agree with others who said those pictures are absolutely priceless, especially the one in the recliner.

  7. KylieM says:

    hehe so glad that Ace and his Grandpa are getting along, particularly love the sleeping in poppa’s arms photo! too cute 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing these great memories!

  9. Pete Aldin says:

    Jared it’s a wonderful thing when your Dad and your son connect. Glad it happened. (Usually honkin’ big man-toys like a ride-on mower or tractor help a lot here, too!)

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