The Bionic Sleeper

You might remember my recent hospital stay where they detected that my heart had gone into atrial fibrillation.  It has been happening to me since I was in high school.  I had learned how to make the abnormal heart beat convert back to a normal sinus rhythm by holding my breath…and so I lived with it.   Yup, real fun stuff.  😀

My new heart doc has me taking some medicine that helps control it.  And so far it is working.  I’ve had a few freak episodes, but they only lasted about 2 seconds…nothing like the 10 hours of 190 beats per minute while I was in the hospital.  😀

I’ve been doing good.  I have not had a drop of caffeine…and I have not gone back into a-fib for more than 3 or 4 seconds.  Those couple times were really my fault.  I had been working outside all day cutting wood.  I had not ate or drank much of anything.  Dehydration and lack of potassium are just of the couple of things that can trigger a-fib.  Whoops…my bad.  😀

The next step of my treatment is a sleep study…this Sunday…yep Superbowl Sunday.  I get to sleep at the doctors office with about 3 million wires and sensors attached from head to toe while some really lucky nurses get to watch me toss and turn over a camera, and listen to me saw logs over a microphone.

Based upon the results, I may have to sleep like this from now on…


Looks comfy right?  Well, maybe I will actually feel rested in the morning.  I can look like the bionic sleeper if it makes me feel like the bionic man the next day.  😀

Do any of you that read DadThing use CPAP machines?  If so let me know what you think about them in the comments.

Battery Overload

BatteriesIf we put all the batteries, in all of Ace’s toys together we could probably power a small town for a short period of time! 😀

Do they even make toys any more that do not make noise, flash lights, or dance?  What happened to playing with blocks?  How about Lincoln Logs?

Can a stuffed animal be just a stuffed animal?  Does it have to have a mouth that moves?  Does it have to do back flips or cartwheels?

Remember Tonka trucks?  I had a bunch or trucks and tractors when I was little.   Remember making the engine sounds with your mouth?  That is a skill that I feel will be lost in time.  Most toy trucks make their own noise…hell they even move on their own.

One good thing about having such realistic toys…if your kid has his own fire station like Ace does…

Ace's Firestation...and Ming Ming

Ace's Fire Station...and Ming Ming

…if our house ever catches on fire these 21st century toy fire trucks will probably turn themselves on, drive to the source of the flames, and extinguish the fire.  With Ming Ming’s help, “This is sewious!”, they will use team work.  And why is that a good thing?  Because “What’s going to work?  Team work!”  They will surround the fire, talk to each other over their mini CBs, and save the day!

That is if the batteries do not die…

The Ball Pit Experiment

Chuck E Cheese’s was one of my favorite places to go when I was a kid.  I spent the majority of my time jumping in the ball pit.

Most of you are probably cringing right now.  Your probably thinking about the time when a hypodermic needle was found in the ball pit and the plethera of germs that are probably growing in there.

What do you think you could find in the ball pit if you really looked.  Probably a lot of tokens, socks, and pizza.  😀

Uncle Brandon and his girlfriend Nikki got Ace his very own ball pit for Xmas…

Ace In The Ball Pit

Ace In The Ball Pit

I’m going to do a little experiment.  I’m not going to clean out the ball pit for a few months.  After a few months have passed I am going to remove all the balls and see just what is in there.  I’m betting that I will not find any hypodermic needles, but I just might find some dried up grapes, crunched up crackers, and a moldy sippy cup.  Who knows…

I’ll keep you posted on my ball pit experiment.

So do you have any Chuck E Cheese horror stories?  Tell us about them in the comments.  😀

And If You Haven’t Noticed…

I have finally updated the Ace’s Pictures page.  The most recent pictures were from about a year ago…..but not any more.   It’s a chronological timeline of Ace in action from before birth, until now.  😀

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

Every time I go fishing, while sitting there waiting for a fish to bite, I always think about the Bert and Ernie episode on Sesame Street from when I was a kid.  I sooo just want to try the infamous fish call.  😀

One thing I have been patiently waiting for is the day that Ace gets old enough to go fishing.  I’m sure he would go now, but I would spend more time keeping him from jumping in the water than actually fishing.  😀

We were walking though the store on day and happened to stroll by the aquariums.  Ace was immediately amazed by the colorful fish he kept pointing and saying “FIIIISSSSHHHH”.  Then he had to grab my finger and pull my over to show me.  From that day forward Ace is hypnotized by fish in an aquarium.

So, when Christmas came, Momma and I just knew what Santa was going to bring Ace.  And Jolly ole’ Saint Nick pulled through for the little guy…

Ace Watching The Fish

Ace Watching The Fish

So, while we can not yet go fishing and try the Bert and Ernie fish call…we have been practicing on the fishies at home.  By the time Ace is old enough to go fishing with me we should have the fish call down pat.  😀

Around The Web:

I’m going to try and link out more often to other interesting things I find on the web including new sites I find, funny posts, or anything I find interesting and think you may enjoy or find useful.  So, here goes my first attempt at “Around The Web” … – Remember Joeprah?  He’s been AWOL for the past few months, but I have recently found out there was a good reason.  He was hard at work making his new site…   Go check it out.  It looks very promising with the ability to create your own profiles, upload images, share videos, create groups, and comment on everything!  Come on over and join the community.  😀

Dude To Dad – Dude To Dad is another group for Dads that I found recently.  You have to check out this site as well.  The reason behind this group site for Dads is to help explain the transition between being just a Dude and growing into a Dad.   My favorite part of the site was the video…Boobs Or Bottles.  😀

Say Cheese!

I promised, a few posts (and weeks) ago that I would put up some of the pics from our latest photo session with Lotz Photography.  These are some of my favorite shots yet of our family, and Ace in particular!  He is becoming the little-man-of-1000-faces.  Enjoy… 😀